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Rick’s Weekly Wrap: This local trend of burning mosques

What’s the difference between the torching of mosques at a Galilean Bedouin village and at a West Bank village? Nothing, except that the latter won’t get all the “defenders of democracy” rushing for photo-ops at the site! | Raging Rechavia “Rick” Berman gives you the week’s top stories as they ought to be told. A weekly feature on +972

by Rechavia “Rick” Berman

The burned mosque in Tuba Zangariya (Photo: Activestills)

The burned mosque in Tuba Zangariya (Photo: Activestills)

Welcome one and all to the Weekend Holyland Wrap. Israel is the name, self-destruction is the game, and we only pretend to have shame.

The two big events in the past week were the shocking – shocking, I say! – seepage of the disgustingly-named “price tag” pogrom tactic into sovereign Israel, and what some saw as the equally shocking failure of Prime Minister Bibinocchio to pass the recommendations of the Trachtenberg Committee in the cabinet.

As y’all have no doubt heard, some Judeo-fascist or other desecrated the mosque in the Galilean Bedouin village of Tuba-Zangriyya, setting fire to the place and spraying “Death to Arabs” and “Price tag Palmer” – the latter being the settler who was murdered by rock-throwers near Hebron a week or two before.

The choice of Tuba-Zangriyya is of course extremely ironic, since it happens to be home to a tribe of Bedouins who are highly loyal to the State of Israel and have been since its inception, serving with distinction in the IDF and everything. I have to wonder if it wasn’t chosen on purpose, to make the point that, as the racist saying goes, “A good Arab is a dead Arab.”

The act sparked almost universal outrage, with figures from the terrible Abe Foxman to the mortality-defying President of Israel, Shimon (father of the settlements) Peres condemning the act. Why did these luminaries not express similar outrage at identical acts committed against mosques east of the Green Line? Because they realize deep down what this means – that the two state solution is a mirage. That if the Settlers are uprooted from where they are and brought back into sovereign Israel, they  will simply continue their hateful tactics and foment civil war between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel – who, make no mistake, they do not tolerate any more than they do the “Dafawis” (dafa is Arabic for “river bank,” as in “West Bank”).

The police actually have a suspect in custody, and astonishing though this may seem, said suspect studies at the yeshiva headed by Yitzhak Ginzburg, one of the main supporters of the mein-kampfish “King’s Torah,” the book that states that the Chosen People may kill the babies of their enemies for deterrence or revenge.

The youngsters in the village have been rioting since the incident, burning down a few public buildings to show their displeasure. Then, on Yom Kippur’s eve, someone else, probably another fascist Jew, saw fit to desecrate two cemeteries in Jaffa, one Muslim and one Christian. This caused some stupid hothead to throw a Molotov cocktail into a (thankfully unoccupied) synagogue. The civil war is well on its way.

Meanwhile, the social protest and its political fallout refuse to fade away. The Trachtenberg Committee, a socioeconomic panel formed by PM Netanyahu following the summer’s demonstrations, has presented its report, which was roundly rejected as insufficient by anyone who had anything to do with J14 , seeing as the report includes nothing regarding public housing and claims that Israel’s taxation policy is on the whole “sound.” Yet Bibi tried to ram Trachtenberg’s recommendations through a cabinet resolution, with no time for the ministers to study them and no prep work to ensure he had the votes. Result? He was humiliated, and the defeat ignited talks of a crumbling coalition and the scent of blood in the water and elections in the offing.

But the reality remains that none of the Bibster’s partners has any interest in moving the elections up, and so after flattering Lieberman’s Israel Beiteinu party a bit more, Netanyahu had his resolution approved. It won’t mean a thing, of course, as anything the Treasury doesn’t like will simply be neutered.

So to recap: We will continue to make less and pay more, while waiting helplessly for the fanatics, god-wankers and nihilists on both sides to successfully ignite a full scale civil war. Good news? Look for ’em elsewhere. This tour is not responsible for any illusions, sympathies or misconceptions that may have been misplaced on our trips. Please collect your senses and check your comments where appropriate. Thank you for flying the crazy skies.


Rick’s book, Jewcy Story, a humorous popular history of the Jewish People in the Second Temple Era, can be purchased for Amazon Kindle, Smartphone or PC here.

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    1. Shoded Yam

      “…That if the Settlers are uprooted from where they are and brought back into sovereign Israel, they will simply continue their hateful tactics and foment civil war between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel”
      And therein lies the rub. That afterall was, has been, and still is the raison d’ etre behind support for the “settlement concept” by succesive Israeli gov’ts since the time of Eshkol. Its the dirty little secret that has elevated the theft of land in the West Bank (the criminality of which, despite all protests to the contrary, is well known to the gov’t)to the level of a national imperative. I suggest that settlement in the west bank has been driven more by a need of an ashkenazi (largely secular) elite to warehouse and appease the more undesiarable elements of their society rather than messianic fanticism. And don’t kid yourselves, most Israelis fully understand what has been going on and have been willing and enthusiastic particapants. You don’t believe it? Watch what happens the next time some haredi family wants to move to an apt in Ramat Aviv. You think Noa and Dan, after a pleasant evening sipping espresso over on Sheinkin, want to return home to the smell of boiled cabbage and Rifkah and Yankel’s six screaming kids? Forget about it. As for Yossi and JoJo and the rest of the “chach-chachim” (sic)? Well since the development town concept has fallen into disrepute, they had to to build’em a few red-tiled split-levels with brand new Tadiran appliances to get em’ to stop crying about the indignities that they suffer at our hands. But where? Wait a minute. There’s all this land just east of jerusalem. Yeah, okay. Theres some question as to the legality of appropriating land that doesn’t belong to you, but what the hell. Better to deal with the international opprobrium than to have to live next door to these levantines. The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming? Oy Gevalt! What to do? Fuck it! Build em’ a city right next door to Rifkah and Yankel and Yossi and JoJo. Kahanists from America? Stick em on top of some windswept godforesaken shithole surrounded by hostile natives. That’ll learn em’.
      Israelis won’t fix their problems with the Palestinians until they cop to their own deep-seated dysfunctions.

      Reply to Comment
    2. “You think Noa and Dan, after a pleasant evening sipping espresso over on Sheinkin, want to return home to the smell of boiled cabbage and Rifkah and Yankel’s six screaming kids?”

      Demagoguery much? The main reason people don’t want orthodox neighbors is that eventually, and inevitably, they start demanding “consideration”, in the form of keeping the music down on shabbes, then closing the block, then telling women how they should dress…

      For the nefarious purposes you suggest, Israel already has “development towns” in the Negev and Galilee.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Shoded Yam

      Tongue-in-cheek much?
      “…For the nefarious purposes you suggest, Israel already has “development towns” in the Negev and Galilee”
      Yeah, too bad about those development towns, eh? That Beit Shean, let me tell ya. A thriving industrial hub and a cultural mecca if there ever was one. Anymore bright ideas like that and places like Anatot will be the least of Israels problems.

      Reply to Comment