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Resource: Israel's refusal to compensate Palestinians

Over the past 20 years, Israel has taken measures to guarantee a nearly blanket exemption from its obligation under international law to pay compensation to Palestinians harmed by its security forces. In this report, B’Tselem traces the development of this practice and illustrates how it has led to a major drop in the number of claims for damages Palestinians filed in recent years. Israel’s policy reflects how little value it places on the lives, bodies and property of Palestinians living under its control. 

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    1. Itshak Gordin Halevy

      Do the Arab terrorists of Eretz Israel compensate the Israeli victims of terrorism?

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      • AJew

        Good question Itshak. I was going to make the same comment.

        The answer is that according to some, Jews are untermentschen who have it coming to us coz we are eeeeeeeevil. Unlike Arabs who are just noble victims who never do anything wrong.

        Jooooos baaaaad, Airabs goooood, get it? That is the eternal theme of the Israel bashers.

        Now one of them will turn up and correct me. He will say: ZioJoooos are baaaaad, not Jooooos in general. But we know what they really mean. They know it too. They are just good at pretending and covering up what their code words mean.

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      • Oriol

        Itshak and AJew, probably you make a good point when saying that Palestinian fighters also do not want to compensate their Jewish victims. Actually it is a war when both sides -yes, BOTH sides- demand from the other side to act as if they were not at war.
        But saying that all antizionists are closet antisemites is simply wrong. It is not true. You may think that many, or all of them are misguided -and I also think that sometimes they are-, but most of them are not antisemites. Let’s be honest.

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