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Pallywood: The dark matter of the Zionist universe

Two recent cases of Israeli troops caught murdering Palestinians demonstrate the power, and limitations, of an entire nation deciding to believe what it wants to believe, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

By Eishton

They call it “Pallywood.” Like Dark Matter, it’s a non-observable phenomenon, derived from our need to settle the contradiction between the viewable and the expected.

As we gazed out into the stars, a universe presumed to be slowing down by gravity, was actually accelerating and expanding. Matter should have given the opposite result (contraction), and antimatter was insufficient in quantity to explain the forces pulling the universe apart. There had to be something else, something invisible yet massive, which though we can’t directly detect or prove, makes sense of the world as we know it.

Such is the nature of humanity, that we fill the void of knowledge with knowledge we presume is unavoidable. Greater than our inability to understand the cosmos is our lack of desire to accept a cosmos which is not as we believe it to be.

Psychologists call this “cognitive dissonance,” which creates “belief disconfirmation“: a paradox between our beliefs and what we see does not change those beliefs (which is very painful for most people to do) but leads us to create distorted interpretations or selective blindness — to bend the seen to the will of the desired.

The birth of Pallywood

Screenshot from the France 2 video footage of Muhammad al-Durrah and his father

Screenshot from the France 2 video footage of Muhammad al-Durrah and his father

For most Israelis and others in the pro-Israel camp, the day the the galaxies were first detected to be moving in the wrong direction was September 30, 2000. A video depicting the possible killing of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Durrah by the IDF was broadcast onto television screens all over the world. Israelis have been indoctrinated to believe their army, which maintains the longest military occupation in modern history, is “the most moral army in the world.” Yet here was a video that showed our north star of morality, our righteous IDF, might actually be pointing south.

Faced with the possible collapse of their values and beliefs, Israelis craved an explanation of the images on their televisions. The government asked two people from outside law enforcement, Nahum Shahaf and Joseph Doriel, to “investigate” the killing of al-Durrah. The two were known conspiracy theorists with no background in criminal investigations, who have been laughed out of Israeli courts repeatedly when giving “expert testimonies” in criminal trials (constantly finding that the accused was actually framed by Palestinians).

Surprisingly, the conspiracy theorists concluded al-Durrah’s killing was a conspiracy. The boy was either alive or killed by the Palestinians themselves, in order to frame the IDF, they said.

The new normal

As cameras became cheaper, better and smaller, more of these incidents started to emerge. Morality should have led to videos depicting an opposite phenomenon (kindness or at least self control), and Israelis know anti-morality to be insufficient in quantity to explain the forces pulling the IDF’s conscience apart.

The conspiracy theory had to become a conspiracy industry: an explanation not just for one video, but for the multitudes which followed and any which might yet come. As with Dark Matter, the viewable 5 percent — videos depicting soldiers’ immorality — was corrected by a 95 percent dark industry, composed of thousands of Palestinians directing and filming these frame ups. “Pallywood” (Palestinian Hollywood) was the name given to this industry.

Outside of Israel this might sound absurd, but one cannot understand Israelis’ position vis-à-vis the Palestinians without first accepting that most Israelis believe “Pallywood” exists, event rampantly so. An elaborate scheme fitting of a “Mission Impossible” movie becomes not only a plausible explanation, it becomes the obvious one. A Pallywood conspiracy isn’t a burden on the accused soldier to prove, but a requirement of the dead Palestinian to disprove.

Today, the Pallywood starship continues its mission to explore strange new worlds and to boldly go where no Zionist has gone before. The days of the simple al-Durrah conspiracy theory — a single low-definition camera with no other physical evidence — are long gone, and by current standards such a “self-explanatory” conspiracy wouldn’t even require an investigation.

