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Settler violence: Think of it like burning down a Jewish business

When violent hate crimes happen so often they become a non-story.

Palestinian farmers from the West Bank village of Qaryut assess the damage done to their olive trees the day before by Israeli settlers, October 20, 2013. Officials from the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture on the scene counted 60 trees damaged belonging to 12 different farmers. (photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org)

Imagine a series of attacks on shops and businesses in your city. Every night, a gang of hooligans breaks windows, damages goods and sets fire to a different store.

Now imagine that this same gang only targets businesses owned by a specific group of people – say, a chain of local stores owned and operated by blacks or Jews. The attacks go on for years and only worsen with time. If the store owner happens to be there, he or she is beaten and left bleeding at the front door.

In the United States and Europe these kind of acts would be deemed “hate crimes.” In Israel, the targeting of, say, Jewish-owned businesses would be decried as an act of “terror” by politicians and the press. If the problem persists, it may even become an internationally-recognized issue. Petitions will be signed. Ambassadors will be called to explain. Communities will mobilize.

For a Palestinian farmer, the olive grove is his business.

The past several years have seen thousands of trees burned, cut down or damaged in dozens of incidents, including “price tag attacks” – a form of vandalism or property destruction, sometimes carried out in protest of a certain governmental decision that the perpetrators don’t like, and sometimes for no reason other than hate. Farmers have been shot atbeaten, and have had their cars burned. Some have suffered severe injuries, others have lost the little property they own. For almost everyone, the yearly olive harvest – taking place this time of year – has become a time of deep fear and anxiety.

According to Rabbis for Human Rights, nearly 2,000 Palestinian olive trees have been either uprooted or burned across the West Bank in recent months alone. Palestinians and their Israeli and international allies are routinely attacked while attempting to harvest olives. A recent video posted by my colleague Michael Omer-Man shows settlers violently beating a Palestinian olive harvester with a metal pole.

Just yesterday, Amira Hass reported in Haaretz about a leaked document that describes 16 separate incidents in which Israeli settlers vandalized or set fire to Palestinian olive groves during the months of September and October. Her report suggests that not only did the government and army fail to act against those attacks – they decided to keep knowledge of the attacks secret.

According to Yesh Din, only 8.5 percent of investigation files between 2005-2013 ended in the indictment of Israelis suspected of harming Palestinians and their property.

It seems that the growing number of attacks has not caused Israeli authorities to respond. Actually, quite the opposite has happened: price tag attacks have become a “non-story” in the international media. When reference to the attacks is made, it often comes in the form of an exotic dispute taking place in some distant country but is never called out for what it is – an organized campaign of terror against a defenseless civilian population.

Why isn’t the targeting of Palestinian olive trees considered an act of terror, given that for many these trees are their livelihood? Surely the White House would issue a statement condemning a string of attacks on Jewish businesses in Tel Aviv, London or New York – so what makes Palestinians less worthy of our concern?

When it comes to Palestinian businesses, it seems that both the government and the mainstream media prefer to turn a blind eye. At worst, they purposefully hide the information from us.

It’s time to wake up to the reality in the West Bank and view these attacks on Palestinians and their livelihoods for what they are.

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    1. “a leaked document that describes 16 separate incidents in which Israeli settlers vandalized or set fire to Palestinian olive groves during the months of September and October. Her report suggests that not only did the government and army fail to act against those attacks – they decided to keep knowledge of the attacks secret.”

      Then these acts attach to the State, which has assumed complete coercive authority in the area. The State is abetting the wanton destruction of livelihood without cause; the State is implicated in that destruction.

      This is not even a matter of the rule of law. If the State demands a monopoly on retaliatory authority, it decides who acts, when and how, through its indifference. Private individuals become State agents. The same thing happened in the US Jim Crow South (and North, for that matter).

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    2. Average American

      Of course it attaches to the State. It is the objective of the State. Israel was created by Zionism and is governed by Zionism and exists to implement Zionism.

      Zionism says the entire original British Mandate is Eretz Israel and belongs to The Jews Only. That is the objective of the State.

      Look at the map on Irgun posters. For that matter look at pictures of Menachim Begin speaking behind Irgun posters. Nothing has changed.

      The West Bank is just a warm-up of what’s to come. And it will be USA’s boys and girls, not Israel’s, who will be expected to fight and die doing it, just as in Iraq. Doing it like shabbat goys for The Jews. Welcome to Zionism. Thanks alot US government.

