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Rick’s Weekly Wrap: The Schalit Psychosis

Welcome to the Weekend Holyland Wrap, where unlike the rest of the country (where it’s all Schalit, all the time – and everything else be damned) we actually care about other stuff as well. Please take your anti-nausea pills, as some seriously repugnant individuals are soon to be back in circulation.

The Schalit festival is of course in full effect, with the media camped outside of his parents’ Mitzpe Hilla, groupies doing pilgrimage and polluting the family’s front yard with soft drink cans and cigarette butts.

The media has well and truly gone off the reservation on this one. After breathlessly reporting on every little phase of the preparations at the family home (They mowed the lawn! They trimmed the hedge! They opened the blinds in his room for the first time since he was captured! They put the Israeli flag back atop the house!!!), came phase two: interviews with everyone possible, no matter how tenuously connected with man of the hour. This includes the neighbor who owns a dog who is reportedly excited for the return of his old playmate (I shit y’all not. This is apparently a very mnemonic mutt), the midwife who delivered him, and the Goddess alone knows who else. I guess we’re lucky they didn’t go for the mohel, or display his enshrined foreskin for all to see.

Worse than these are the various dignitaries (From the Prime Sinister on down) jockeying for a photo-op with the returning “boy” – a guy who needs a bunch of strangers crowding him like he needs a hole in the head.

Amir Oren had a cryptic note in his opinion piece in Haaretz today about “wives of politicians” trying to wiggle into the frame when Schalit touches down. This seems to point to Judy Shalom Nir Mozes, wife of Silvan Shalom, Minister of Regional Development and Bibi’s most bitter rival within Likud. Judy, a vulgar bimbo who glories in devotedly following teeny bopper fashions and the most lame-brained of “mystic” practices and charlatans, once got a deputy Ambassador to the US fired because he wouldn’t or couldn’t get her face time with Madonna.

Now this was published by Oren on Sunday morning, but one must assume he called for comment on Saturday, because the aforementioned Judy, who is very active on Twitter, released this little tidbit: “Somebody ask Yair’s mother why she brought false charges against her son’s boyfriend and tried to have him deported? Just unbelievable“. The only Yair that comes to mind, especially one with a mother in position to move the police to do her bidding, is of course Yair Netanyahu, the Prime Minister’s Arab-hating soldier boy. Therefore one assumes that the leak about “wives of politicians” came from “circles close to the PM”, and that said tweet was made in retaliation. Now, if both allegations are true (and if we read the pointed arrows correctly), then Judy is guilty of her usual revoltingly bad taste, whereas the Prime Minister’s unhinged other half is guilty of offenses quite worse. Good times…

Back to the Schalit deal: Not everyone is ecstatic about it. This includes everyone to the right of Netanyahu, as well as the majority of those who lost loved ones to the murderous activities of those slated for release. One of these, a Shevuel Schijveschuurder, who lost both parents and three siblings in the suicide at the Sbarro pizzeria, protested the deal by defacing the memorial for murdered PM Yitzhak Rabin – hallowed ground for the establishment milquetoast Israeli “Left” – dumping some paint on it and spraying the words “price tag.”

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai (whose name most appropriately means “the rat”) bleated that this most unfortunate person should “have his hands cut off“. Me, I’d sooner see that happen to Huldai himself, if anyone. While the act isn’t “nice”, I for one would not presume to judge someone so terribly afflicted, and in general the establishment left really needs to get over its cult of Rabin, which has done the cause of peace more harm than good. Schijveschuurder was arrested but released shortly thereafter, and now he and his remaining siblings are threatening to leave Israel and return to the Netherlands in protest. Other victims of crimes committed by the prisoners slated for release, while not defacing memorials, are also seething, and have futilely petitioned the Supreme Court against the deal. Many of them are also complaining that the security establishment didn’t even have the decency to notify them of the release of their loved ones’ murderers, leaving them to find out about it in the news. This of course sounds absolutely right for an establishment run by the high-functioning autistic Ehud Barak.

