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Seinfeld: “George the Mideast Peace Activist” episode

The real reason Jason Alexander is coming to Israel this week…

George: Diane DeConn? You saw Diane DeConn!
Jerry: Something huh?
George: Yeah! How’d she look?
Jerry: She looked great. She asked about you.
George: She did! What did she say?
Jerry: “How’s George?”
George: George! She said George? She remembered my name! Diane DeConn remembered my name! She was the “it” girl!
Jerry: Yeah she asked for your number, I think she’s gonna get in touch with you.
George: OK, I’m tellin’ you right now if your kiddin’ around I’m not gonna be able to be friends with you anymore. I’m serious about that! You got that?
Jerry: I got no problem with that.
George: Good. Cause if this is a lie, if this is a joke, if this is your idea of some cute little game…we’re finished!
Jerry: Expect a call.
George: Oh my god he’s not kidding.
Jerry: Now, I should tell you at this point she’s under the impression that you’re a…..
George: A what?
Jerry: A peace activist.
George: A peace activist….why am I a peace activist?
Jerry: I may have mentioned it.
George: But I’m not a peace activist.
Jerry: I’m aware of that.
George: So?
Jerry: Why, you don’t think it’s a good job?
George: I didn’t even know it was a job.
Jerry: Oh. It’s a fascinating field!
George: What if she calls me? What am I supposed to say?!?!

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    1. Dan

      I think he’s gonna troll for some attractive exotic woman and offer to dip his bald head in oil and rub it all over her body.

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