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Racist ‘Kahane was right’ app now available on Google Play

UPDATE: As of Monday morning (Israel time) Google Play has removed the app.

Baruch Marzel, Jewish supremacist and former student of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, posted on Facebook last night (Saturday) that there is now an app on Google Play where you can read quotes from the rabbi. I couldn’t believe it, so I went into Google Play and, voila, there it is.

One of the screenshots shown is a quote where Kahane claims there is no such thing as a Palestinian people. Here is how Marzel is marketing the app:

“New new! A daily Kahane also in a widget for Android!


If you have an Android you too can download the Kahane was right widget!

Look for Kahane was right in Google play. Download to your phone. Press on the screen to add the widget and add Kahane was right to your device! Over 1,000 sentences of Rabbi Kahane change every few hours, or by pressing a button. Share and spread with your friends!”

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    1. Menil

      Kahane’s views were no different than those of the mainstream Israelis, including Ben Gurion, Begin, and of course the current Netanyahu regime. The difference is that while Kahane only talked, the Labor and Likud parties implement.

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    2. XYZ

      Kahane was hardly the only one who said there is no Palestinian people. Golda Meir said it, too and with the gradual disintegration of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, this idea seems to be gaining traction regarding most of the regimes and countries in the region where religious and ethnic identity is beginning to overshadow “national” identity for many of the inhabitanta. Dahlia Sheindlin recently wrote a piece lamenting the fact that people are now differentiating between Gaza an the West Bank.
      To say that there is no “Palestnian national identity” is not to say that there are no Palestinians.

      In any event many people, particularly Shlomo Sand’s followers say there is no Jewish people so this “national identity” question far transcends the Palestinians.

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      • Yeah, I thought you’d be OK with a racist app and then say nothing about it but try to sidetrack the discussion clumsily to just one quote of Kahane.

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      • Gearoid

        And the whitewashers false equivalency award goes to…..XYZ.

        Seriously. Kahane was scum. If you try and in ANY way cover up for him, you are no better. This, this is certainly making excuses.

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    3. aristeides

      I think I’ll go put up and app that says “Hitler was right” and watch the speed with which it disappears.

      What we have on the big media monopolies is a double standard.

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    4. Ori Folger

      The app has been removed from Google Play.

      Please post and update to the article.

      Reply to Comment
      • Thanks, Ori.

        Reply to Comment
      • Aaron Gross

        Good to hear.

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    5. D. Nesher

      why is that “racist?” that label is totally inappropriate, the man has a valid opinion. many disagree, but don’t label that assertion as racist, it could be “wrong” but I don’t know where you got racist.

      Reply to Comment
      • So, you’re saying Kahane wasn’t a racist?

        Reply to Comment
        • JohnW

          “So, you’re saying Kahane wasn’t a racist?”

          Depends whose standards one adopts.

          If we adopt the standards of many on this site who refuse to call Hamas racists, then by those standards, no, Kahane was not racist either.

          However, if one is not a hypocrite and is willing to call Hamas racists then yes, Kahane was racist too.

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          • TBerg

            You must be kidding. Who’s standards you adopt? BS. The definition of racist is objective and universal. And Kahane fits the definition to a T.

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