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Romney tells Americans what Bibi won’t tell Israelis

Mitt Romney and PM Netanyahu during Romney visit to Israel July 29, 2012 (Avi Ochayon/GPO)

It’s common knowledge that Benjamin Netanyahu would prefer Mitt Romney in the White House. They’re pals, they used to hang out in the States, they’re closely coordinated. In fact, in the exposed “secret video” on Mother Jones, Romney boasts that some of the consultants he hired for his campaign had worked for Netanyahu in the past.

So, it wouldn’t far fetched to say that when it comes to talking points on the Middle East, Romney gets his material straight from the top. From Bibi.

That’s why I was so jealous of Americans yesterday. They finally heard what Bibi thinks, even if it wasn’t exactly him speaking.

In my opinion, this was the money quote, when Romney explained his vision for the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

You hope for some degree of stability, but you recognize that this is going to remain an unsolved problem. We live with that in China and Taiwan. All right, we have a potentially volatile situation but we sort of live with it, and we kick the ball down the field and hope that ultimately, somehow, something will happen and resolve it.

You Americans are lucky. First, you have Bibi just this Sunday talking to all the American morning news shows. I mean, when did the Israeli media ever get a chance to ask their prime minister the tough questions? You guys know more about him than we do!

And now, you have this Romney video.

See, what everybody wants to know – especially us leftwingers – is this: What’s your solution? Where are you taking us? Two states? One state? 3.5 states? Just tell us already! But no, Bibi doesn’t say a word. Not a thing. In 2009 he “accepted” the two state solution, but nothing happened. We always wanted to know what the plan was, but never had a clue!

Until this video.

We always knew he was a staller. Even better than his mentor Yitzhak Shamir. But now we hear the words:

“It’s like China and Taiwan. We just have to kick the ball down the field and hope for the best.” This is Bibi’s plan. Not Romney’s. Romney is just rehashing stuff he heard from his buddy.

If anyone ever needed any proof that Prime Minister Netanyahu has no intention to do anything about this conflict, that the status quo is good for him and Israelis, that Palestinians will be occupied for decades to come, you got it today.

I just hope Israelis and Palestinians are listening.

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    1. Yaron

      I am not really in shock. The plan is: waiting and doing nothing is the best. So yes, more or less no plan. Or the plan is: I want to stay in power. Well, anyway, then it is for certain to be the best, btw also for Abbas. There is enough going on on stage: Iran, Arab springs, movies, elections here and there. Why is there a need for a hoopla from Bibi? Fat chance the reactions will be negative anyway, whether it is something revolutionary or not. Just keep a low profile and ‘kick the ball down the field.’ That is the best way to get the work done, meanwhile creating more facts on the ground and other nasty things. If you think you just ‘uncovered’ Bibi’s true nature…well you must have been out of office some time.
      Some people think that conservatives are more likely to execute a progressive program.(Sharon) but in this case…keep dreaming.

      Reply to Comment
      • Obviously, Yaron, you haven’t read much of my stuff. Not only do I not think I’ve “uncovered” his true nature, I’ve known about it all along. And posted about it. So, trust me – I’ve been in the office long enough.

        Reply to Comment
    2. Aaron the Fascist Troll

      Listening? This has been the position of the vast majority of Israelis since September 2000. “No partner” is the two-word summary. How many times have you heard that cliche? Agree or disagree, this is how Israelis have seen it for the last twelve years.

      There’s no indication that Palestinians are ready to accept Israel’s existence. Again, that was shown very clearly in survey data cited at +972. And Israelis are still not ready to annihilate their state and replace it with a binational state, followed most likely by civil war. So, yeah, it’ll stay one of those unresolved and insoluble problems, like China/Taiwan, Cyprus, etc., for the foreseeable future.

      Reply to Comment
      • When I wrote listening I meant that I hope people understand now that there is no plan.
        So yeah, as you say, it’ll stay an apartheid state for the foreseeable future.

        Reply to Comment
        • Danaa

          As you say Aaron, that is and has been the position of most Israelis. We, on the outside, are therefore within our rights to fully boycott israel to kingdom come. I know you + ilk will keep asking why not China? why not Darfur (oops, is that still the retort)? why not Syria? but we can now safely and with full moral opprobrium answer – Just because….and besides, israel makes a good target for indignation of the righteous. So broad, that we can’t possibly miss

          Reply to Comment
          • Aaron the Fascist Troll

            You don’t know me and my ilk. You’ve obviously never read or heard anything I’ve said about anti-Israeli boycotts, or else you wouldn’t have written what you just did; you imply that I think boycotts against all of Israel (as opposed to the settlements) are unjust. In fact, I’ve been saying the opposite.

            You’re just making this up as you go along, lumping me in with some image you have; it’s easier than thinking. But I don’t mind, it doesn’t hurt me any, and it obviously gives you a nice little boost. So, enjoy.

            Reply to Comment
          • Danaa

            Aaron, sorry if I might have confused you with someone else one also named coincidentally Aaron). Hey, I took your name literally and no, I am not familiar with your comment history as I don’t comment here much. But, if I misplaced or misinterpreted your convictions/opinions in any way, my sincere apologies. I’ll try to pick my smear targets better next time….

            Reply to Comment
      • One State is not a solution but outcome. Increasing vanguard settlements, IDF protection, and PA financial dependence on Israel will create a resident apartheid population. Protests will ocurr repeatedly. For decades Israel will try to handle them. Ultimately, the EU will turn away. And ultimately Israel will begin to play with citizenship for them. As I’ve said elsewhere, that’s what I see. It’s not a solution, and talking about a constitution for the “One State” is silly. The only blueprint will be the Israeli consitution. Please get one.

        Reply to Comment
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