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PHOTO: Yair Lapid uses Netanyahu's 'UN-Acme-bomb' at economic conference

Remember when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a picture of a bomb while talking about Iran at the UNGA? Here’s a reminder, complete with excellent memes.

Today, Yesh Atid leader and Knesset Member wannabe Yair Lapid mocked the prime minister at an economic conference with a bomb of his own, detailing the tax hikes of the past two years under the Likud’s rule.

(photo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05nmsIpFxDw)

The middle class is exploding

The tax rises on the middle class

Housing prices: 37%

Gas prices: 38%

Water prices: 115%

Electricity prices: 23%

Lapid later went on to draw a red line above them all, implying the hike in income tax he claims the prime minister will enforce after his reelection.

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    1. ginger

      Wylie Bibi Coyote’s presentation at the UN is the gift that just keeps on giving

      This is as iconic as Kruschev’s shoe-banging

      Reply to Comment
      • Piotr Berman

        I think this is one reason Lieberman was not allowed to address UN, he could actually start banging with his shoe.

        Reply to Comment

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