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WATCH: Right wing MK pours water on Arab MK (updated)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get much lower in the Knesset lawmaking-wise, in comes Yisrael Beitenu MK Anastasia Michaeli and throws us into the abyss of violence. Here’s how she behaved towards Arab Labor MK Ghaleb Majadele during a hearing about the principal who decided to take his students to a human rights march in the Arab town of Arara in the Galilee.

This person disgusts me. I can’t say it any more directly than that.

She, and probably most of her party colleagues, think the worst of Arabs.  They think they are the light unto nations, bringing European, civilized culture to Israel and its parliament.

You tell me, who is civilized? Who is the primitive one?

This is what happens when the right wing is drunk with power.

It won’t end with water.

UPDATE: YNET reports: “The Knesset’s Ethics Committee decided Tuesday to suspend MK Anastassia Michaeli (Yisrael Beiteinu) from the Knesset plenum and all committees for a period of one month following Monday’s incident where she threw water in MK Ghaleb Majadele’s face during a Knesset’s Education, Culture and Sports Committee meeting.”

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    1. Sam

      Quick note – the transcription of Majadleh’s first name is Ghaleb, not Raleb (in Ashkenazi Hebrew there might be no difference, but it’s two completely different letters in Arabic and in English transcription). Majadleh is also a better writing than Majadele.
      On topic, Michaeli behaves like an enraged bull[y] in the Knesset playground, and everyone else lets her.

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    2. Isn’t this a case of assault? It would be in British law…. it’s outrageous that politicians behave in this way

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    3. sh

      Sam, I’m soooo glad you said that. Transliteration of gh as an r in Hebrew drives me nuts. As though everyone here rolls their rs! BTW it’s nothing to do with Ashkenazi Hebrew as many Ashkenazis roll their r too, as do Sfardi (and/or Mizrahi) francophones from North Africa.—–Yeah, I know, I’m off-topic.

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    4. sh

      Oops, that should have read as don’t….. francophones from North Africa.

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    5. Done.
      So, how ’bout them Dodgers?

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    6. Danny

      It will be interesting to see if any kind of reprimand will be given for this kind of behavior. With the current makeup of the Knesset, it does not seem likely.

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    7. Tammy

      Thank you (again), Ami. MK Majadele said it all in his assessment of MK Michaeli: “…wild, impudent and fascist behavior…” Please get your brief intro and this clip out to media worldwide. I’ll do my bit to broadcast the unchecked vile lunacy.

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    8. sh

      Anastassia done Bibi proud. By far the most memorable coalition ever. If we manage to survive it, food for ‘allo-‘allo-type comedy shows for the next 20 years. – P.S. Both she and Majadleh roll their rs.

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    9. Shelly

      This makes me want to cry. This reprehensible woman is not only a Knesset member, she is the mother of 5-6-7?? children. What an example she sets for her own, for our children, and what a justification for the Knesset being known as,and called,a Circus. I commend the Arab MK for his grace under fire.
      FIRE HER!!

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    10. Hofuman

      Sign of things to come: Water Wars! this is horrible. To paraphrase Pogo: We have met Amalek, and it is us.

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    11. AYLA

      Good God. Her smirk in the middle is almost worse than the water.

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    12. aristeides

      The culture of impunity at work. Put this woman into an IDF uniform with a gun and station her at a checkpoint where she’ll have nothing to do but abuse Arabs.

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    13. Carl

      Zoeyaya, if she’d done it in the UK she’d have got an assault charge at least. The guy who custard pied Rupert Murdoch got six weeks if I remember correctly.

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    14. Philos

      I’m in a little bit of rage from a different post on this blog but… does saying “it won’t end with water” count as incitement to violence? What is incitement to violence? Apparently, saying “evacuating the settlements will result in civil war” when you’re the Yesha Spokesperson isn’t incitement… and apparently if you’re Michaeli throwing water in the face of an elected member of the Knesset isn’t assault either. It’s only incitement if you’re a left-winger, secular, Arab or Haradei….

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    15. aviad

      do me a favor, none of you speak hebrew, i do! he spoke to her like an animal. people who speak to others that way should expect to be treated like animals them selves!

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    16. @aviad – actually, I do know a bit of Hebrew. I picked up a few words living here for 30 something years. Oh, and born here… forgot that one, sorry.
      While it’s true Majadaleh wasn’t particularly polite – this is behavior common to almost every MK I know. Someone yells “shut up” in the Knesset almost every 90 seconds. This is done between sexes, as well, so calling it chauvinist is plain wrong.
      So, is Majadleh’s behavior in need of improvement? Yes. But he’s acting like any other MK there is.

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    17. Deborah Esterman

      I suppose that we should require more of the Jewish MKs and hold them to a higher level. The fact that Majadleh called Michaeli names and behaved like he did, is acceptable ….for the likes of him.

      After all what do we expect from “Them”. So lets have a little righteous indignation from you all.

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    18. @deborah – were you being sarcastic or racist? I can’t tell.

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    19. Danny

      Yes, Majadle is a boor, but, as you say, so are the other 119 MK’s. She would not have poured water on him had he been Jewish – insults or not. She is such an overt racist, that I’m starting to think that she is actually a KGB operative planted in the knesset in order to stir up trouble in the holy land between its Jewish and Arab residents.

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    20. Sinjim

      I am so shocked that a Palestinian has been mistreated in Israel. What is this world coming to?