Not enough props were given to the role of Dr. Gershon Baskin, peace activist extraordinaire, in mediating this deal. But you can be sure that the first time one of the released terrorists kills again, he’ll be blamed vociferously.

This being the Middle East, there was of course some last minute drama, when Hamas – capable and competent organization that it is – realized it had misreckoned the number of female Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, and therefore the list they had finalized the deal with left a handful of ladies behind bars. But even they eventually understood that the deal was signed, sealed, and irreversible, so they’ll have to deal with the egg on their face.

As for my own opinion on the deal – I won’t even try to decipher the security risk is releasing a bunch of scum responsible for the deaths of nearly 300 civilians. Nor will I say overmuch about the stunning about-face in the position of Netanyahu, who used to be strenuously against the deal. The point that pisses me off about this deal – other than the release of the monstrous Amna Mona, who seduced a 16 year old boy online and drove him to his death – is the fact that a few Arab Israeli citizens who participated in terrorist acts are being released in this deal as well.

If Israel gave a crap about statehood and citizenship, rather than caring only about tribal ethnicity, this would never ever stand. But just like Israel is embracing the cancer of occupation that will kill it, so it is handing Hamas standing as a representative of Israeli citizens. Clever!

OK, enough Schalit and on, as promised, to a few other matters that still matter:

The labor relations court issued an injunction voiding the resignation letters of hundreds of medical interns. This is the second time it has done this, and this time it has done so after the interns submitted personal resignation letters as the court specified they needed to the first time around. Basically, the court is saying they can’t quit no matter what, rendering them forced conscripts who must continue to work for salaries of around $11 per hour, which after working 250+ hours a month with much overtime pay for nights and weekends comes out to just under $50K a year. Not surprisingly, there aren’t really that many young Israelis lined up to replace those who have had enough. Would you pay for 7 years of grueling school and then work like a rented mule (with exposure to malpractice suits and the violence of frustrated or bereaved relatives of patients) all for that kind of pay? Me neither.

Saturday night saw a resumption of the “J14” social justice movement, with a demonstration on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Blvd. but this time the media had another toy to play with, and so it ignored the event for hours despite there being quite a bit of action, arrests, protesters surrounding pig cruisers until the arrestees were released and so on.

Speaking of J14 and social justice, have a tidbit: In Israel, 10% of all workers are employed through temp agencies, which enable their employers to avoid paying them even the most basic benefits. In the rest of the developed world, such modern slaves constitute.

Under the cover of the FestiSchalit, Israel’s Jewish first, democratic-later-if-at-all ruling coalition has submitted a bill calling for a draconian increase in the sums of libel verdicts – from ILS 50K without proof of damage today to 300K. The new bill also calls for punishment if “full response” was not run with the article itself. So the subject of an expos’e can forestall publication either by dodging requests for comment, or by submitting a response of such length as to render publication of the piece impractical. Those behind the bill may bat their eyelids all they want and simper that “just write the truth and you won’t have to pay”, but their intent is clear – to curtail the freedom of the press.

It’s olive picking season, and that means skirmishes all over the west bank between Palestinian villagers and settlers determined to impeded their access to their lawfully owned groves. The army pretends to maintain order, but more often than not sides with the settlers. Just the other day they left a Palestinian man bound and blindfolded in a field for seven hours.

Civics teachers in the religious sector are reporting that since the leading rabbis began issuing fatwas against the renting of homes to Arabs, they are finding themselves increasingly unable to relay to their pupils concepts such as equality under the law and the impermissibility of racial or ethnic discrimination. Concurrently, a little tempest broke out when some ass or other demanded that only religious instructors be allowed to train teachers of civics in religious schools. Note that we’re not talking about the teachers themselves – EVERYONE agreed that only a properly indoctrinated jehovaist may come into direct contact with the impressionable minds of the young sheep themselves. No. This was about the instructors of adult teachers.

