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PHOTOS: Under the fresh white Jerusalem snow, hatred still bubbles

Two pictures I found in my social media today. The first was taken on Agripas street in Jerusalem. The second was taken near the Al-Aqsa mosque, also in Jerusalem.

Two cars on Agripas St. in Jerusalem. The window of car on the right says “Death to Arabs”. The car on the left: “Price tag”. (photo: Tom Barkai)

A picture posted on the Qassam Brigades Twitter feed, of a Fajr missile (photo: https://twitter.com/AlqassamBrigade/status/289291282797428736/photo/1/large)

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    1. Ben

      Both sides are infantile. This is what happens when a society segregates its women from men at age 10 and everyone is sexually frustrated and lets G-d rule their lives for every moment.

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    2. Hate is part of the social economy all around. It has been a long time evolving. How do you break through that?

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    3. Xithurel

      What utter imbecility that even something as rare as snow in desert climates can’t cool off the heads of the pathologically infantile hot headed morons. I mean really? Instead of snow men and snow Angels, it’s snow graffiti and missiles?

      Even African pirates would put down their arms and be too busy playing in the snow like little kids – but not in Israel apparently. War, death and murder is the only thing on their sorry minds even when mother nature tries to intervene. Unbelievable.

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    4. Andrew

      Xithurel, it often snows a bit in Jerusalem, and East Jerusalem has been occupied since ’67, which constantly creates tension.

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      • rsgengland

        Jerusalem has been occupied by one invader after another since the Roman Occupation.
        The first time it has been from from foreign occupation since then is 1967, when the Jews finally returned to their ancient Capital and the centre for Jewish Religous Life.
        You may disagree, but if you check the facts there has never ever been a Palestinian State, other than on paper.
        There has never been a Palestinian Parliment.
        The first Palestinans were the Jews who lived in ‘British Mandatory Palestine’.
        The Palestinian Arabs only emerged in the late 1950s’.
        ‘Historic Palestine’ has been A FOREVER CHANGING ENTITY, DEPENDING ON WHOEVER THE CURRENT OCCUPIER was until 1967.

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    5. Andrew

      Should have said it snows some years- has 4 seasons. Demolitions of Palestinian houses occur in winter too. I agree picking on individuals is not helpful, though in a context where Palestinian expression in Jerusalem is violently suppressed, while settler activity and demonstrations are mostly backed by authorities, this sort of sentiment seems not that surprising. On a lighter note, is combining Pirates with African a bit like combining ufos with zombies, or vampires with lesbians? Please alienate me!

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