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Romney uses Adelson’s free paper to criticize Obama

Israeli press criticizes Netanyahu for “putting all his money” on the Republican candidate.

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney gave two interviews to the Hebrew press prior to his visit to Israel: One to Haaretz, a low circulation paper read by the country’s liberal elite, and the other to Yisrael Hayom,the most widely read Israeli daily, owned by gambling billionaire and known Obama opponent Sheldon Adelson. Yisrael Hayom, which is distributed for free at considerable loss, is known for its unabashed support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Adelson is also one of the Romney campaign’s biggest donors.

In his Haaretz interview Romney was very careful when mentioning President Obama, making it known several times that he would follow the practice of not criticizing the administration while traveling abroad. However, his interview to Sheldon’s tabloid was quite different:

I would treat Israel like the friend and ally it is. We share not only common interests, but also common values.

I cannot imagine going to the United Nations, as Obama did, and criticizing Israel in front of the world,” he said. “You don’t criticize your allies in public to achieve the applause of your foes.”

The Israeli press this weekend covered Prime Minister Netanyahu’s attempt to arrange a successful visit for his friend, without making his political preferences too obvious. On Ynet, Israel’s most popular Hebrew news site, diplomatic correspondent Atila Somfalvi writes this morning that “Netanyahu is putting all his money on Romney.”

Netanyahu ignores the criticism about his over-involvement in American politics… he is betting, and he is not even ashamed of it. He is placing all his money on one candidate, cherishes him and helps his campaign.

Haaret’z diplomatic correspondent, Barak Ravid, reports on Netanyahu’s efforts to help the Romney campaign to solve the mistake made in scheduling a fundraiser during the Jewish fast day of Tisha b’Av. Romney will hold his fundraiser tomorrow instead. The event will be closed to the media, so we won’t get to see who comes to support the Republican nominee, and whether they are from the Israeli far right and the settler movement.

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    1. Jack

      Another indication of a presense of a lobby.
      Laughingly it seems that the only superpower is obsessed with Israel, the presidential candidates trying to outdo each other on who is the best friend of Israel, like teenage kids trying to gain fame by commiting various mischief. Same day Romney traveled to meet the leaders in Israel, Obama tried to outdo his effort with a signing more bilateral treaties with Israel.

      Still and the big question, what does US get back from this relationsship?

      Reply to Comment
    2. and that’s all the difference

      Reply to Comment
    3. Clarke Booker

      Why is America so GAY for Israel?
      Is there something “Holy” about Israelis?

      Reply to Comment
    4. aristeides

      Netanyahu is a Republican at heart.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Piotr Berman

      Clearly, Netanyahu is not placing any money on American candidates. In my view, he is a very expensive and prestigious tchotchke of Sheldon Adelson who would also like to put an American president on his mantelpiece, thus greatly impressing all his fellow tycoons. Who can do better than that! Adelson is placing quite a lot of money, but of course, not all.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Linda Featheringill

      If Mr. Netanyahu is betting on Romney, he would be wise to have a Plan B in case Romney doesn’t win the election. We here in the US are a diverse lot and cannot be counted on to do what the Likud would like.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Rorr

      On the other hand if Obama loses and has to go tap dancing back to his cut rate house that he bought from Tony Rezko. And having Ali Abumineh and Rashid Khalidi over for dinner its a good move.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Danny

      Obama should sue Romney for libel. Romney should give one example of Obama badmouthing Israel at the U.N. There isn’t even one! Obama has been remarkably consistent in his public support of Israel (especially considering how much he detests Netanyahu and his government). Romney is a two-bit liar and flip flopper whose views and opinions change as frequently as he changes his socks.

      Reply to Comment
    9. Piotr Berman

      “On the other hand if Obama loses …”

      The latest news on that front is that polls in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania show clear lead for Obama. Pennsylvania actually voted for democrats for quite a while, but a Republican loosing Florida and Ohio has no chances. Notably, foreign policy is the area in which Obama polls favorably nationwide. The public is distinctly cool to warlike rhetoric and their impact on gasoline prices.

      “Romney is a two-bit liar…” I am not sure how sincere Obama is, but I he does not have the baggage of phenomenal flip-flops and very awkwardly phrased positions that Romney has. I am not sure if Romney changed his positions often, but his switches are very awkward. And while Obama may grill Romney on his past support of exactly the kind of healthcare program that he currently opposes, Romney is not in the good position to attack Obama for his callous betrayal of Palestinians and the peace process, or for his excesses with drones etc.

      And, what I call “awkwardly phrased position”: Romney pledge to make a phone call to Netanyahu before taking any position concerning Israel. It reminds me an old Jewish joke, from the time when Austria and Russia had a border frequently crossed by Jews and before photographs were use in passports. Instead, passport had descriptions of the bearers which for many Jews was “Dark hair, dark eyes, nose proportional”, so traders often borrowed passports from friends who have not had problems with custom officials yet. Such a trader is asked on the border about his name, he thinks hard and finally concedes: “officer, I cannot recall what is my name today”.

      I cannot recall what are my views exactly, but I will check.

      Reply to Comment

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