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Photos: African mother and daughter arrested at Tel Aviv kindergarten

On Sunday morning, inspectors from the Oz immigration unit arrested a mother moments after she brought her daughter to the kindergarten in the Hatikva neighborhood in Tel Aviv. The inspectors then arrested the daughter in the kindergarten. Neither of them had the option of going home to fetch their belongings or to say goodbye to friends and family. Few details are known about this arrest. However, several Israeli refugees and immigrant rights organizations are trying to get more information on where are they being held.

Israeli immigration authorities arrest an African refugee mother in front of her daughter’s kindergarten. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)


Kindergarten teachers bring the girl to the immigration authorities. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)


A mother and her child are taken away by immigration authorities without the option to go home and retreive belongings or to say goodbye to friends and family. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

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    1. The Trespasser

      Poor woman.

      What’s interesting, however, is how the photographer got in right place in right time.
      Forewarned? By whom? Oz? interesting …

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    2. Serge

      This is terrible. The pictures are so sad. Refugee claimants should never be deported. What is the point of paying taxes and creating public educational institutions if refugee claimants are forcibly removed from them and sent packing?

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      • rick

        You state that the headline is “inaccurate”, yet you admit you don’t know the facts. Simply speculating on the ethnic identity doesn’t establish your claim that it is inaccurate. Your tone “seems” to me to be one of trying to defend the Israeli government’s rules and actions rather than pointing out the obvious inhumanity of treating refugees this way. Like the U.S., Israel is bound by a “higher” standard than their own immigration laws, which is the U.N. Treaty on Human Rights, which forbids the deportation of refugees. (not that the U.S. is in compliance either) I point this out because it has been the official policy of Israel since 1948 to violate these laws with respect to the Palestinian refugees, which is the single biggest reason along with the Occupation for the war that Israel has waged against the Palestinian people and therefore the reason for their resistance, peaceful (ongoing) as well as violent. This, as well as the actions in this foto, are Unacceptable!!

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    3. The headline is inaccurate. The Oz Unit rarely arrests asylum seekers/ refugees because they cannot be deported. The woman and her child also don’t appear to be Eritrean, Congolese or Sudanese, the groups that are entitled to group protection here. They are probably from Liberia or the Ivory Coast, which means they are not asylum seekers who are entitled to group protection. This does not mean in any way that arresting children is okay, but the title makes it sound as if they were arrested and may be even deported to some place that is unsafe, and this is not the case.

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      • Philos

        How the hell do you know what this woman’s story is? She could be gay (a death sentence in sub-Sahara West Africa)? Maybe she’s from north Ivory Coast but a political supporter of the south and thus her life is in danger? Or, wait a minute, maybe she’s Congolese or Sudanese because at the end of the day you don’t know diddly-squat about who she is and why she is here. If the Founding Father’s of the USA taught us anything it’s that the INDIVIDUAL always deserves the benefit of the doubt and it is the STATE that must prove itself innocent.

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    4. Piotr Berman

      Not that it matters, but there is no “Eritrean look”. Eritrea is a state inhabited by a number of ethnic groups. For example, the last photo here http://www.eritrea.be/old/eritrea-barentu.htm
      shows a girl quite similar to the mother in the story.

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