The boundaries of Pallywood 

Two trials currently coming to completion can help us understand what Pallywood can and can’t do for Israeli troops caught on film committing crimes against Palestinians. The first case is the recent manslaughter conviction of Elor Azaria, a soldier who was filmed executing Abdel Fattah al-Sharif after (according to the IDF) he stabbed and wounded a fellow soldier. Azaria arrived at the scene after the attack had already ended, and al-Sharif was bleeding supine on the road. A few minutes later, and 12 minutes after other soldiers had already neutralized al-Sharif, Azaria executed him with a single shot to the head:

Though it sounds insane, normally in Israel, Pallywood would have gotten Azaria out of this mess. If it had just been the video, the irrational explanations Azaria later gave in court — fearing al-Sharif could still stab him or might have a bomb — would likely have been sufficient to dismiss the charge or at least reduce it to some technical, lesser crime (some variation of “conduct unbecoming” or “illegal use of a weapon”) with little or no punishment.

But right after firing the deadly shot, Azaria confessed his motives and told the people around him: “he deserved to die.” Pallywood has a blinding effect on Israeli investigators and judges, but for now, not a deafening one. Thus the limits of the force known as Pallywood were discovered: you are still required to lie about your motives.

Making a murderer… only criminally negligent

The last chapter in the Pallywood book (for now) and the most complex and insane to date, is being written in Israeli courts right now. On May 15th, 2014, Nakba Day, Ben Deri, a Border Police officer, was caught on tape shooting dead Nadeem Nawara, as he was walking alone, unarmed, at the scene of an already dispersed protest:

The cameras also captured the shootings of three more Palestinians in the same place that day. (All together two were killed and two others wounded by live ammunition.) In Azaria’s case, it was naturally hard for Israelis to find sympathy for the executed victim: he had attempted to commit murder. But Deri’s victim didn’t hurt anyone, which meant Israelis could not brush it off as a technical crime, lacking moral implications.

The Zionist universe was being torn apart by some force that looked just like immorality, but simply couldn’t be. But unlike Azaria, Deri didn’t confess, thus allowing irrationality to come to his rescue. Since this was likely the most documented and forensically evidenced murder by Israeli forces ever, the dark unseen force of Pallywood had to grow proportionately.

Deri and his comrades claimed to have only shot rubber-coated bullets that day. In Israel, the whole incident became a joke that ostensibly exposed the pathetic nature of Pallywood and the gullible bleeding-heart lefties who buy in to it. This view is most clearly demonstrated in the following clip (one of many), which according to its cynical creators, “was recorded by a reliable B’Tselem volunteer and corroborated by an eye witness testimony from Stevie Wonder”:

The ensuing conspiracy theories, many of which were propagated by the Israeli defense establishment, reinforced by an acquiestent media, and which permeated through popular discourse in Israel and the pro-Israel blogosphere at the time, later made their way into Deri’s defense strategy in court.

Here are just a few of dozens of explanations and conspiracy theories which ostensibly “proved” the event was a Pallywood production and not a cold-blooded murder caught on camera:

‘He broke his fall, that means he was acting’

If the gunshot killed Nawara, why doesn’t he fall limp like they do in the movies, instead breaking his fall in such a phony way? Conspiracy theorists used this point to argue that Nawara was acting, as opposed to being killed.

Image from CCTV footage of Nawara falling after being shot.

Image from CCTV footage of Nawara falling after being shot.

As with most of the crackpot theories propagated to discredit the idea that a murder even took place, this one has a pretty simple explanation: Roughly at the age of six months old, as we start to crawl and approach walking, all babies develop a defensive reflex called the parachute reflex.

Unless the bullet goes through the brain or severs the spine, most falls of people who are shot will be accompanied by the parachute reflex.

‘If Nawara was shot in the chest, why isn’t he blown backwards?’

Another TV myth. This one I need not explain, for TV giveth and TV taketh away. “Mythbusters” dedicated an entire episode to trying to move a body with a bullet. Watch if you wish, as they move from guns, to rifles and almost cannons, and still fail to get any movement resembling the “blown away” effect you see in the movies. (A warning for animal lovers: they conduct the test by shooting a pig’s corpse):

‘You can’t shoot live rounds through a rubber-bullet rifle extension’

A few days after the incident, Israel pretty much proved that the Palestinians were lying: the extension seen on the end of Deri’s rifle barrel is meant for shooting rubber bullets only, and a live round could not have been fired through it.