      Reply to Comment
      • Tzutzik


        There is NOTHING average about you. How many crosses did you burn lately while you were wearing your white hood and robe?

        Reply to Comment
        • Average American

          Deflect and distract is what you do.

          Reply to Comment
          • Tzutzik

            “Deflect and distract is what you do.”

            Really? I am just calling you out. There is nothing “average” about you or even American. Most Americans support Israel or don’t really care either way. You on the other hand are obsessed by Joooooooos. And you distort what Jews stand for. That is the hallmark of an obsessive Jew hater (AKA Neo Nazi or a white knight) or maybe an Arab American if you really live in America that is.

            And talking about deflection, you refuse to digest anything you are told. You ignore what you are told then repeat the same baseless accusations and pretend that no one answered your stooooooopid questions.

            At best, you have your head up your butt. At worst you are a Joooooo hating troll.

            Reply to Comment
      • Zionism is linked to the Independence War and the state of Israel as such. One cannot disparage the Israel as such and get anywhere. While it is most likely that those damaging olive trees see themselves as incrementally pushing out prior Palestinian residents, and that this is indeed a form of Zionism, it need not be associated with the existence of Israel. In the present world, if you condemn all of Zionism, even unto 48-9, you are about as extreme as such settlers. Israel is here. But that does not mean that the behavior detailed in this post should be allowed.

        I would say that post-Zionism includes the view that expansion is over; that to expand further is to expunge others; that the tools and actions of the past are at an end. It is time to move forward. Anything else is political fantasy (or just good time blogging) which destroys possibility of incremental advance in the logic of the dignity of the person and livelihood. I know this means Palestinians start from an inferior place; but they are there now in any case. The question is how to improve their lot in law rather than what has ever turned out to be the false promise of violence.

        So I say again, these acts against olive trees attach to the Israeli State through its self created monopoly on retaliatory action. These private vanguard settlers become agents of the State thereby. I don’t need to condemn the foundation of Israel to say this. Condemning the foundation leads nowhere. It is past time to move beyond such rhetoric.

        Reply to Comment
        • Average American

          I obviously disagree.

          It can’t be disputed that Israel was conceived and created by Zionism. Further, in 1948 (Einstein et al) and 1975 (United Nations), many other people besides me recognized what was happening.

          To one of your points, whether Zionism is still active in Israel, I would say Likud (spawned of Irgun) recently joining with Lieberman’s party Yisrael Beitenu (ultranationalist), is good evidence.

          Reply to Comment
          • Of course the ruling coalition contains expansion Zionists. That is distinct from erasing, or saying so, the foundation of Israel. Fighting 47-9 plays into the rhetoric of the expansionists. As far as I can tell, they don’t know what to do with the rule of law, except hope no one takes it seriously.

            Reply to Comment
        • Eliza

          Zionism is not merely linked to Israel, it is Israel.

          Of course, there are differences of opinion within Zionism regarding territorial expansion. Whilst it might seem extreme to be wary of Zionist intention regarding land east of the Jordan or to consider that Zionism may one day try for Biblical Jewish lands (from the Nile to the Euphrates isn’t it), it would be silly to entirely discount this.

          We all know that all Israeli governments have encouraged settlements in the O/T by way of financial incentives and equally, that all Israeli governments have given the green light to settler acts of violence against Palestinians and their property. Of course, this is aimed to slowly but surely making it clear to non-Jews that their lives will be made so miserable that they will beg to leave their homelands. I don’t believe that the ‘Transfer’ is off. Its just not admitted so openly anymore.

          There is no such thing as ‘Post’ Zionism – in practical terms anyway. Yes, it exists as an idea for some people (and all credit to them for that) but there is no evidence that Israel is anywhere near a Post-Zionist existence.

          Right now, there is no hope of a viable sovereign Palestinian state coming into being and every indication that ‘Greater Israel’ will eventually be achieved with a manageable Palestinian minority. Do you really think that Israel will not then characterise Jordon, or at least parts of it, as an unacceptable security threat? Why should Israel stop its territorial expansion given its claim to all of the Palestinian Mandate and/or its Biblical claims? The conquering of the West Bank and the removal of non-Jews may well just be a stage and not the end of ‘Greater’ Israel.

