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Racism, settlements and Glenn Beck: One pic that says it all

Joseph Dana twitted this pic from the Glenn Beck rally, which tells most of what you need to know about the current moment here. The second man on the right is Supermarket mogul Rami Levi, who recently started separating Arab and Jewish workers at one of his stores. to his right is Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem and patron of settlements in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and other Palestinian neighborhoods.

Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat with Rami Levi at Glenn Beck rally in Jerusalem (photo: Joseph Dana)

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    1. Danny

      Good opportunity to start boycotting Rami Levi’s stores. Anybody who identifies with Glenn Beck and Nir Barkat is either scumbag, a nut job or both. This would be a good opportunity to challenge the new law and see how Rami will take it.

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    2. Shoded Yam

      Who’s the hottie with the nice legs?

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    3. Israeli prints this: “I recommend that Israelis and others protest the occupation, the settlements, and racist (including anti-Palestinian an anti-Arab) actions inside Israel by any and all means including economic means except that, compliant with recently made Israeli law, I do not recommend a boycott — repeat, I do not recommend a boycott GOT THAT? NO BOYCOTT — of any Israeli business or its products, especially no boycott of Rami Levi’s stores”

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    4. Jon

      @Shoded Yam

      My thoughts exactly. ;;;

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    5. “One pic that says it all”, goes the title. Do you know what exactly does it say? “Guys, don’t you think this is a total disrespect for both your daring magazine and your devoted readership to publish photos of this quality? You are all professional journalists, maybe you should take at least one photography lesson? It will enrich your articles immensely. Because then “One picture” will say something different from what this one says now.

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