rubber bullet extension

This claim was not advertised by random internet trolls; it came directly from the IDF’s Spokesperson, and was then repeated by Israeli politicians on CNN. The most effective argument (for Israelis, at least) came from the prime-time testimony of Yosef Yekutiel, an Israeli weapons “expert” who works with the IDF and Israeli police, who almost laughed at the Palestinian accusation:

If this claim was true, it would have meant the Palestinians were lying and the whole thing was a Pallywood production. And so, a week after the incident, I went searching for the rifle extension’s manual on the Israeli manufacturer’s website. It turns out the munitions expert and the army were wrong.

rubber bullet manual

You can shoot live bullets through the rifle extension, it seems. It actually is specifically designed so that a soldier wouldn’t have to unscrew the extension off of his rifle barrel while someone charges at him with a knife.

‘Why is there no blood?’

Unless we’re looking at a head-shot or a severed artery close to the surface of the skin (like in the neck), a regular bullet wound will not produce squirts of blood or intense and immediate external bleeding.

(Nawara, bottom, photographed after being shot.)

M16 bullets create small entry and exit wounds, and most of the damage is internal (as was found in the autopsy in this case). Like a leaking pipe inside a wall, it takes time for a significant amount of blood to leak out of the wounds.

As for blood stains on the ground — both victims were lifted within seconds of being shot and carried to a nearby waiting ambulance. Since blood doesn’t flow out like in the movies, there wasn’t and shouldn’t have been any blood stains — certainly not pools of blood.

A theory no more

These were just a few of the simpler and saner theories. The theories floated by Deri’s defense lawyer at trial also included the possibility that the bodies were swapped, the possibility of invisible snipers, and much more.

But this isn’t just propaganda: for the 2 killings and 2 attempted killings of innocent Palestinians that day, Deri was only charged with the killing of Nawara. Furthermore, the court was never even given a chance to convict him based on the plethora of evidence because the state offered him a plea deal, in which Deri only had to plead guilty to negligent manslaughter (he will likely serve little or no jail time), based on an implausible theory that Nawara’s death was the result of nothing more than an innocent ammunition mix-up.

The sole reason Deri was able to get this deal, even though this was the most documented and forensically corroborated murder in Israeli military history, is the possibility of Pallywood and the pseudoscience which “proved” it. Nawara’s family is currently appealing the plea deal to the Israeli Supreme Court, but are very unlikely to win.

While the Elor Azaria case taught us what Pallywood can’t do — acquit you after you confess — Ben Deri’s case teaches us what it can: everything else.

Members of the Palestinian national security forces carry the bodies of Nadim Nawara and Muhammad Salameh during their funeral procession in the West Bank city of Ramallah on May 16, 2014. Both teens were shot dead by Israeli forces during clashes the previous day outside the Israeli-run Ofer prison following a protest commemorating the Nakba. (Activestills.org)

Members of the Palestinian national security forces carry the bodies of Nadeem Nawara and Muhammad Salameh during a funeral procession in the West Bank city of Ramallah on May 16, 2014. Both teens were shot dead an Israeli Border Police officer in Beitunia following a protest commemorating the Nakba. (Activestills.org)

Understanding the Zionist universe

What started 17 years ago with two conspiracy theorists trying to prove Israel’s innocence — after the IDF had already destroyed the wall behind al-Durrah thus destroying and removing the bullets that could have identified the shooters — has since grown, matured and reversed. In Israel these days, the “crazy ones” are those looking at these videos and assuming that what actually happened, is what you see happening. Any new video which surfaces depicting wrongdoing by Israel, is presumed to be Pallywood until proven otherwise beyond an unreasonable doubt.

Though hundreds of Israelis murder hundreds of other Israelis every year, for some reason we simply cannot accept that a single soldier would murder a Palestinian. And since we can’t accept it, we don’t. “They are child-killing monsters,” we say, even though Israeli security forces have killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of Palestinian children in recent decades. “They are terrorists even when they kill armed soldiers, but we are soldiers even when we kill unarmed children,” we tell ourselves.

It is impossible to understand this rational without knowing that most Israelis sincerely believe every Palestinian killed by Israeli troops was either a terrorist, a frame-up (Pallywood/human-shield) or an honest mistake. Thus, mainstream Israelis can reject murder and land theft as immoral acts in principle, while supporting and seeing them in action on a daily basis.

