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PHOTOS: Right-wing Israelis protest Palestinian prisoner release

Hours ahead of the release of 26 Palestinian prisoners Tuesday evening, right-wing Israelis protested outside the Ayalon Prison demanding that their relatives, murderers of Palestinians, be released as well.

Rachel and Ofra Popper, mother and sister of prisoner Ami Popper, who murdered seven Palestinians on 1990, protest together with right-wing Israeli activists outside Ayalon Prison, demanding the release of their relatives, August 13, 2013 in Ramla, Israel. The protest was held hours before Israel was set to release 26 Palestinian prisoners as part of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Israeli right-wing activists and family members of Jewish prisoners who killed Palestinians protest outside Ayalon Prison demanding the release of their relatives on August 13, 2013 in Ramla, Israel. The protest was held hours before Israel was set to release 26 Palestinian prisoners as part of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

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    1. mt noise

      Fair is only fair.

      Reply to Comment
      • Palestinian

        Then Russian and Polish illegal imports should be sent back to Europe and we should return to our homes , villages and cities,right Mrs.Fair ?

        Reply to Comment
        • rsgengland

          What about the million plus Jews Ethnically Cleansed from the Arab/Muslim lands by the wave of Antisemitism that swept the Middle East/North Africa during the 20th Century.
          More than half the Jewish population of Israel are descended from these Jewish refugees, the victims of Antisemitism.
          None of these refugees would want to return to those countries that displayed such animosity to their Jewish citizens.
          Tragedy is that the same animosity is now being directed against the remaining Christian minorities in the Arab/Muslim world.

          Reply to Comment
    2. XYZ

      The Bible says “Justice, justce shalt thou pursue”. Over and over the Israeli gov’t is willing to release terrorist-murderers in order to gain “diplomatic advantage” without any consideration for the families of the victims of this terror. Releasing terrorists as part of a final peace agreement is one thing, but as a (futile) gesture?

      Reply to Comment
    3. David T.

      The Bible says “Justice, justice shalt thou pursue”.

      It goes on: “But not when creating a Jewish state in Palestine and expelling, dispossessing and denationalizing its majority.”

      Reply to Comment
      • XYZ

        Well, since Israel didn’t do any of those things, given that the Arabs started the war and promised a Jihad to drive the Jews into the sea, we have nothing to worry about!

        Reply to Comment
    4. David T

      “Well, since Israel didn’t do any of those things, …”

      Living in denial? Do you deny that a Hagana report declared that 73% of the refugee cases until the end of June 1948 were because of direct actions of Israelis? Do you deny that the number was even higher after that time? Do you deny that these refugees were dispossessed and denationalized allthough they should be Israelis by international law and human rights law as reflected in resolution 181?

      If find Nakba denial as despicable as Holocaust denial.

      “… given that the Arabs started the war …

      Zionist terrorists started the war in 1939 when they were confronted with the Mandatory’s decisision to release Palestine into independance within the following 10 years. Not to mention their decision to take at least 55% of Palestine through war against the will of its majority citizens which makes them a Junta in a paramilitary coup d’etat.

      “… and promised a Jihad to drive the Jews into the sea, …”

      Well, the state founder of Israel Ben Gurion declared nearly 10 years earlier that he wouldn’t have a problem with compulsary transfer. And Israeli military documents proved him right.

      Reply to Comment

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