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Resource: Unlawful discrimination: Two boys, two laws

Since 1967, Israel has issued 1,700 military orders and between 750,000-800,000 Palestinian men, women and children have been prosecuted in Israeli military courts and imprisoned.

Technically speaking, Israeli military law applies to all persons in the West Bank, whether they be Palestinian or Israeli, but in practice civilian law is applied to the settlers, whereas military law, with far fewer rights and protections, is reserved for Palestinians, giving rise to a situation of unlawful discrimination.

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The following report, prepared by Military Court Watch, showcases the Israeli occupation’s legal discrimination, as it affects Palestinian and Israeli settler children.

Military Court Watch advocates is a voluntary association founded by a small group of lawyers and other professionals with a belief in the rule of law. MCW is guided by two basic principles. First, all children detained by the Israeli military authorities are entitled to all the rights and protections guaranteed under international law. Secondly, that there can be no legal justification for treating Palestinian and Israeli children differently under Israel’s military and civilian legal systems. In pursuit of these principles, MCW investigates, litigates, advocates and educates in the region and beyond.

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    1. Average American

      I don’t know who Military Court Watch is, what their motives might be, but I read the article at face value. I’ve heard of examples of uneven application of the law, but I didn’t realize the law was Martial Law. That’s pretty harsh, martial law for 50 years. That’s the kind of thing we hear about third-world totalitarians doing to hold onto power. But we’re told it’s not to hold power, or to create lebensraum, or to take over water sources. Oh no not that, instead we’re told we have to understand “the situation is completely different in the West Bank.” Well it doesn’t look any different.

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