Trying to understand why the Zionist universe is expanding — beyond the ‘67 borders and into the inevitable immorality which lies beyond it — without understanding Pallywood is the equivalent of trying to understand why the universe is expanding without understanding Dark Matter: we do the immoral, because Pallywood “proves” we do not.

Eishton is an Israeli anonymous investigative blogger. This text is an edited excerpt from the full investigation into Deri’s case and all the Pallywood and fake science used to clear him (of any meaningful charges), which you can read here: “Making a Murderer… only criminally negligent: How Israel turned a serial killer of Palestinians into a clumsy hero.

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    1. Grandpa Frost

      This article is an excellent example of Pallywood.

      Reply to Comment
    2. john

      as disgusting as holocaust denial. (as self-indulgent as the president’s denial of factual reality)
      i’m sure gaza is some elite acting academy.
      obviously hebron is the production capital of the middle east.
      or, more concisely: “They are terrorists even when they kill armed soldiers, but we are soldiers even when we kill unarmed children.”

      Reply to Comment
    3. AJew

      Honest people find out the real situation. They don’t make up their minds from endless cartoonish polemics. Here, read the article in the link below:


      “Before I moved to Jerusalem, I was very pro-Palestinian. Almost everyone I knew was. I grew up Protestant in a quaint, politically correct New England town; almost everyone around me was liberal. And being liberal in America comes with a pantheon of beliefs: You support pluralism, tolerance and diversity. You support gay rights, access to abortion and gun control.”

      “IT WASN’T until the violence became personal that I began to see the Israeli side with greater clarity. As the “Stabbing Intifada” (as it later became known) kicked into full gear, I traveled to the impoverished East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan for a story I was writing.”

      “Writing about the attack with the detached analytical eye of a journalist, I was able to take the perspective that (I was fast learning) most news outlets wanted – that Israel was to blame for Palestinian violence. But when I learned that my friend’s friend was one of the victims, it changed my way of thinking. I felt horrible for having publicly glorified one of the murderers. The man who’d been murdered, Richard Lakin, was originally from New England, like me, and had taught English to Israeli and Palestinian children at a school in Jerusalem. He believed in making peace with the Palestinians and “never missed a peace rally,” according to his son.”

      Read the whole article for more.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Mark

      “hundreds of Israelis murder hundreds of other Israelis every year”

      Is this true? Is the murder rate significantly worse than elsewhere?

      Reply to Comment
      • Firentis

        The number was 134 in 2012 and is probably around the same now. The murder rate is 1.7 per 100,000 which is pretty low (around the level of Belgium).

        Reply to Comment
      • i_like_ike52

        As is pointed out, Israel’s murder rate is low by international standards, and far lower than in the surrounding Islamice (“religion of peace”) countries. But the crucial thing to remember when looking at “israeli crime statistics” is that while Arabs are 20% of the population, they commmit 70% of the murders. So keep that in mind.

        Reply to Comment
    5. carmen

      Before I moved to israel, I was very pro-israel. Reality changed my mind as it will if you have a functioning brain, eyes, ears, don’t live in an echo chamber and don’t believe everything you’re told.

      Reply to Comment
      • AJew

        Leave. Unless you are a masochist?

        If you could move here, then you can also leave. So why don’t you? Why would you want to live in a place which you hate?

        Reply to Comment
        • carmen

          Because witnesses are needed.

          Reply to Comment
          • AJew

            “Because witnesses are needed.”

            Illusions of grandeur anyone?

            What a fantastic story this persona who calls herself Carmen spins. She definitely fits into the idea of pallywood.

            Fancy that. She “is Jewish”. She used to love Israel. She came to Israel. And she has come to hate Israel so much that she calls Jerusalem Al Quds (the Arab name for it). She disputes that this land is the ancestral home of the Jewish people. And every word she utters is designed to do harm to 6 million Israeli Jews.

            What a fantastic story. She loved us but she now hates us and she is gritting her teeth and she is staying here because witnesses are needed. Goodbye, Hollywood, hello Pallywood.

            Reply to Comment
          • carmen

            carmen: “Because witnesses are needed.”
            AJew: “Illusions of grandeur anyone”?

