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PHOTOS: African women march for their rights in Tel Aviv

Over 1,000 women asylum seekers and their children on Wednesday protested against a new detention center and called on the Israeli government to recognize their rights as refugees.

The march proceeded from south Tel Aviv to UNHCR offices and the U.S. embassy in an action following last week’s general strike and mass protests.

Photos by: Keren Manor, Yotam Ronen, Oren Ziv

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    1. I cannot recall a refugee movement like this. It is of very high quality.

      The African Refugee cause is as well an Israeli constitutional cause; as one pivots, so does the other. And this seems unique to me as well.

      I have the sense that Israel is in jeopardy of missing something profound.

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      • DerAsylant

        give women homes in judea and samaria, enlist men in idf, watch left cry.

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        • Those given asylum are, well, given asylum–not placed into servitude of another’s conflict.

          However, the idea of peopling Judea and Samaria with Africans is, well, amusing.

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