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PHOTOS: 'Price tag' vandals hit East Jerusalem neighborhood

Seven Palestinian-owned cars and a wall are damaged in Sheikh Jarrah, settler slogans spray painted.

A Palestinian woman stands next to a car that had its tires slashed in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem, September 22, 2013 (Tali Mayer/Activestills.org)

Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem awoke to a suspected “price tag” attack Sunday morning. The vandals slashed the tires of seven Palestinian-owned cars, spray painted another and spray painted “price tag” on a wall.

Spotlight: Sheikh Jarrah

The slogan painted onto the car makes it appear to be an attempted act of revenge after an Israeli soldier was murdered in the central West Bank over the weekend. The Palestinian man accused of killing the soldier is not from Sheikh Jarrah or Jerusalem.

A Palestinian-owned car in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah with graffiti that reads “Jewish blood won’t be left behind”. September 22, 2013 (Tali Mayer/Activestills.org)

Residents reportedly videotaped the attack and handed it over to police, who asked that the video not be released so as not to harm the investigation into the “price tag” attack.

A Palestinian man shows the damage to his car in a suspected ‘price tag’ attack in Sheikh Jarrah, September 22, 2013 (Tali Mayer/Activestills.org)

Fresh price tag attack against Jerusalem monastery; no arrests made
Israeli politicians protect ‘price tag’ attackers 

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    1. Kolumn9

      Oh, and a Jew got shot by a Palestinian sniper in the Jewish holy city of Hebron. And another one got murdered and stuck into a well by a former Palestinian coworker. But yeah, horrible, some cars got vandalized.

      Reply to Comment
      • aristeides

        Yeah, yeah, the little fingernails

        Reply to Comment
      • Moody

        And wehre is your outrage on Syria, K9?

        Reply to Comment
      • Menil

        You know what’s even more horrific? The genocide in Rwanda. But it has nothing to do with this piece, and neither does your comment.

        Reply to Comment
    2. One crime does not obviate another. In the case of the NYT reported murder, a man has been arrested and charged with the crime. One can hope that the car vandals will be caught as well.

      Races do not commit crimes, people do. A race as a whole is not responsible for crimes of members of that race; guilt does not attach to race as a whole and transfer to any member thereby.

      The issue of 972 reporting is distinct from this. No need to conflate them. I think 972 under reports violence against Jews. I think I understand how their working structure yields this. It is not clear to me that the autonomous journalist design can correct itself, partly because no flaw may be seen. Without doubt, the NYT piece could have been mentioned in a brief post. It was not.

      Reply to Comment
      • ayla

        Greg Pollack–thank you as always for your reason and heart. As for 972 reporting, it’s an opinion / blog site, and it starting in response to Operation Cast Lead, as far as I can remember, in response to the bias reporting that did not hold Israel accountable. I don’t mind that 972 is slanted toward holding Israel accountable, and its their right to have this bent. There’s plenty of so-called news out there with an israeli hasbara bent. if, say, 972 were reporting on an event and not showing the other side of that event (not another one, but that one), then comments asking them to be more even-handed would be relevant. Like, if the Shiek Jarrah residents did something to the people who committed these crimes against them and only one side was reported, that would be a problem. However, that is not the case. We, Israel, need to control our terrorists just as they, Palestine, need to control theirs. Right now there is no equity. There is an occupation. and if 972 wants to make it their mission to wake people who write blank checks to Israel up, then great. My issue is that 972 isn’t often reaching those people, we’re preaching to the choir and arguing with the one-note K9’s and XYZ’s. a lot of brilliant energy goes into 972; how can it better serve the cause?

        Reply to Comment