            What’s grandiose about being a witness? We’re supposed to witness and speak out when we see wrong. You see wrong and choose to deny what you see, that’s the path you’ve chosen. I won’t pretend the wrong I see doesn’t exist or isn’t wrong when jews are the perpetrators, that’s the zionist way or Ziowood, JSIL, whatever.

            Reply to Comment
          • AJew

            She loved Israel.

            Now she hates Israel coz Israel is singularily wrong on everything and the Arabs are never wrong. Gotcha lady.

            And we are so wrong that you now feel compelled to call Jerusalem by it’s Arab name (Al Quds) and you feel compelled to deny any historical link of the Jewish people to this land and you feel a compulsion to bad mouth us at every opportunity.

            That’s some transformation that you have undergone. Either that, or you are lying about your previous love for us and about being Jewish. I choose to believe the latter scenario since I am not naive and I recognise attempts at psy warfare and propaganda.

            Others can choose to believe whatever they want to, Carmen ‘m dear ?

            Reply to Comment
          • carmen

            AJew said “she loved israel”. That’s not what I said or implied. Your words, your lies, your ASSumptions, whatever, which puts you in no position to determine whether someone is jewish or not. I’m not your kind of jew – terrific!

            Reply to Comment
          • AJew

            “Before I moved to israel, I was very pro-israel”

            “AJew said “she loved israel”. That’s not what I said or implied”

            “Loved Israel” or “Pro Israel”. You certainly said the latter. Those were your exact words. Happy now?

            From being pro Israel and claiming to be Jewish there appears to be a long transformation to (for the third time), calling Jerusalem by it’s Arab name (Al Quds) rather than by it’s Jewish name. And denying the Jewish people’s historical connection to these lands and talking about us with utter hatred while excusing every foul deed committed against us by Palestinian Arabs. I mean if you were a real Jew and you saw some of doing wrong things while Arabs do wrong things against us too, you could complain about us while still admitting the wrong things that Arabs do. Hey, there are many good Jews who do that. But to go the whole hog?

            A very long leap indeed. Don’t you agree Carmen? Don’t answer that. It is a rhetorical question. You’d never answer it truthfully anyway. To become more hateful against us than even many Arabs are? Nah, that’s too much to believe. I repeat, Carmen we are not as dumb as you think that we are. We can see right through you. And we know your motives.

            Reply to Comment
          • carmen

            “Loved Israel” or “Pro Israel”. You certainly said the latter. Those were your exact words. Happy now?” That’s sweet. One more correction – I’ve never ‘excused every foul deed’ done by arabs as you claim. I wonder are you a pathological liar or just a drama princess? If you’re going to quote someone it’s best to quote them exactly and not insert your words; that’s just dumb girl! It just one of the many reasons you ziombies don’t get the love you so desperately desire. It’s really simple: You get what you give or what goes around comes around. I’m quite honored to not be part of the particular herd you run with. Oh and thanks for correcting your error – I sure hope you can finally remember to quote correctly from now on.

            Reply to Comment
          • AJew

            One minute very pro Israel. Next minute denying the connection of the Jewish people to the land. Go on. Tell me that you didn’t deny our connection to this land.

            As for: ” I’ve never ‘excused every foul deed’ done by arabs as you claim.”

            Yes you did. By ommission to start with. By making excuses for them every time I mentioned any wrong doong which they committed.

            Indeed. You have seemingly undergone an incredible transformation from being “VERY pro Israel” to the persona that we all know and cherish around here. Not the least because of your seemingly low intellect who thinks that you are not transparent. For that alone, you don’t belong to us. I mean why would we want our collective average IQ to drop by being forced to count you as one of us? Why would we want that, deary? Tell us?

            Reply to Comment
          • carmen

            Carmen “I sure hope you can finally remember to quote correctly from now on.”
            AJ: AJ: “You have seemingly undergone an incredible transformation from being “VERY pro Israel”.
            VERY was not my post, just very pro-israel. You chose to scream it. Not honest, and not surprising.
            Since we have no history together but the last few years on these pages, you have no idea what my ‘transformation’ has been like or even my life so this remark is just incredibly ignorant. Small gene pool maybe?