          Reply to Comment
          • JohnW

            Check your facts lady. The only people who are expansionist are the Arabs. They are the ones who insist that ALL of Palestine is theirs and theirs alone. They want it to be the 23rd Arab Muslim state (emphasis on Arab). There is a word to describe that: SUPREMACISM, Arab supremacism.

            As for the Jews? Yes, they built settlements in places from which they were ethnically cleansed from by the Arabs in 1948. In East Jerusalem and Gush Etzion. As well as some other additional places near the green line in order to make the borders less vulnerable. That is not contrary to UN security council resolution 242 which spoke of SECURE borders.

            Any other people, other than the Jews, would have done much worse things to a people who constantly threaten annihilation of them.

            Reply to Comment
          • Eliza

            You say that it is the Arabs and only the Arabs that are expansionist; it is they that insist that all of Palestine belongs to them. Lets say that you are right in describing Arabic attitudes as such and then look at the actuality. It is Israeli Jews who are settling expanding areas of the WB with Jewish only settlements joined up by Jewish only roads. There are no comparable areas within Israel proper where Arabs who were ethnically cleansed in 48 (and 67) build Arabic only settlements joined up by Arabic only roads. Clearly, what Arabs want (in your opinion) and what Arabs actually get, are two very different things. Of course, the very fact that you refer to the non-Jews in question as Arabs, rather than Palestinians, is an attempt to extinguish their historic connection to the specific land in question. After all why should an Arab be any more connected to a bit of land in Palestine/Israel than to another bit of land in Saudi Arabia etc.

            You then justify Jewish only settlements over the Green Line as either a means of restitution for earlier ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Jews and for security. Even though now it seems unlikely, why should we accept that Zionism will consider itself secure (if and when it effectively controls all of the WB and with most non-Jews transferred to wherever) from people across the border in Jordon etc? Why should we think that Zionism has really given up on the Transfer? Why should we ever think that Israel can ever exist without existential fears and that these fears will be cynically used to acquire Jewish domination of more land?

            Reply to Comment
          • JohnW

            “You say that it is the Arabs and only the Arabs that are expansionist;”

            Are you saying that the Arabs don’t claim that ALL of Palestine belongs to them? You are a laugh a minute.

            “why should we ever think that Israel can ever exist without existential fears”

            Why indeed? So long as people like you will exist and substitute the word “Zionist” for “Jew” to cover their hatred of Jews by supporting Arabs with genocidal intentions, you will make Jews and Israel feel insecure.

            “Of course, the very fact that you refer to the non-Jews in question as Arabs, rather than Palestinians”

            Yep. Just like they refer to Israelis as thieving Jews from Poland and Russia. So long as they do that, like an idiot in here who calls himself “Palestinian” has done, I will continue to do the same to them. Stop pretending that you have not seen him dehumanizing Israelis, Elizabeth. And you never once chastised him for doing that. That fact alone speaks volumes about your biased attitude.

            Reply to Comment
    3. Tzutzik

      ” Eretz Israel and belongs to The Jews Only”

      Hey right wing-wingnut, America belongs to Americans only. Sounds familiar?

      Ask the illegal Mexican immigrants, they will tell you that’s their impression. Ask the people who want a green card but don’t get it. They will tell you.

      But I guess according to you that’s different?

      Reply to Comment
      • This is rich. An immigrant Jew (without a doubt, or at least a son of an illegal immigrant)… equating the NATIVE Palestinians to illegal Mexican migrants in the USA, and illegal Jewish invaders of Palestine as “natives” protecting the land from the immigrants…. Makes me want to PUKE at the absurdity of this twisted reality that you live in.

        Reply to Comment
        • JG

          Mexican indios are natives in America, not like those white settler folks from Europe who conquered north and south of this continent. Same folks who now conquer Palestine

          Reply to Comment
        • Tzutzik

          Hey bozos have you got comprehension problems? Your right win-wingnut Joooooooo hating buddy, alias “Average American” complained about the fact that according to Zionists “Eretz Israel belongs to the Jews only”

          I just reminded him that according to Americans, America belongs to America only.

          Oh and I might add, according to Italians, Italy belongs to the Italians only. And according to the Greeks, Greece belongs to Greeks only.

          You don’t like to be reminded of that fact? Tell it to someone who cares …

          Reply to Comment
          • Oriol2

            By the same logic, Palestine belongs to Palestinians only. Or Samaria to the Samaritans.

