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Watch: “The settler-zombie” roaming West Bank roads

+972 Magazine has received rare footage of the so-called “settler-zombie” known to roam West Bank roads in pursuit of Palestinians, peace activists or other creatures who convey certain amounts of godlessness.

The “settler-zombie”, until today considered an urban legend of sorts, is comparable to “Big Foot”, “Golem” or the Loch Ness monster “Nessie”. Eye witnesses in recent years have told of a large man who screeches so high that Mariah Carey has been known to shudder. According to most accounts, the “settler-zombie” also tires out quite quickly, most probably due to a bad diet and lack of exercise.

The creature in the footage below, harassing a left winger at Susiya junction in the West Bank, seems to fit the description.

h/t Dimi Reider

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    1. Sam

      Wow….Generations of inbreeding create monsters like this.

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    2. Gershon Lehrer

      these people come from somewhere in the Center of Israel and in a provocative way try to cause trouble to the people living in areas like susya etc.
      These people don’t have a clue of what is going on

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    3. tom dee

      They were lucky. The guy almost had a heart attack walking 1/8 of a mile. Under Israel law I am sure they would have charged the guy with a camera with first degree murder because the guy walking clearly was superior to the other person. God made him superior just inferior slob in daylight.

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    4. raouel rabb

      good thing the zombie didn’t have a gun

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    5. Woody

      Clearly he’s a Golem, duh. Just scratch out the aleph on his head, game over.

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    6. tom

      This comment has been deleted

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    7. directrob

      I do not like to read articles like this in 972mag. Personal attacks like these degrade the site. Better concentrate on what the Israeli government uses settlers for.

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    8. JD

      I agree with DirectRob… there are zombie slobs on all sides of any political or social conflict.

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    9. fuck you dirty jew

      This comment has been deleted

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    10. annie

      thanks, you are doing a servive for the community. these are vigilantes, they should be reeled in and identified. all of them. roaming around in groups harassing people is harsh and mean.

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    11. tinman


      with psychopaths like this roaming around, who needs enemies !

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    12. Rob

      This comment has been deleted

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    13. weinstein henry

      I agree with Directrob’s comment.

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    14. Ari Olvera

      If you want to see some really hideous creatures, take a look if you dare at
      footage of the idiots on the “Audacity of Hope” boat in that
      moronic flotilla that was turned back by the wise Greek Navy.
      Damn I’m surprised the boat didn’t sink under the weight of all those
      fat self righteous douchenozzles.

      Reply to Comment
    15. Shelly

      I don’t think that “telling it like it is” degrades +972. True, this particular settler is somewhat extroadinary. But his possessed, demonic behavior isn’t that far away from that of many of his cohorts.

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    16. Tom, and others who might feel the same – are you sure you’re left wing liberals or just-as-angry extremists armed with different content? If you are left wing liberals you can look at this footage again without dehumanizing Doitch as a zombie – see his huge despair that not all his people realize that he’s doing the right thing and some are even dedicating time to help a dangerous enemy. he must think the camera holder is some kind of a twisted monster self hating Jew. he is not able to understand him and the anger that such a thing exists fills him up. yea it’s scary. Be careful not to do the same to him, though. if you can understand where he comes from you don’t have to accept his view at all, but at least he remains human to you. otherwise, if the Palestinians are human to you but the settlers aren’t, what have you done? are you truly a left wing liberal or merely a bully yourself?

      Reply to Comment
    17. Benjamin

      “, if the Palestinians are human to you but the settlers aren’t, what have you done? are you truly a left wing liberal or merely a bully yourself?”

      It is actually a dangerous misconception that everyone who looks human, is human.

      Not every person who has a human body necessarily has a soul. This is true of some people of every race or nationality. People without souls are identifiable by their lack of empathy for others, which allows them to commit acts (like stealing land, or roaming around in gangs to harass people, or worse) which would revolt any human with a soul.

      There is a clinical definition for these soulless people – the word is psychopath and it is a well established psychological condition. These people are literally brain damaged – the part of their brain that processes “higher emotions” or “other-centered emotions” is damaged. They cannot experience love, empathy, compassion, shame, guilt, remorse, etc., their brains can be intelligent but resemble a reptile emotionally.

      Scientific estimates are that people fitting this description are 2-4% of the human population… what is really dangerous is when they band together and start acting as a group – this is even more dangerous when well meaning humans attempt to blind themselves to the danger by creating a moral equivalency based on outward appearances, ignoring actions.

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    18. cselmaz

      The video has been removed.

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    19. this kind of zombie need a lot of food to live!!!, Take care of him, george romero planning to put the creature in a new version of his masterpiece!.

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    20. Mairav Zonszein

      I would have filed it under tragedy rather than humor

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    21. Deïr Yassin

      This clip is only one of many others of the same incident. On one of them, we see clearly how these settler thugs stab a car belonging to a Palestinian. The “Zombie” might make some of you laugh, but to the native Palestinians who are harassed on a daily basis by lunatics, often Brooklyn-natives, with the IDF encouragong it, there’s really nothing to laugh about !
      www. youtube.com/watch?v=dc9VBpaERDE
      >min 00:52

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    22. Danny

      I like how he gets tired after a while and stops to catch his breath, turns around to look at his car and probably thinks “damn, I have to walk all the way back…” 🙂

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    23. max

      This is an ugly post.
      A real liberal’s soul.

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    24. Cohen

      Although the issue is very serious, I couldn’t help but laugh at the description after viewing the video – especially at 37 seconds.

      Reply to Comment
    25. Dear Ms Zonszein and Mr Yassin: Comedy is tragedy… plus time. Or like Alan Alda said in “Crimes and Misdemeanors”:”If it bends, it’s comedy. If it breaks it isn’t.” . or something like this.

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    26. elizabeth

      The man is pathetic and obviously deranged. It is sad that the Israelis fail to recognize this and have not offered him the psychological help he needs and deserves. It seems that many people in Israeli settllment areas need to re-examin their humanity.

      Reply to Comment
    27. carmel

      Benjamin, your argument that not all humans have a soul really scared me. I’ve heard Orthodox Jews claim that many Arabs don’t’ have a soul. and it proves my point that dehumanization practices should be condemned from both sides. everyone and everything has a soul. some souls are driven beyond their limits due to anger and fear and may “channel” psychosis but this does not make us God and makes their lives worth shit. Please tell me, writers and readers of this blog, that tom and Benjamin’s views are not representative of the new Israeli left wing cuz them you’ve all lost your minds and you’re all taking an equal part in making this country doomed.

      Reply to Comment
    28. What do I, a Jew and a Zionist, have in common with this “man”.

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    29. what

      Did that dude really shriek at him like that, or am I just imagining it?

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    30. Richard Allen

      Whenever I want to participate in a discussion, and sound serious, I also employ the term “douchenozzles.”

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    31. Empress Trudy

      This comment was deleted for its absurdity

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    32. Empress Trudy

      This comment was also deleted for absurdity

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    33. This comment was deleted

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    34. Empress Trudy

      This comment was deleted

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    35. Mitchell Cohen

      From what I get from the video, the guy with the camera seemed to be looking for a fight with the “settler zombie”. I suppose he (the guy with the camera) was disappointed the “settler zombie” didn’t take a jab at him and give another point for the radical left. How many settlers do you guys actually know personally, sit down and talk with, or are even (cough) friends with?

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    36. maximus

      What are they doing in the field? u people are wierd…just live your lives without your petty human religious squabbles!

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