            AJ: “As for: ” I’ve never ‘excused every foul deed’ done by arabs as you claim.”
            Yes you did. By ommission to start with. By making excuses for them every time I mentioned any wrong doong which they committed.”
            So I’m guilty because I said nothing? Made excuses too? Such as ‘100 years war’, ‘they started it’ or ‘if the arabs’ hadn’t blah, blah, blah — like that, like in almost everything you post? Irony, far out.

            Reply to Comment
          • AJew

            “I sure hope you can finally remember to quote correctly from now on.”

            Coz the MEANING of what you say is less important than your exact words. To you maybe but not to normal people.

            “Since we have no history together but the last few years on these pages, you have no idea what my ‘transformation’ has been like”

            Thank goodness that we have no history together. You are some piece of work.

            As for our brawls on these pages, I just used your own comments against you to demonstrate how contradictory and unlikely your claims are.

            Your best defense to try to dismiss my assessment of you is to use childish wordplays. You are a dishonest bore and I just realised that falling for your boring tactics makes me a bore too. So I will not play this silly game with you again of repeating myself unnecessarily.

            “So I’m guilty because I said nothing? Made excuses too?

            Yes and Yes. To tell only half truths is a form of lying.

            To continually abuse one side only while not talking about what the other side does wrong is lying and propaganda

            …and to excuse acts like the massacre of the Fogel family by saying that they chose to live in the wrong place, instead of condemning that act of evil is the lowest form of excuse making for evil. And yes, Carmen you excused acts like that when I brought them up to try and jolt you out of your one sided stupor!

            Reply to Comment
          • carmen

            ‘Normal people’ aren’t schizophrenic. Normal people don’t make ASSumptions like this ‘coz the meaning of what you say is less important than your exact words?’ I know the meaning of what I say and the words I use reflect that. You change my words, and the words of others here whom you a diametrically opposed to, to help make your point because your point can’t be made unless you change what the other person said. Holy shit AJ.

            Reply to Comment
          • AJew

            Idiot. I’ll leave it at this. Anyone interested (probably not many) can read our respective posts and judge for themselves.

            I do urge people to take the trouble because it illustrates the mentality of people who profess to be enemies of Israel. They are pitiful, churlish and childish.

            Reply to Comment
          • carmen

            AJ: I do urge people to take the trouble because it illustrates the mentality of people who profess to be enemies of Israel. They are pitiful, churlish and childish.

            I don’t profess to be an enemy of ‘israel’. Obviously you’re a different matter.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            “I mean if you were a real Jew…But to go the whole hog. You’d never answer it truthfully anyway…we are not as dumb as you think that we are. We can see right through you. And we know your motives….”

            This is pure troll stuff and it’s moreover like talking to a crazy man. It’s seamless and circular and impenetrable. The fixed false beliefs can’t be countered with reason.

            And always, always, larded in between is the idée fixe that there is a “balance” of bad things that justifies the unjustifiable things Israel continues to do to the Palestinians. And if one only made one’s statements with the appropriate “balance” and ambivalence then we could all move on to sighing contentedly about how, as Ike_52 is so fond of “concluding,” there is just no true solution possible, and the indefinite continuation of the status quo must to our regret be maintained even though we just hate that, sigh, there’s nothing we can do. (But settlements are not static like the rest of our status quo cuz, repeat after me, settlements are not an obstacle to peace). Yes if only people did not “hate” why they’d just see why we have to continue our occupation and expand settlements. Sigh. Whatever can we do. We are such victims. And we are not as dumb as they think that we are, see? We can see right through them! Yup! And we know their motives!….

            Reply to Comment
          • AJew

            Benny never stops whining about the occupation but he point blank ignores or tries to skirt around the following pertinent questions:

            1. Why has that so called peace maker Abbas refuse to sit down and even attempt to negotiate peace terms for 8 long years?