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    21. e

      MIchaeli is a filthy excuse for a human being.
      I hope she is reading the comments so she can see how much repulsive people find her.
      Has Israel ever been at it’s lowest – with such member of Knesset it does not seem that it could get any worse – but just wait 24 hours, in Israel, anything can happen

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    22. Wais

      She is was an ethnic Russian immigrant who only converted to Judaism so she could get married to her Jewish husband…and she tells a native that he is working against his native land. The irony…

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    23. Racial tensions in Israel? Nah–everyone’s getting better and better. The woman was goaded. But for a reason. A sophisticated politician would have reacted differently. The Arab MK knew what he was doing; it worked better than he anticipated, I think. It measured her true disgust to hatred. This measure is as well an indicator of hysterical nationalism. Love a word, and stomp on others who love not like you. Behind that hysteria is real fear.
      The Russian immigation was too large, too fast. I suspect it tilted the election for Bibi in his first win, against Peres, when the PM was chosen by the general electorate (a big mistake). Since then Beitenu, whose leader, your Foreign Minster, has come close to advocating explusion of some Arab villages. Israeli politics seems alternative coalitions of fear. Maybe that is always true, everywhere–just more intense in a State effectively in perpetual war, self defined.

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    24. Piotr Berman

      “On Monday, Michaeli got into a heated argument with Majadele after MK Danny Danon (Likud) called for the dismissal of the principal of a school in the Negev town of Arara, who took students on a human rights march held in Tel Aviv last month.”

      Hm. So Danny Dannon is a fascist who maintains a parliamentary decorum, and Anastasia Michaeli is one who does not. What does it mean “goaded” in this context? Unless the following subtitles I have seen were corect:

      “These pink lapels look ridiculous.”

      “My mother bought this blouse for me.”

      “I do not care if the Prophet, peace be upon him, bought the blouse, it looks ridiculous.”

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    25. aristeides

      Her “apology” was insincere, given that it was followed by her gloating that she had “taught him a lesson.”

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    26. Deb

      A month isn’t enough; how about a year? During which time she ought to attend compulsory anger management classes. (And someone should explain to the lady that it has nothing whatever to do with respect for women; that was just ridiculous.)

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    27. Nina Bryna

      Danny, you exagerate, not ALL the MKs are jerks, just most of them. But the same can be said about the U.S. houses of congress, or the British parliament. And Deb, what aobut lessons in manners to male chauvinists with big mouths?

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    28. Orit Greenfield

      The Educational commity of the Parlament of Israel needs to focuse on issues which are of greater importance.If this pathetic meeting that we watched was facilitated by a smart educator.The issue which Mr.Majadele brought up could be used as an opening for a discussion about a deeper issue which is at the core of any dialoge about human rights.When there are no smart leaders the stage is being taken by the clowns.And this is what we saw in this clip. When Mr.Majadele complains about an abstruction of justice -not letting Arab students demonstrate about issues concerning human rights,
      an effective Head of Educational commity would have question and raise the concern whether Palestinian children indeed understand the privilege of going to the street and express themselves. And how do Arab schools go about teaching the meaning of human rights.
      Mr.Majadele should have use the stage to explain what kind of content is being taught in Arab schools in Israel and what kind of system the Arb educational authority has in place to insure that Arab educators and principles are indeed develop and teach a cariculum which renforces and teaches the meaning of Human rights, so before you go to the streets and protest you actually being able to take responsibility to your own words and actions.This is what true learning is.
      Arabs need to look at themselves,their belives and traditions and answer the question:
      How do we practice the value of Human rights within our communities and towards our jewish neighbors.An effective leader needs to look at what is being taught and done within Arab schools and avaluate whether it is consistent with their excpectations and demands as equal citizens
      when you tolerate hatred and death as a vehicle to gaine power you loose your right or prevelige to express yourself freely.
      Arab children need to be taught in a way that convey the value of life. Arab principles and educators themselves need to have the understanding and belife that what propels life and growth is not to be found in hatered or the wish for the death of the other. children need to be taught by teachers who will be able to explain them and model the meaning of democratic life.
      And so will help them to bring about a new dream.
      It is all possible.
      But requires very hard work, courage and honesty.
      May we all work harder in 2012
      so it will turn into a blessing.
      Orit(an educator)

      Reply to Comment
    29. Bit late in the day to comment (mea culpa), but this should be seen in context of Michaeli’s physical attack two years ago on MK Hanin Zoughbi while the latter was speaking on the podium of the Knesset. The woman’s outrageously racist, in a party known for its racism.

      It should also be seen in context of previous attacks by Yisrael Beitenu on Ghaleb Majadele, not least when he was a Minister. Wikipedia: On 10 January 2007, Labor leader Amir Peretz announced that Majadele would be appointed Minister of Science, Culture and Sport. On 28 January 2007 the cabinet voted to appoint him Minister without Portfolio. His appointment was confirmed by a vote in which all ministers except the chairman of Yisrael Beiteinu, Avigdor Lieberman, voted in favour. In March 2007 Majadele received the Science, Culture and Sport portfolio. Although welcomed by many, Majadele’s appointment was controversial among several groups of politicians. Mohammed Barakeh of Hadash attacked it as a “dirty trick” that would not advance Arabs, while Lieberman and Esterina Tartman of Yisrael Beiteinu claimed it was damaging to Zionism. The latter criticism was itself extremely controversial, with lawmakers from across the political spectrum branding Lieberman’s and Tartman’s remarks racist; a number of Labor lawmakers demanded that Yisrael Beiteinu be expelled from the governing coalition as a condition of Labor continuing to participate in the government.

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