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Robert Fisk on Osama Bin Laden; Middle East revolutions more important

Robert Fisk on Al Jazeera English this morning recalls meeting Osama Bin Laden and pontificates on Al Qaeda’s irrelevance in the current Arab world.

h/t Antony Lowenstein

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    1. David

      Good old Bobby Fisk on Al Jazzy and the blogger. A match made in Islamist heaven. All that is missing is a “Max Blumenthal Special” documentary on Nir Rosen.

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    2. Elaine Meyrial

      You say that the highly respected Robert Fisk “pontificates”. No. He simply speaks with a British accent…it just sounds pompous. He speaks with authority and what he says makes perfect sense. The Arab youth wants a modern society with opportunities. Al qaeda was irrrelevant to the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. It’s likely that there will be some element of Islam within the framework of their governments. Why would that be a surprise? We haven’t been able to rid ourselves of Christian faith-based initiatives in the Obama White House and, certainly, Israel has a plague of orthodox rabbis interfering in the lives of Israelis: Christian, Muslim, Jewish and secular.

      We are all stuck with these dreary desert religions.

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    3. RichardNYC

      Al Qaeda is so irrelevant in the modern Arab world that the most powerful political party in the largest Arab country made a point to condemn Bin Laden’s death.

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    4. Tiffany Clarke

      i have recently read Robert Fisk’s erudite “the great war for civilisation”, hugely enlightening & featuring the bin laden interviews and a 1200 page compassionate review of pan-arab recent history; i am thankful for the courage of journalists such as he, risking their lives to educate us in the search for a common peace .. inshallah.

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