And on that separate and unequal note, we shall call it a wrap. These tours are not responsible for any illusions, sympathies or misconceptions that may have been misplaced on our tours. Please collect your senses and check your comments where appropriate. Thank you for flying the crazy skies.

Rick’s book, “Jewcy Story,” a popular history of the 2nd Temple Era, can be bought for Amazon Kindle, for cell phone or for PC here.

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    1. Ben Israel

      Everytime the Israeli Leftist-clique that controls the Establishment (including the media which is very well housebroken to provide the proper propaganda backing) decides to commit some atrocity that everyone knows will end in disaster, they go to 100% moblization of the forces, particularly the media and says “EVEYRONE SUPPORTS THIS POLICY”. This was done for Oslo, this was done for the flight from southern Lebanon, this was done for the destruction of Gush Katif and now they are doing it again. I presume they think that if they put out phony polls claiming that “90% of the population supports this policy” that the true majority, which really opposes it, will feel embarrassed and won’t want to be part of a minority. Of course, we all know that in two years, everyone will admit that it was a disaster, just like the previous examples were and they will ask “how did we let such a stupid policy be enacted”. DON’T THEY EVER LEARN?

      Reply to Comment
    2. Sylvia

      Noam Shalit has made good use of the media. Usually, it’s the other way around.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Got any proof about the “true majority”? You’d think they’d avail themselves of the polls on all the news websites – but these all show 2/3 and up for the deal.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Ben Israel

      The polls are engineered to get results the government wants. I could turn around the majority of those who claim they support the deal if I had five minutes to explain why it is a disaster. The gov’t uses emotional blackmail to manipulate the results, saying that if you don’t support the deal, you don’t care what happens to Shalit. Like I said, on each of the previous Leftist atrocities (Oslo, south Lebanon flight, Gush Katif destruction) the media also reported huge majorities in favor and then a couple of years later most people say the action was a “mistake” or worse. It will be the same this time.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Ben Israel

      One last thing, when I look at the places like Ha’aretz and even here, I see a lot of opposition to the deal, even among the Left, both among columnists and commentors, so I don’t believe there is “overwhelming support” for this. In any even, I am convinced that Netanyahu has destroyed himself, and this gov’t will be out of power sooner than anyone suspects.

      Reply to Comment
    6. The polls on websites like Walla and Ynet are engineered by the government?

      I didn’t say there was no opposition to the deal. I said there’s no proof of a “real majority” that supports it. I do agree though that the herd, as is its wont, is silencing dissent to some degree.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Deïr Yassin

      Funny, how Ben Israel suddenly becomes conscious of poll-manipuations.
      When I explained to him that I’ve done some ‘quantitative poll-deconstructions’ during my studies, that you can make polls say whatever you want them to say, and I therefore didn’t believe ANY of his proposed tolls on ‘Palestinian attitudes’ to this and that, particularly the polls by Khalil Shikaki and his NED-financed Research Center), I always got dismissive responses.
      How come there’s such a change in Ben Israel’s attitude to polls: a hidden agenda, you say …

      Reply to Comment
    8. Ben Israel

      Rehavia Berman-
      What I am saying is that there is a symbiotic relationship between the media and the Establishment in Israel. They more or less share the same values and run in the same social and business circles. I presume you are aware that in the old, pre-1977 Israel that was essentially a 1-party MAPAI-Labor Party state, that the electronic media was officially controlled by the gov’t, which means it was controlled by the MAPAI-Labor Party. There were independent newspapers some of which opposed the MAPAI-Labor regime, but as time passed, the owners of the major newspapers, Maariv, Ha’aretz and Yediot have all more or less adopted the same line which is the post-Zionist line of the Establishment.
      Thus, the newspapers are going to push polls that support actions like this, since this is what the Establishment wants.
      In any event, is there any law in Israel that says it is against the law to publish a phony poll. Last year, one of the news programs on TV showed the pollster filling out the results themselves!

      Reply to Comment
    9. Deïr Yassin

      Erratum: ‘his proposed polls’ and NOT tolls.

