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Peace activist Rachel Avnery passes away

Rachel Avnery, journalist, educator, photographer, peace activist, wife of Uri Avnery, passed away this weekend. Haaretz carried this short obituary notice by Uri:


The one and only, partner in life and struggle

laureate of the alternative Nobel peace prize


She passed away peacefully, painlessly, after a prolonged illness.

In accordance to her wishes, the body was cremated. The ashes were scattered by the seaside.

Please refrain from any and all condolences visits, phone calls or messages.

We will hold a memorial evening for her in due time.

Uri Avnery

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    1. Louis

      May we know the Peace she sought and that which was denied her by the Occupation and its disciples…

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    2. Jan Bauman

      Dear Uri – My heart goes out to you for the great loss of your wife and companion in the fight for peace and justice.

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    3. Ed - Ye'hudhah

      What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul. … And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

      Reply to Comment
    4. James Adler

      Uri, deepest condolences. I understand she was a fighter and soul-mate for peace & justice. Godspeed & all blessings to her. Please, for what you’ve struggled all your life, continue the fight, and in her name and as what she would have wanted. May God, however you interpret this, bless her– and bless you as you carry on.

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    5. Karmit Bulman

      Uri, I send you my deepest condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Karmit Bulman

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    6. Rayna Moss

      Farewell to a lovely person, a devoted activist, a talented photographer who documented struggles large and small. She is missed.

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    7. The world is a poorer place now, for the loss of that great and noble lady. She was one of a kind.

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    8. Louis Schmittroth

      It breaks my heart to hear about the loss of someone like Rachel Avnery. Hang in there Uri for the sake of us all. I read every word of yours.

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    9. David M. Lipman

      We mourn not for the dead, but for ourselves. They are at peace, we are not. May we make every act for what she lived for a prayer that it may come to pass.

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    10. So sorry to hear of the very sad loss of Rachel. For the sake of her memory and future generations, Uri, please go on writing. Your unparalleled knowledge, wisdom and inspiration are more important today than ever. Sincere condolences.

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    11. Stanley Heller

      Deepest sympathies

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    12. Gail Alfar

      My deepest condolences and my utmost respect for what she did in her life for justice.

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    13. Zeki Ergas

      58 years is a long time. Not everyone is so lucky. So, think about that. And continue your work. Ultimately,it is what counts. And, I imagine, she would have wished it that way.

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    14. Graham Griffiths

      So much has already been said and said so well, that I cannot add to it. One day, when the common sense and wisdom has prevailed that she strove for, one day, then both of your names will be immortal.

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    15. Ashley Medicks

      Dear Uri,it’s roughly 45 years since we met last at our house in London. However, even though I was a preoccupied teenager, I remember you and your beautiful Rachel, very well.I am so very sorry to have only just heard of her passing. My thoughts are with you. Though Ronnie(Oren)my cousin, I have followed your work with great interest. It is of no surprise to find out that Rachel was an important part of this.

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