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Scores of Israelis injured in ‘Showing Empathy’ challenge [satire]

Dozens of Israelis have shared videos of themselves attempting to show empathy for Palestinian dead as part of the latest craze on social media, only to need medical service themselves.

When Alex from Ramat Gan posted his video challenging Israelis to say “It’s horrible to see Gazan children die” – but without saying the word “but” afterwards – he never thought the attempt to gap bridges would cause so much pain and injury.

“I saw the ALS challenge being so successful, I thought I could do something similar in this field. I just wanted to put something out there to show that we Israelis actually do give a damn, so I started the SE – Showing Empathy – challenge,” Alex told +972, “but I didn’t know it was going to be so hard for people.”

As of yesterday, over 200 Israelis have been rushed to hospital with various tongue injuries after attempting the challenge.

Rivka, from Petah Tikva, told +972: “I twied not to fay fa word ‘but’ like Alex did in his wideo, but fen my tongue got all tangled up and I had to caw fa pawamedics.”

Some injuries weren’t all tongue related. David from Tel Aviv said that “I really tried not to say it, but when I got to the word ‘die’ I felt this uncontrollable urge to say something more. I put my hands over my mouth, but it wasn’t working, I could feel the ‘but’ coming out, so I tried to turn off the camera before it happened and tripped over my sofa.” David has three fractured ribs and a sprained ankle and is still recovering in hospital.

Another patient in the bed next to David was recovering from reconstruction surgery to her tongue after biting so hard on it in an attempt to avoid saying “but,” she cut the vital organ in two.

Today Alex is asking people not to attempt taking the challenge. “So far I’m the only one who’s succeeded. I just don’t want people to hurt themselves anymore. Enough is enough. Children are dying, but it’s just not worth it. Oh shit. Did I just say that? Can you take that out?”

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    1. CigarButNoNice

      Portraying Israeli Zionist Jews as moral pygmies, nice… I’ll save this for future reference when a +972Mag writer decries the “dehumanization” of the Arab settler-colonists in the Land of Israel.

      Reply to Comment
      • Hanuda

        Arab settler colonists? Who are these strange breed of people? Perhaps you mean the illegal Jewish settlers setting up shop in Palestinian homes and on Palestinian land?

        Moral pygmies are precisely what the majority of Israelis are when faced with the issue of slaughter in Gaza. There is no outpouring of grief at the thousands of innocent dead. There is simply racism, victim blaming, and blind support for IDF slaughter.

        Reply to Comment
    2. secularandconfused

      Do the Palestinian children need to reject the ‘leftists’ to deserve our sympathy?

      Reply to Comment
    3. Terrence

      The writers of this site gave up on the attempt to address their own society and change their country through a democratic process. Instead, they are throwing mud at Israel and the Israeli people under the guise of a commentary and news magazine.
      Knowing that very few Israelis read them, they aim at the international ragtag of “liberals” (cultural relativists), communists, Muslims and good old antisemites, to feed them with the “information” they desire. Perhaps the 972 crew hopes that this will help mount some external pressure on Israel to change her evil ways. Perhaps they simply like the feeling of approval from the said ragtag, approval that they are not part of the evil Zionist collective. Making a few bucks while chasing these lofty goals doesn’t hurt, of course.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Ajarn Coffee

      I am totally at a loss. I have read some interesting and factual articles in the past but now I’m beginning to see that ‘rubbish is rubbish.’
      I do not live in the Middle East so maybe I should not voice any view. Seems like both people from one Abraham have a hatred too deep that is handed down to their children. I watched “Dancing in Jaffa” and cried in my conscience knowing how deep the chasm is between ‘Palestinians’ and ‘Israelis’…but the children are your future. Killing children by either party begets a hatred that will never have an end. I don’t want to get into a historical discussion as Israel is 66 and no one can turn back that clock even if the British did not have the right to fork over a Protectorate (by Mandate) territory that they indeed ‘administered’ after taking plunder from the Ottoman Empire. Whatever was promised by Balfour Decl is too late to turn back the hands of time. Hamas fundamentalist rhetoric of ‘martyrs’ is as sickening as the killing of any innocent children.
      I’m not sure what the end game/ solution can be but surely the Empathy that is missing from both parties is highly lacking in 972’s satire. (IMO) Again, as armies of the West travel across the globe as ‘Crusaders’ against fundamentalist terrorism it is hard for me to condemn the State of Israel doing the same ‘dirty deed’ as larger armies that have not been attacked on their own soil will condone.
      I just can not deal with any child dying for extremism on any turf. Maybe I’m just living on the wrong planet. “Imagine all the people living life in peace.”
      “You can say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.”
      May each and every God bestow on both your houses the blessing of eternal peace.

      Reply to Comment