      Reply to Comment
    10. Philos

      I’m surprised no one has mentioned how the Shalit deal serves the short-term interests of both Hamas and Netenyahu; undercutting and making Abbas look completely irrelevant. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Goes to show fundamentalists from different creeds can get along…

      Reply to Comment
    11. Susannah

      So you wouldn’t presume to judge someone “so terribly afflicted,” referring to the man who lost family members in the Sbarro bombing.

      But then you refer to “the high-functioning autistic Ehud Barak,” in a jab at his lack of sensitivity to the families of victims of the released prisoners.

      Let me assure you that any “high-functioning autistic” would show more sensitivity than you have displayed towards them.

      Reply to Comment
    12. Rick, I have read your writings each week for several weeks, and assumed that you were consistently rational. But now I find that when it comes to Israelis you have a total double standard.

      If you haven’t already, I suggest you read “Ethnic Cleansing” and “Haifa: planned death of a city”, both by Ilan Pappe (the second in Le Monde diplomatique; March, 2010), where he documents numerous slaughter of Palestinians, plus forced deportations of hundreds of thousands. And read “Footnotes in Gaza” by Joe Sacco, where he documents the deliberate slaughter of hundreds of Palestinians men by Israeli soldiers in Gaza, during the 1956 war. Then remember that Palestinians CITIZENS of Israel were under military rule from 1948 until 1967. And look up all the killing and injuring and destruction and theft of property in Gaza and the West Bank from 1967 to today. And then tell me if you were Arab whether you thought that a small, in comparison, reprisal in kind to all of this deserved the title of “scum” as opposed to freedom fighter.

      Reply to Comment
    13. Warren, to go and blow yourself up in order to take others with you and thus avenge the indignities and dispossession visited upon you – that’s understandable. All kinds of moral arguments to be made against it as well (the indiscriminacy, the specific targetting of minors at times, like at the Dolphinarium attack), but it’s understandable, and I mean, the guy dies too. He pays the price for his revenge.

      But it wasn’t the actual suicide bombers who were released in this deal, was it? To send someone ELSE to do this very dark deed (whether or not you find it justifiable, any sane and moral person must find it very dark) – that’s hideous. When we hear that a Haniyeh, a Jaabari, a Dif or the relative of any Hamas honcho has blown himself up, then they will have any measure whatsoever of a defense. But that’s not what happens. They send the children of families they have nothing to do with to die. Their own blood is far too blue for such a sacrifice for the cause.

      Abdalla Barghouti made explosives and gave them not to his cousin to die with. Ahlam Tamimi didn’t drive her own brother to blow himself up.

      So no, sorry. Abdallah Barghouti is scum. Ahlam Tamimi is scum. And no freedom struggle justifies the cold-blooded murder of a specific 16 year old. It just doesn’t. Not even in revenge for other unjustified killings. Amna Mona is especially a monster. And evidently it isn’t only Israelis who think so, otherwise she wouldn’t be afraid to go to Gaza…

      Philos – I’ve yet to write a wrap-type column in which I didn’t later remember that I wanted to mention something and forgot to… 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    14. Taoist

      “…a bunch of scum responsible for the deaths of nearly 300 civilians…”


      Weekly Rick Wrap decided to question Abba’s designation of the freed prisoners as “freedom fighters,” instead joining the hate-mongering chorus (had to pay his two pennies to the “Jewish state”), by calling them “scum,” with the added capital crime of having killed up to 300 civilians (how many did Israel killed in retaliation?) extending the insult (in the context, akin to a racist slur) to Abbas by association (your “freedom fighters” are “scum,” therefore, you’re “scum” too.)

      How would Palestinians call Israeli war criminals, if they could put them on trial?

      And these coming from the “progressive” lot at +972…

      Reply to Comment
    15. Taoist, I don’t know all the 1,027 men released. I’d wager there are dozens among them who I wouldn’t necessarily call scum. Some, though, I would.

      I didn’t say jack regarding Abbas, what are you talking about?

      Reply to Comment