            2. How can there be peace without negotiations?

            3. How can the occupation end without peace?

            And please don’t insult people’s intelligence by your previous feeble attempt to brush over those important questions by claiming that the “negotiation terms” were unacceptable. Because that is just using different words to preconditions which Abbas tried to force through as a condition for negotiating. That is exactly the EXCUSE that he used for not negotiating. Netanyahu actually said that he is willing to negotiate without preconditions. In fact, as I mentioned before, for a brief period (10 months) he even agreed to Abbas’s precondition and he introduced a freeze on settlements. Even that did not bring Abbas/Abu Mazen to the negotiating table. But you blame Israel? What else is new? Do you even have the propensity to admit that you and your side are ever wrong?

            No! Of course you don’t!

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            “Why has that so called peace maker Abbas….

            Fake questions.

            Reply to Comment
          • AJew

            “Fake questions…”

            Only because you have no good answer to those very pertinent questions.

            And because your inability to answer those questions burst the bubble of the universe in which you choose to live.

            Reply to Comment
          • AJew

            “I don’t profess to be an enemy of ‘israel’. Obviously you’re a different matter.”

            Yes you do lady. Have you read your own posts lately? They are full of venom and hatred towards Israel.

            I mentioned a few of your Carmenisms on this site too which you have not even bothered to refute. For instance…

            1. You denied the historical connection of the Jewish people to these lands.

            2. You denied, by implication, the Jewish people’s historical connection to Jerusalem.

            3. Your response to me about the Fogel family massacre by crazed, incited Palestinian youths was callous. You said they should not have lived where they lived.

            4. And there are many other posts of yours, too numerous to mention in which you clearly display your hatred and venom towards the Jewish state.

            Again, you just demonstrate how intellectually challanged you are by trying to deny your hatred of Israel, the Jewish state, why? I don’t know why. I guess you are being childish and contrary. You argue for the sake of arguing.

            Reply to Comment
          • carmen

            February 20, 2017
            AJ: Idiot. I’ll leave it at this. Anyone interested (probably not many) can read our respective posts and judge for themselves.

            I do urge people to take the trouble because it illustrates the mentality of people who profess to be enemies of Israel. They are pitiful, churlish and childish.

            Yet 24 hours later…..

            AJ: Again, you just demonstrate how intellectually challanged you are by trying to deny your hatred of Israel, the Jewish state, why? I don’t know why. I guess you are being childish and contrary. You argue for the sake of arguing.

            I mentioned a few of your Carmenisms on this site too which you have not even bothered to refute. For instance…”

            So much for intellect or even self-awareness; if you had even that you’d see yourself all over this. Everything you accuse me of, is done by yourself with every post to anyone who doesn’t share your views. Yet you deny the rights of palestinians and their ties to this land. You remain silent on each and every injustice/crime/murder/execution meted out by the GoI, the IOF and the colonialists living on palestinian land and excuse them, either by ‘omission or comission’. Everything you’ve accused me of, principessa, you’ve done in spades.

            “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” Samuel L Clemens

            Reply to Comment
          • AJew

            “Everything you accuse me of, is done by yourself…”

            I accuse you of being a liar about who you are. You claim to be Jewish and of having once been very pro Israel.

            I find that impossible to believe. Not because just about in everyone of your posts you demonize and vilify the Jews of Israel while at the same time you excuse the vilest deeds which Arabs commit against Jews (For example the Fogel Family Massacre) but because…

            You deny the historical connection of the Jewish people to the land which the Romans renamed to the name of Palestine and even our historical connection to Jerusalem.

            What kind of Jewish person would stoop to such a denial? Even if you’d be very unhappy with how we behave, how could a Jewish person deny his or her ancestry and history? How? Tell us, how, Carmen? Particularly if such a person (you in this example) claims that you were once very pro Israel? Why would history change for you just because now you are unhappy with us? Does history depend on who you support or don’t support? Not to a normal balanced person, it shouldn’t!

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          • carmen

            I’m not your kind of jew and am fine with that. I have a conscience and because I am very mindful of it, I won’t pretend everything is just fine. israel is a pariah and full of people who pretend everything’s fine. How can that be? They would rather follow the herd, no matter what amount of shit and blood it drags you through, then stand on their own. Blind allegience is dangerous for everyone. And I’m through on this topic and with you.