            Reply to Comment
          • Shmuel

            “By the same logic, Palestine belongs to Palestinians only”

            You mean part of Palestine. And by “Palestinians” you mean Arab Palestinians right? The Jews agreed to the two state solution. The Arabs were the ones who fought against it tooth and nail and most Arabs still insist that the whole of Palestine belongs to them. They want to establish a Palestine for Arabs with Islam as it’s religion. Many of them want that state to be Jew free. Ask Hamas. Israel on the other hand includes a significant number of various minorities. Up to a fifth of it’s population are Arabs.

            And you people support Hamas in their quest. Or their “logic” seeing that you brought “logic” into it.

            Reply to Comment
          • Average American

            “The” two-state solution? Which two state solution? Bennett’s? Lieberman’s? You expect them to agree to that kind of stuff?

            Israel offers unacceptable things and then says it’s the Palestinians who didn’t agree. Meanwhile Israel continues building For Jews Only in occupied territory.

            Israel is speaking out of both sides of its mouth. Forked tongue. Duplicity. That is what I object to. It could be Martians versus Venutians and I would still object to that.

            Reply to Comment
          • Shmuel

            Which two state solution?

            How about the one proposed in 1948 by the UN? The Jews accepted it. The Arabs did not. They rioted, attacked and murdered Jews in response.

            How about the one that Israel offered the Arabs after the 1967 victory? The Arabs rejected it with their three NO’s. No negotiations, No recognition, No peace.

            How about the one offered in 2000 by Ehud Barak? The Arabs responded with the Intifada.

            How about the one offered in 2008 by Ehud Olmert. Abbas ignored it.

            Reply to Comment
          • Shmuel

            “Israel offers unacceptable things and then says it’s the Palestinians who didn’t agree”

            By “unacceptable”, I assume you mean Israel does not offer the WHOLE of Israel?

            Reply to Comment
          • Average American

            All that you mention is still an imposition of this new thing called Israel onto an existing scene. You walk into a house and start negotiating what you will take and what you will leave with a rifle in your hands.

            Very few believes it is your land because some Jews lived there once who were totally unrelated to you and separated by centuries.

            Very few believes it is prophecy being fulfilled as in Meleikowsky’s recent religious lunatic U.N. speech.

            This is not anti-Jewish. It could be Martians or Talking Whales acting this way and I would still object.

            Reply to Comment
          • Tzutzik

            “all that you mention is still an imposition of this new thing called Israel onto an existing scene”

            An imposition you say? The Arabs will just have to put up with it. When they conquered Palestine, that was an imposition too. The Arabs now have 22 states as a result. And they are being offered a 23rd state in part of Palestine but the Jews have only one state of their own: Israel.

            Oh and Israel too is not so new any more. It has been around since 1948. And Jews lived in Palestine much longer than that. Continuously, even before the Arab invasion.

            So the Arabs will just have to put up with that “imposition” in the same way that other peoples ended up putting up with impositions under much less justifiable circumstances. If you really are American, then the native American Indians can call YOU an imposition. And since you want Israel to disappear, you might first want to disappear from America? Or are you just a hypocrite?

            Reply to Comment
          • Rauna

            The land should not has been divided in the first place. Jews and Arabs had been living together for many generations. off course difference and friction did arise but that’s part of our daily life ,anywhere in the world.

            Reply to Comment
          • Tzutzik

            Living in different states is part of daily life too.

            One state in this miserable world needs to belong to Jews so that we should not be the cat that everybody kicks when they are in a bad mood. For example, people like “Average” here demonstrate the problem. They are full of malice, hatred and prejudice against us and they just don’t want to let us be. So there needs to be ONE place on this earth where we are masters of our own destiny because we are the majority.

            But Rauna, here is a suggestion. Purge the likes of “Average” and we would be happy to live happily ever after in a one state solution with whomever and have kumbaya.

            but not before. Because Arabs too have the likes of our “Average” here. We should know. The Arabs too conducted periodic pogroms against Jewish minorities whenever they were in a bad mood and needed to blame someone for whatever misery they experienced.

            Fix the world first and then come back to us and ask us to experiment with one state solutions. Ok Rauna? Will you do that for us Rauna? Pretty pleeeeeeese …..?

