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PHOTOS: Protest in Nabi Saleh consumed by tear gas

Unusually high levels of tear gas were used in an attempt to crush the weekly unarmed demonstration today at Nabi Saleh.

Roughly 40 new (and many first time) Israeli supporters joined the demonstration today, led by IPCRI director Gershom Baskin. From the demonstration, Baskin repeatedly contacted the Israeli army and informed them of the high numbers of Israelis present and the desire to maintain a non-violent, unarmed demonstration. Despite this, the demonstrators were only able to march about 100 meters inside the village before they were attacked by tear gas.

Tear gas canistered were fired directly at prosters, houses and even inside homes, a protesters were rendered unconscious and several of the village’s children suffered from fainting and exhaustion from the fumes. At one point, Israeli soldiers went house to house looking for international or Israeli activists to arrest. Over five people were detained in the course of the demonstration.

See photos from the demonstration below. All photos and their captions are taken from my Twitter feed which I updated live and from the scene. Please forgive the poor quality of my Blackberry camera. For more on my use of the social media platform Twitter and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, watch my recent interview with Al Jazeera’s The Stream streaming on their website.

The press at Nabi Saleh. About 100 people showed up for the demonstration today, including a large number of Israelis. Later, a BBC was almost hit directly in the head by a tear gas canister. (photo: Joseph Dana)

Nabi Saleh under major attack, far more gas than normal (photo: Joseph Dana)

A protester lost consciousness after inhaling tear gas (photo: Joseph Dana)

Children suffocating inside houses after an attack with tear gas (Photo:Joseph Dana)

Children suffocating inside houses after an attack with tear gas (Photo:Joseph Dana)

While the unconsious protester received treatment, the house he was in was pelted with ten rounds of gas (photo: Joseph Dana)

Several of the village children were affected by the tear gas, exhausted and laying on the floor (photo: Joseph Dana)

Stone throwing began in the village, and soldiers targeted the stone throwing youth directly (photo: Joseph Dana)

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    1. Zoutatnebbia

      Thank you for the photographs. One needs much courage to be Palestinien or Israeli. I greet your rigour and your tenacity.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Jenny Levin

      Joseph I really appreciated all your useful advice under the Nebi Saleh mulberry tree on how to deal with the tear gas. Several people said that the army’s reaction – and the gas itself – was far worse than usual today, but in reading your comments on the day, I now feel that I have that on good authority and not simply in the heat and panic of the moment. Thanks!

      Reply to Comment
    3. Ohad

      Gershom Baskin and the IPCRI are not radical left then are Zionist supporters of a two state solution an I thank them for opening our eyes,this Israel run by the far right must end by all means. if any one cares about Israel

      Reply to Comment
    4. lk

      This violence by the state must end…the 2 state solution must be implemented…now.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Sylvia

      The front page caption by Joseph Dana reads: “Gas prevailed despite 40 new Israeli supporters who joined today, communicating nonviolent intentions to the army. (Joseph Dana)”
      What this says is that Joseph Dana would expect the army to spare the “Israelis” (read: the Jews) while targeting the Palestinians.
      The racism encapsulated in that little sentence reveals a lot more about its author than about the army’s anti-demonstration practices. They at least don’t discriminate.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Sylvia

      Beautiful pictures, Joseph. You deserve a prize and I am serious. I am especially struck by the one before last. The resemblance with the Al-pDura picture is striking.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Sylvia

      I examined the pictures more carefully. It’s the same kid in three of the pictures that I can see. Why so?

      Reply to Comment
    8. max

      I’m curious about what the relaxed people in the 4th picture are doing while the kids are falling on the floor.
      BTW, one of them is also the one on the picture Sylvia refers to – how much time between the pictures?

      Reply to Comment
    9. Sylvia

      Thanks Max for pointing this out. That makes 4 pictures of the same kid that I can see. Very talented, this young man. The Al-Dura pose is absolutely “magniva”.
      The front page caption I mentioned earlier has disappeared.

      Reply to Comment
      • Actually Sylvia it did not. There was a lag in the time when your comment was made and posted on the side. The post was edited for language clarity and still includes that fact that 40 (mostly) new protesters were on the scene. No facts were changed

        Max, the post clearly states that all the photos and captions are from my live tweeter feed and it includes a link to said feed. You can confirm when the photos were take by simply looking at the feed.

        Since your comments reflect your inability to read posts and are sad attempts at discrediting the reporting here, I am banning you from this channel.

        This banishment is based on a pattern of similar comments in which you do not debate or engage with the material, instead you attack on baseless grounds.

        Reply to Comment
    10. Leonid Levin

      Sylvia, I don’t see anything racist in what’s written by Joseph. You’re very cynical about the people and children being gased. I hope if something like this was happening to you and your children, you wouldn’t be so cynical. Stay human.

      Reply to Comment