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Resource: Area C Palestinians under threat of displacement

A new report published by B’Tselem to mark 46 years since Israel occupied the West Bank reveals how the Civil Administration has violated its obligation to administer the area for the benefit of the Palestinian population. Contrary to its legal obligations, the Civil Administration, the body responsible for implementing Israeli government policy in Area C (60 percent of the West Bank under full Israeli control), implements exactly the opposite policy.

The Civil Administration consistently prefers Israeli and settlements’ interests while displacing Palestinians, exploiting the area’s resources to benefit Israelis, and bringing about a permanent situation in which Israeli settlements thrive and Palestinian presence is negligible.

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    1. rgengland

      When the Palestinians finally agree to negotiates a peace deal with Israel, the Civil Administration will not be necessary.
      What Olmert offered, and the Palestinians ignored, was a viable groundwork for a state.
      The Palestinians need to stop trying to eradicate Israel, and start building a state, so that there is a possibility for peace.
      Excuses about the occupation or whatever, are meaningless, if no effort is made to create this state.
      Building a state takes effort, imagination and courage; attributes sorely lacking in the current Palestinian leadership.
      Fayed tried, and he got the boot.

      Reply to Comment
    2. RICK

      Please note that no one else even bothered to comment because your comments are so blatantly racist and historically dishonest, it’s an embarrassment to human beings.

      Reply to Comment