            Reply to Comment
          • Oriol2

            Dear Shmuel, if you have read carefully the previous post, our friend Tzutzik says that the principle “Eretz Israel for Israelis” (I suppose he refers to Jews) is equivalent to “France for the French” or “Italy for the Italians”. Of course it isn’t, and my comment was just a reductio ad absurdum, or a joke, if you prefer. If you are interested in my position, beyond all your rantings against real and imaginary Antisemites -I am afraid I am among the imaginary ones-, I think the two-state solution would be the less evil, and I am absolutely against Hamas, and against any religious group that tries to impose religious principles on the public sphere, be it Moslem, Jewish, Christian or Lamaist. As for the guilt in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I think it is shared among all the various relevant actors: Israelis, Palestinians, the Arab States, Iran, USA, Soviet Union -when it still existed, of course-, etc. By the way, though it is just a personal comment and a bit out of place here, I don’t want Israel to disappear, among other reasons because it is one of my favourite countries to visit, mainly because of its people (and, no, it doesn’t mean that I should share the Israeli mainstream political outlook).

            Reply to Comment
        • JohnW

          Puke already. You make me puke with your hypocrisy. Why do Arabs think that once they set foot somewhere, everything is automatically theirs?

          You are a descendant of Colonising Arab invaders who stole Palestine from others in 634 AD.

          So I wouldn’t make too many accusations against others.

          Reply to Comment
          • JG

            Why do Jews think that once they set foot somewhere 2000 years ago, everything is automatically theirs for the rest of all time?
            And the “others” from whom the Arabs “stole” weren’t Jews. They were all in “exile” after the Romans. That’s what your own myth wanna tell. So better get your myths straight.

            Reply to Comment
          • Average American

            Thank you.

            The next rebuttal will be “but God gave it to us”, quoting The Bible, when it is The Torah that they follow.

            Quoting the Bible that they don’t follow is an example of Babba Kamma 113a in The Torah, “say this is your law, or say this is our law, but find a way to resolve in favor of the Israelite”.

            If anyone is going to say this is a misquote from hateful sources, you must direct me to a source you certify as accurate and free of hate.

            Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            >The next rebuttal will be “but God gave it to us”, quoting The Bible, when it is The Torah that they follow.

            Most of Arab’s claim to Palestine is based on the myth that Muhammad the Prophet had visited Jerusalem on a flying horse.

            Thankfully, you are not really an Average American. I happen to know quite a few.
            You see, Average Americans are decent people.

            Reply to Comment
          • Average American

            Perhaps we can move away from myths on either side of the coin and rely on tangible things like deeds, documents, property maps, homesteads.

            Instead of bulldozers and rifles and approved-by-inaction midnight raids on groves.

            When someone has been living on and tilling or herding on land for some time, it is not abandoned land, it is not “land without a people” available for Israeli confiscation under decidedly mythical justifications.

            Further, to underscore what I see as Israeli duplicity, “occupation”, which by definition excludes “ownership”, is being treated by them as ownership.

            Reply to Comment
          • Tzutzik

            “When someone has been living on and tilling or herding on land for some time, it is not abandoned land, it is not “land without a people”

            When one loses an argument, just change the topic and continue the accusations.

            We were talking about Israel’s fundamental right to exist, we were talking about how the Palestinian Arabs wasted every opportunity to make peace and end the occupation. We were talking about your baseless accusations about the mentality of the Jewish people (what did you babble about? babba what?).

            Then you change gear and bring up the occupation. The occupation that Israel was willing to end years ago but it would have meant a formal peace deal in which the Palestinians would have had to declare that they have no more claims. But it seems that that’s a step that they have not been ready to make because it would mean a formal renunciation of their national agenda which was to eradicate Israel and replace it by an Arab Islamic state.

            Granted, in the context of Jewish return which began in the mid 19th century, the land was not empty. But to claim that every inch of Palestine was cultivated and tilled by Palestinian Arabs is an amateurish lie, not even myth, it is a lie. It is easily debunked by serious historians and plain logic. Moreover, the land was inhabited not just be a relatively low number of Arabs (by today’s standards), but even a much more smaller number of Jews who lived there even before the Arab invasion of the 6th century. Those are facts. Deal with it, “Average”.

            Reply to Comment
          • Tzutzik

            You really are a nut Job aren’t you, “average”?

