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Protester injured by live fire in Nabi Saleh

According to the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC), an Israeli military sniper used live fire against protesters during the weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh today, injuring one. The protester, who was shot in the thigh, was evacuated to a nearby hospital. The army reportedly used a 0.22″ ammunition, which is forbidden from being used as crowd control. 

Injured protester in Nabi Saleh (photo: flickr/Activestills)

The use of the Ruger rifle, which shoots the 0.22″ munition, was banned in 2001. The prohibition on using the Ruger for crowd control came after numerous Palestinian protesters , including children, were killed by the weapon. The Ruger is used as a sniper.

Today’s shooting comes two weeks after an Israeli soldier shot Palestinian protester Mustafa Tamimi in the face with a tear gas canister at close range, an action which violated military protocol on the firing of tear gas. Tamimi died the following morning from the injury.

In another violation of Israeli military regulations, soldiers fired tear gas directly at a Palestinian journalist, striking the man in the leg.

As they have every Friday for the past two years, protesters at Nabi Saleh were attempting to reach the village’s spring, which has been appropriated by the nearby Jewish settlement of Halamish.

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    1. In whatever approach is taken toward resolving this epic battle of wills between Israelis and Palestinians, one crucial factor has been missing on each and every occasion.
      The promise of some rigorous method to contain the situation and reduce it to manageable proportions has never materialised. All proposals put forward so far have been found wanting.
      Either they do not address the issues quickly enough, in a demonstrably fair and workmanlike fashion or they rely too heavily on the forbearance of communities, factions and individuals who, given the sad history of this saga, can only tolerate so much delay in attempts to rectify it.

      What is needed is a solution with a definite and discernible end-game, a guarantee that some degree of finality will come to dominate in an otherwise uncertain future. And as soon as humanly possible if you please.

      Every measure taken to date has produced only minor changes in a basic pattern of events and behaviour stretching back well over six decades. Even the most cursory examination reveals a situation locked into that of permanent dysfunction, no redeeming features whatsoever. Unless the very structure of the problem undergoes a radical change in direction, amounting almost to that of total reversal, then there can be little chance of any good result emerging from it.

      This is merely stating what has been obvious for a very long time. The matter will admit of no solution other than a complete and honest reappraisal of all that has gone before. Thereafter, what remains must be to administer the antidote for a condition that has defied remedy for generations.

      To do this demands contemplation of something quite unique, nothing less than a veritable inversion of the status quo; standing the whole state of affairs on its head may be the last and only opportunity to end this business with any confidence of a successful outcome.


      ‘ He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils, for time is the greatest innovator.’ Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626)

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    2. This is the inversion you are looking for, John Yorke: moving beyond the “enemies paradigm” to bring everyone onto the same team in search of a shared solution. “Enemies” (an old idea we think with, rather than think about) is already obsolete. When a leadership emerges that can orient itself thoroughly around that notion, sanity could certainly break out here – and in many other conflict zones. Browse the web site and give the proposition some thought.

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    3. Holden: I deleted both of your comments because they violate our comment policy and they offend readers’ sensibilities, as well. You are welcome to take part in the discussion if you actually engage with the subject matter rather than attempting to use this as a forum to make sweeping, racist remarks. Best, Mya

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