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Photos of the week: Bedouin perseverance and other protests

This week: Resisting displacement of Negev Bedouin, mourning Nelson Mandela, shootings of Palestinians by Israeli forces, marching in Nabi Saleh, protesting conscription of ultra-Orthodox Jews, taking action for animal rights, and seeking asylum for Afghan refugees.

A Bedouin youth rides a horse next to his unrecognized village in the Negev Desert, Israel, December 10, 2013. (photo: Keren Manor/Activestills.org)


Thousands of people gather at Grand Parade in Cape Town, South Africa, on December 6, 2013, at the site where Nelson Mandela made his first speech after being released from prison in 1990. Nelson Mandela died on the night of December 5, 2013 at the age of 95. (photo: Shachaf Polakow/Activestills.org)


Bedouins living in the Negev Desert demonstrate in front of the Be’er Sheva Court calling for the release of Day of Rage arrestees, Israel, December 5, 2013. (photo: Yotam Ronen/Activestills.org)


A Palestinian young man receives medical treatment after being shot through both legs with live ammunition fired by an Israeli soldier in a tower atop the separation wall, Bethlehem, December 6, 2013. Clashes had been taking place almost daily at the separation wall surrounding Rachel’s Tomb in nearby Aida Refugee Camp, where one youth was also shot in the side earlier this day. The clashes then spread to one of Bethlehem’s main streets which the separation wall has blocked since its construction. (photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org)


Footage on a security camera shows Israeli soldiers entering Aida Refugee Camp in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, just after midnight, December 11, 2013. According to residents, hundreds of Israeli soldiers entered the camp from several directions, searching many homes, and arresting six people. (photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org)


Palestinians mourn during the funeral of Wajih Al-Ramahi, Jalazun refugee camp, West Bank, December 8, 2013. Al-Ramahi, 15 years old, was shot with live bullets in the back by an Israeli sniper in front of his school on December 7, 2013. He was taken to Ramallah hospital, and placed in the ICU where he died. (photo: Ahmad Al-Bazz/Activestills.org)


Palestinians mourn and carry the body of Wajih Al-Ramahi during his funeral, Jalazun refugee camp, West Bank, December 8, 2013. Locals reported that the area where Al-Ramahi was shot had no clashes or any kind of rock-throwing incidents that might have provoked the killing. An Israeli spokeswoman said that they had opened an investigation, but did not supply any further details. (photo: Ahmad Al-Bazz/Activestills.org)


Protesters confronts Israeli soldiers, during a demonstration against the occupation in the West bank village of Nabi Saleh, December 7, 2013. The demonstration marked four years of the popular struggle in Nabi Saleh, while commemorating the killing of Mustafa Tamimi and Rushdi Tamimi by Israeli forces, and 26 years since the first Intifada. (photo: Yotam Ronen/Activestills.org)


Demonstrators march in center Tel Aviv during a protest against the Prawer-Begin Plan. Israel, December 7, 2013. (photo: Keren Manor/Activestills.org)


Bethlehem-area activists honor the memory of Nelson Mandela at a ceremony in Manger Square, West Bank, December 7, 2013. (photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org)


Sheikh Sayah Aturi leaves the Be’er Sheva Court after winning his appeal to be allowed to return to his home village of Al Araqib, Israel, December 10, 2013. Sayah was arrested on November 20, after Al Araqib was demolished by Israeli authorities for the 62nd time. He remained in jail for one week and then upon his release was ordered not to return to his land pending the decision of the court. (photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org)


A police horse steps on the foot of an ultra-Orthodox Jew during a protest against their military conscription outside a military prison on December 9, 2013 in Atlit, Israel. Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox protested outside the prison following the arrest of a young man who refused to serve in the Israeli the army. (photo: Yotam Ronen/Activestills.org)


Israeli animal rights activists take part in a vigil against the meat industry, displaying a one-day-old dead calf on a big plate in center Tel Aviv, December 10, 2013. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)


An Afghan asylum seeker sits inside the church of the Beguinage, which is being used as a temporary shelter in the city center of Brussels, Belgium, December 7, 2013. Hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers live in the church in difficult conditions, with only two toilets. They have been protesting for months, demanding asylum and protection. Belgium has been involved in the Afghan conflict for 10 years. Without papers, Afghan asylum seekers cannot work or find decent housing. There are around 2.7 million Afghans who continue to live in exile and some 450,000 are internally displaced. (photo: Anne Paq/Activestills.org)


Members of the Islamic movement march during a protest against the Prawer-Begin Plan, Jaffa, Israel, December 7, 2013. (Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)


One of 35 unrecognised Bedouins villages in the Negev, Israel, December 10, 2013. (photo: Keren Manor/Activestills.org)

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