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PHOTO: Settlers build Star of David on Palestinian land

Settlers built a Star of David made out of rocks on private Palestinian lands in the village of Shweika in the South Hebron Hills on Saturday. The settlers, who live in the illegal outpost Eshtamoa near the village, built the Star of David in order to obstruct Palestinian residents’ sheep from grazing, and as a crude way of marking territory.

Star of David built by settlers in West Bank (photo: Guy Hircefeld)

Star of David built by settlers in West Bank (photo: Guy Hircefeld)

The army prohibits Israelis from entering the valley below the outpost since it is recognized as private Palestinian land. Therefore, the fact that they were able to build this giant Star of David indicates that the IDF is clearly not enforcing the order.

Last year, settlers from this outpost badly assaulted a Israeli Ta’ayush activist in this same spot.

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    1. Sheikh Yahudi

      Beautiful! A sign of hope in a region full of brutality.

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    2. Pedro X

      This is certainly big news, Star of David prevents sheep from grazing, even if the sheep shown in the picture are grazing and totally unaware of the stone Star of David.

      Now look at some of the news which 972mag ignored in the last week.

      Israeli doctors try to save child whose family fled Islamic state in Iraq.

      Palestinian Terrorist stabs pedestrian in Jerusalem, but is tackled and brought to the ground by the Mayor of Jerusalem.

      Israel and Jordan sign historic water deal.

      Israeli shorted for Sony World Photography Award for Purim pictures.

      Terror hit US citizens obtain landmark civil case and awarded US$218 million dollars against the PLO and PA for providing material support to terrorists which injured and killed them or their loved ones. Under US terror law this award could be tripled to 654 million dollars.

      Apple CEO Tim Cook was in Israel to inaugurate Apple’s new R&D center in Herzliya, which is Apple’s second largest R&D center in the world. Accompanying his boss was
      Johny Srouji, vice president for hardware technology, who is an Israeli Arab who hails from Haifa. Before joining Apple in 2008 to head its chip-development team, Srouji worked at Intel and IBM, after graduating from the Technion. Israel recently funded two organizations to provide training and job placements in the hi-tech sector to Druze, Arab and Circassian Academics. Israel is also encouraging the hiring of women and members of the ultra-Orthodox community.

      Israel captures 11 man Hamas cell planning suicide attacks.

      Israel captures two PFLP cells involved in shooting and firebombing attacks against Israelis. 16 year old Palestinian minor among terrorists involved in attacks.

      Egypt adds Hamas’ political wing to its list of terrorist organizations. Its military wing was previously placed on the list.

      Netanyahu orders Rawabi to be connected to Israeli water. PA agrees to pay $300 million dollars of its water and electricity bill.

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      • Brian

        Ooh they look like evil terrorist sheep to me. Better detain them indefinitely without trial. And bulldoze their unpermitted sheep pens. In the really big news today, besides the turning on of water to Rawabi at long last after a shameless delay, Meir Dagan, in the Yediot Ahronot interview, just destroyed Netanyahu’s pretensions and confusions on Iran. The jig is up.
        Thanks Mairav for the links to the settler thugs carrying on viciously while the IDF soldiers look on fondly like proud fathers with their obstreperous teenagers. Shows the real face of the settlements.

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      • Richard Lightbown

        So you have absolutely nothing to add on topic then X.

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      • So why, Pedro, would someone build such a large Star of David on private land belonging to non-Jews?

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      • Bryan

        When you do not like the message, Pedro, why not shoot the messenger? When you can find nothing to say to defend the chauvinism and jingoism of belligerent and arrogant settler trash, why not give us a dose of “whataboutery”. You could have tried another tack – that this is more vituperation and libel against virtuous Israelite heroes, that there is absolutely no evidence that colonists from an illegal outpost, protected by the IDF, perpetrated this act of aggression, and that it is far more likely a sign from God of his constant favour for his chosen people.

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    3. Oriol

      No doubt the settlers who build it were a bunch of idiots, but I cannot see how it could prevent the sheep from grazing.

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    4. Bar

      This is a story?

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