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PHOTO: Settlers dress as Arabs for Purim in apartheid Hebron

For just a moment yesterday, one might have thought that the demonstrations worked, or that the hoax newspaper announcing the end of segregation on Shuhada St was not a hoax after all. For a moment, one might have mistakenly assumed that Palestinians are actually walking that main road in Hebron’s city center, with its closed shops and racist graffiti sprayed on them, and the local population locked in their homes and tormented by settlers. But this too was a hoax. A Purim hoax. Once again settlers celebrated Purim by marching on the Jewish-only street merrily disguised as Palestinians. Segregation was kept: fake Arabs – in, real ones – out.

Jewish kids dressed as Arabs for Purim in the segraged Shuhada St. (Anne Paq / Activestills)

Jewish kids dressed as Arabs for Purim in the segraged Shuhada St. (Anne Paq / Activestills)

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    1. sh

      No need to wonder what would happen if a leaf was taken out of those children’s book and Palestinian children marched down Shuhada street dressed in settler garb. It’s not named Martyrs Street for nothing.

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    2. joe


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    3. t

      who sold them the kefiyah?

      Reply to Comment
    4. Omri

      hahaha funny 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    5. Yonatan

      Perhaps they are training to be infiltrators for false flag operations?

      Reply to Comment
    6. aristeides

      Were the children hanged at the culmination of the festivities?

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    7. Ahmadu

      Only israel can mete out this unprecedented provocation and ethnic cleansing and only the arabs can BE at the receiving end of such brutality. The arabs today grief on its impotence and sentimental illusion of peace while israel glories in its strength and unrestrained aggression. The earlier the arab world realises and sheds off its sheepish backwardness the better for it, and for islam; which it fairly misrepresents. And to the international community, trading our humanity for the zionists inducement is an indictment on our collective conscience. The palestinians will only experience dignity and freedom when iranians get a nuke.

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    8. Jazzy

      Yup, nothing says “good idea to put Tel Aviv under a nuclear Sword of Damocles” more than a few malicious Purim costumes. I’m actually pretty sure AHMADU’s post is some kind of false flag operation from Netanyahu’s office.

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    9. Steve

      I am laughing aloud at the attempt by this writer to pretend that these kids are somehow doing something bad.

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    10. Haggai Matar

      Steve – that’s right. Nothing wrong about there being a Palestinian main road that’s closed to Palestinians, while Jewish setllers can do all they will in it. It’s just the way things are, and thats fine, right?

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    11. Elisabeth

      Funny: When they dress up as the locals it really strikes you how European their features are.

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    12. aristeides

      And today, if some actual Arabs happen to walk down that street, those same kids would start stoning them. The little innocents!

      But then, that’s what Purim is about, isn’t it? Mocking whoever you want to slaughter next.

      Reply to Comment
    13. Steve

      Is antisemitism allowed here?
      ARISTEIDES said: “But then, that’s what Purim is about, isn’t it? Mocking whoever you want to slaughter next.”

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    14. Steve

      To ARISTEIDES: Actually, Purim is about the Jewish people being happy that they were NOT exterminated by the Persians. I realize that you, being someone who wastes his life posting daily anti-Israel hate, has no interest in being accurate, and I sincerely apologize for providing information that won’t help you promote antisemitism. Sorry about that.

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    15. Ruth


      So how many people did we slaughter since the first Purim 2450 years ago?

      +972 mods, why do you allow this loser to post this shit day after day?

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    16. aristeides

      Tell it to Netanyahu, Ruth, who plans a great slaughter of the Persians. He wasn’t being coy about the meaning of the text.

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