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PODCAST: Voting to maintain the occupation is a rational choice for Israelis

The choice Israelis face isn’t just one or two states. There’s a third option, the one they keep choosing: the status quo. And how do Palestinians, who live under Israeli rule but can’t vote, look at Israeli elections? Listen to the latest episode of The +972 Podcast.

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Israeli elections are right around the corner. But for a country that controls millions of non-citizens, the concept of democracy becomes muddled.

In this episode, +972 Magazine writer Noam Sheizaf explains why, as opposed to the one- or two-state paradigm most of the world thinks in, Israelis consistently vote for a third option: maintaining the occupation just as it is.

“Netanyahu and the right have been saying to Israelis that, not only is the status quo is significantly better than the one-state or two-state solution, but some of the things that people said you can only achieve through a peace deal, can [actually] be achieved within the status quo.”

In the second half, former +972 writer Omar Rahman, a journalist and visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Center, talks about what it means for Palestinians to have no say in elections that could determine their national fate, in addition to their daily lives.

“When we’re looking at Israeli elections, whether it’s the left or the center or the right or the far-right that’s elected, that has a tremendous impact on the daily lives of Palestinians and they don’t have any say over that. So there’s a deep uneasiness over what’s coming, which you have no control over.”

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    1. Lewis from Afula

      In 2005, Israel dismantled all the Gaza settlements, the checkpoints and the IDF left Gaza. Yet, we still end up with 5000 rockets, incendiary balloons, terror tunnels and attempts by Jihadis to storm the border. We are still accused of being “Occupying Gaza”

      Thus, even if Israelis decide to leave any land, they are still blamed for “occupying it”.
      That is why this podcast is NONSENSE.

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      • Bruce Gould

        @Lewis: Israel controls all goods and movement in and out of Gaza – that’s the definition of “occupation”. Gazans need Israeli permission to travel abroad or to visit their relatives in the West Bank – that’s “occupation”. Gaza fisherman can’t leave a narrow zone of water – that’s “occupation”. When Israel “left” Gaza they didn’t negotiate with anyone, they still won’t negotiate with Hamas towards a permanent solution. And finally, we might like to ask: what was Israel doing in Gaza in the first place? What did they do when they were there, why did Israel feel it had some sort of right to build settlements there?

        The Gaza Strip – Israel’s obligations under international law:

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        • Lewis from Afula

          Exactly. Thats why if Israel leaves Judea & Samaria and dismantled all the settlements, the Arabs & Leftists will still accuse it of OCCUPATION. Your attitude provides even more support to vote for Bibi on Tuesday.

          Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            This is a logical non sequitur. (Makes no sense.)

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      • Ray

        You deserve every single one of those rockets. Every single day one of them lands, for every single day you vote to keep the occupation alive for your own “peace of mind,” just remember: you’ve done all this to yourselves. And even then, it’s nothing compared to what Palestinians have to live through. You should be grateful.

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        • Ben

          Ray is right. Sheizaf’s descriptions of the mass of Israeli’s calculations about 1SS vs 2SS vs status quo of occupation sound like the lazy, nonchalant, trivial (but ‘rational’! so it’s ok!) calculations of somebody sitting around watching TV and lazily thinking, “should I buy a new car, a used car or fix up my old car? I don’t know. I’m too lazy to get off the couch and do it anyway, fat and happy that I am sitting here on the couch. Getting a new car is kind of risky, what if it’s a lemon? What if the garage messes up the repair? Whoah. Too risky. I think I’ll just watch TV for another few decades here. Pass the potato chips.”
          Without any recognition of the severe moral turpitude involved, of the day in day out suffering of others, of the brazen land theft and cruelty, of the organized crime, of the brutal military control of another people involved. (“What the heck, they’re not Jews, right, so what’s the big deal? I mean it’s not like the return of a single Jewish body from Syria from decades ago, which is a major huge big deal, all we can think about. Totally. What’s on reality TV tonight after we spend an hour on that subject? Pass the potato chips.”)

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        • Lewis from Afula

          Yes, because if IDF were to leave Judea and Samaria, there would not be just rockets fired from Gaza but from Judea & Samaria too. Since the “progressives” will always side with the 7th Century Islamic side, that would be justified in “progressive circles” too.

          That is exactly why I will vote for Bibi or Feiglin on Tuesday.
          I cannot decide which one though – it will be a last minute decision in the voring booth for me.

          Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            “if IDF were to leave Judea and Samaria, there would not be just rockets fired from Gaza but from Judea & Samaria too”

            No one credible and non-credulous believes simple-minded propaganda slogans like this.

            A full-blooded ethnic cleansing Feiglinist like you can’t make up his mind? Whatever for? Just save up a lotta third temple building bricks and smoke a lot of dope before you enter the booth and you’ll know what to do.

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    2. Why I didn’t subscribe:

      quote from the article:(Netanyahu on Saturday did not suggest annexing the entire West Bank, only the Israeli settlements that disfigure it.)

      Disfigure? Please dont bother claiming it was “only a figure” of speech.

      Reply to Comment
      • Ben


        File this under “Getting a Clue”:

        +972 Magazine is free, without a subscription or any paywall, but they depend on donations from the reading public precisely because they are truly independent and uncorrupted.

        What’s with the attempt at an accusation? What’s wrong with “disfigure” and why should the magazine apologize in the slightest for using the term?

        I’ll wait.

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