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Rightists cause a near riot during Abdallah Abu Rahmah speech in Paris

Ethnic violence in France usually causes headlines during Muslim riots on the outskirts of Paris. But on May 5th it was a different story. Far right “pro Israel” activists disrupted a speech by Bil’in’s Abdallah Abu Rahmah and Israeli Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS)activist Ronnie Barkan. Members of a Paris based Jewish group claming to be an off shoot of the  Jewish Defensive League interrupted Abu Rahmah’s speech with incitement to violence against the Palestinian people. French police were able to intervene and stop any outbreak of physical violence. The second video can’t be embedded in the post, please follow the link to view it.
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    1. Aaron Dover

      It always seems unclear why so many of these hardcore “pro Israel” zionists are still living outside Israel against what they purportedly believe are gods wishes that they make aliyah. There would be a great benefit to everyone of having them all live in Israel, where they can better carry out their valuable work promoting their unique traditional jewish values of intolerance, censorship, bigotry and occupation. Everyone would be a winner, and I for one would be happy to help subsidise their travel.

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    2. David

      JVP and others do the same thing in the USA. It is always ugly.

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    3. Leonid Levin

      These guys look to me more like like football hooligans from the suburbs or Jewish white trash (forgive me the use of the term).

      Joseph, I can’t find the link to the second video you’re referring to.

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    4. Ben Israel

      David-You have understand the “Leftist/Progressive” worldview-
      When JVP does it is is “freedom of expression”. When Jewish nationalists do it is “hooliganism” or “censorship” or “McCarthyism”.
      It simply depends on which side of the barricade you stand.

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      • Actually, JVP never incites violence which is the problem of this group. JVP will disrupt a speech by Netanyahu at the GA with signs that say that “The occupation is bad for the Jews.”

        They will not get up and call for Netanyahu to be shot or claim that all the Jews should be killed which is what these French activists were saying about Palesitnians and Abdallah Abu Rahmah.

        Maybe I do not understand the “reactionary/extreme right” worldview, but I would say that calls to violence are quite serious and dangerous.

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    5. Yann

      Why are you talking about “Muslim” riots in France? It is the very discourse of the Front National… It’s better to talk about riots by youth from the suburbs.
      Thanks for your work.

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    6. David

      There is the infamous case of a mini mob at UCI? Or was it UCSD? during which Muslim students kept ambassador Oren from holding a speech, at a university no less. All good to voice your displeasure once. But to then basically scream the speaker down until he cancels the speech is out of order. I also see little use on the JVP hools screaming Bibi down and then be escorted out of the hall. Why not engage in the debate, instead of getting kicked out after five minutes? Bizarre.

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    7. David

      Ah, yes, “Israel a light unto nations,” not.
      Zionism is moribund, in its final days. It could only be thus. No wonder nearly one million Israeli Jews have emigrated seeking better lives abroad and immigration is but a trickle.

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