            Firstly if you are the one who quotes something, then it is YOUR job to provide a link to a respectable site in order to back up your claim. By respectable, I don’t mean Neo Nazi sites, nor Loony left sites, nor Arab propaganda sites.

            As for your demand that WE should be the ones to give you a link, we can’t. We can’t because most of us Israelis are secular so even if your claims would be correct (which I highly doubt), they would be irrelevant because our laws are not governed by the Talmud.

            But if you are really worried about religious laws, you might obsess yourself about some Arab and Islamic countries where they chop off hands under Sharia law, they execute apostates, murder homosexuals and forbid Christians from building churches. I won’t even mention Jews because up to a million Jews had to flee from Arab countries because of persecution, disposessions and murder. If you would really be an Average American, at the least you would be worried about that too. But since you are most un-average, you obsess about Jews ONLY.

            Reply to Comment
          • JohnW

            “Why do Jews think that once they set foot somewhere 2000 years ago, everything is automatically theirs for the rest of all time?”

            You do have reading comprehension don’t you? Haven’t you read the posts here? Israelis agreed to the two state solution. The Arabs are the ones who rejected it at every turn. So the only people who talk about posessing EVERYTHING, are the Arabs.

            “And the “others” from whom the Arabs “stole” weren’t Jews.”

            But those others stole Judea from the Jews.

            “They were all in “exile” after the Romans. That’s what your own myth wanna tell.”

            Again with your reading comprehension. Most Jews had to flee or were taken as slaves by the Romans. Some stayed in places like Safed and Yavneh. Others returned subsequently even before the Arab invasion of 634 AD. Try and understand what you read or do you even read?

            “So better get your myths straight.”

            You can teach everyone about myths. Practice what you preach.

            Reply to Comment
          • Rauna

            “Israelis agreed to the two state solution”

            Any strings attached? At what cost to Palestinian?. Perhaps you could elaborate further…

            Reply to Comment
          • Tzutzik

            “Any strings attached?”

            Oh goodie. I like riddles. Let me think. Strings … strings …. strings …. thinking …. Thinking …. thinking ….

            Reply to Comment
          • Tzutzik

            …. uh ummmm … ah …

            Israel did not agree to give up all of Israel too? Is that the string that you are referring to?

            Reply to Comment
    4. Carl Too

      Did anyone notice the article at the top of the page? Just thought I’d mention it.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Israel wants to have its cake & eat it:
      .occupation but no resistance;
      .violation of international law but no sanctions;
      .apartheid policies but no repercussions;
      .terrorism, human rights violations and denial of due process but no prosecutions;
      .targeted killings but no blowback;
      .nuclear weapons but no supervision;
      .pre-empting strikes but no retaliation;
      .use of chemical weapons (white phophorous) but no decommission;
      .behaving like a bully and with total impunity, but no criticism!

      Gart Valenc
      Twitter: @gartvalenc

      Reply to Comment
      • The Trespasser

        >Israel wants to have its cake & eat it

        Israel only wishes to be treated as other countries.

        >occupation but no resistance;

        There were resistance before the occupation. Jew were oppressed and periodically massacred in Judea/Syria Palestina throughout history.

        >violation of international law but no sanctions;

        If China, USA, Russia, UK, Iran, Pakistan, PA and Hamas are allowed to violate international law, there is not even one single reason why Israel should be persecuted for doing the same. Only a racist would think otherwise.

        >apartheid policies but no repercussions;

        Definition of Apartheid does not fit even remotely.

        >terrorism, human rights violations and denial of due process but no prosecutions;

        Yeah. Israel is as bad as Hamas or PA. Such a shame.

        >targeted killings but no blowback;

        That’s plain silly. Blowback is expected and welcomed – more target practice.

        >nuclear weapons but no supervision;

        Israel is not obliged to allow anyone to its facilities, contrary to Iran, who signed the treaty.

        >pre-*emptive* strikes but no retaliation;

        More silly lefty nonsense. Dude, get spellchecker for your browser. Free of charge these days.

        >use of chemical weapons (white phosphorous) but no decommission;

        White phosphorous is as much of a chemical weapon as TNT or Napalm.

        >behaving like a bully and with total impunity, but no criticism!

        Since the criticism is solely directed towards Israel while Palestinian and other Arab cut-throats are whitewashed it only speaks of Judeophobia of the critic.

        Reply to Comment
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