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          • AJew

            “I have a conscience…”

            If “having a conscience” means telling lies about history and denying the historical connection of the Jewish people to this land and even to Jerusalem, then you can keep your conscience.

            If “having a conscience” includes making excuses for massacring entire Jewish families in the middle of the night while lamenting only what Jews “do wrong” makes me think that:

            1. You have only a selective conscience.

            2. That you are not really Jewish.

            3. That you only claim to be Jewish because you are part of the orchstrated psychological warfare campaign conducted against us by our enemies.

            Hey, don’t apologise. It is not unusual. Warring sides do such things. The only thing is that your behavior is too transparent to go undetected.

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          • Mark

            Hi Carmen

            Could it be that the government of your native land is somewhat worse than Israel? Most are.

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          • carmen

            Mark – I don’t know how serious your question was but I’ll give you my opinion. It’s almost to the point that there’s no daylight between israel and the united states. this is great for the right wing fanatics in both places. I think like many autocracies, they will eventually self-destruct.

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    6. Firentis

      Yes, most Israelis believe that there is a vast industry of foreign-funded organizations that produce anti-Israeli propaganda which occasionally and accidentally overlaps with the truth.

      There is quite a bit of Pallywood that happens on the internet – pictures of IDF abuses where the “IDF” soldiers happen to wear Syrian fatigues, pictures of “victims” of Israel taken in Iraq, massacres that never took place (Jenin), inspiring photos of Palestinian struggle staged for a dozen photographers at once, funeral processions where the body falls and the “victim” magically comes back to life, etc, etc..

      And then there are the poor children that go out to buy ice cream, or are on their way to a piano lesson that are killed, wounded or arrested by the IDF. They are all innocent angels until the video comes out of them running around with knives trying to stab Jews. Palestinian credibility is completely shot. So is the credibility of the left-wing groups and reporters that report Palestinian lies as truth.

      Don’t cry though. You, the left-wing groups and “activist journalists”, did it to yourselves. By reporting Palestinian fantasy as fact you have destroyed your own credibility and now no one actually believes you even when you report the truth.

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      • carmen

        “They are all innocent angels until the video comes out of them running around with knives trying to stab Jews.”

        Death in numbers: A year of violence in the occupied Palestinian …
        “In total, Ma’an has recorded the death of 275 individuals from Oct. 1, 2015, to Sept. 30, 2016. Of these dead, 236 were Palestinians (85.8 percent of deaths), 34 were Israeli (12.4 percent), and five (1.8 percent) were foreign nationals — two Americans, one Eritrean, one Sudanese, and one Jordanian.”

        Most of the stabbings/attempted stabbings have occurred in the occupied territories. Alternative facts you wrote ‘palestinians running around with knives trying to stab jews’ is a zionist fairy tale. There is no freedom of movement under occupation and very few palestinians attempting this, thankfully, as the majority of the time it ends in summary executions. Less drama, more facts. Pallywood is just another zionist label meaning = fake news.

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        • Firentis

          I am glad that we agree that the “innocent children” that the Palestinians and their supporters claim Israel is killing are enemy combatant casualties that are engaged in armed conflict. A good example of such “innocent children” are the two Palestinians that were filmed going into a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem and were running around trying to stab any Jew they can. When one of them got killed and another wound up in a hospital the “moderate” PA president insisted that they were innocent and that the Israelis were blood-thirsty murderers killing innocent children. Of course their parents insisted that their children could not be involved and must have been innocent. And then the video came out demonstrating the PA president, their parents, and every one of the pro-Palestinian “human rights organizations” that were screaming bloody murder to be the liars that they are. Welcome to Pallywood.

          When Israelis don’t believe the reports of IDF abuses it is because the Palestinians and their supporters have exactly zero credibility.

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          • duh

            Firentis, I think it should be noted that during the British Mandate -era right up to the 1948 war the Haganah employed minors in youth battalions (gedud nuar or gadna). I don’t like citing wikipedia but I’m not Hebrew-literate enough to do all the research myself. The Gadna were used for digging fortifications in Jerusalem and some 17 year-olds were combatants.

            “Youth Battalions commanders and sometimes even 17 year olds symbols formed fighting units were called when necessary to man combat systems and carry out combat operations initiated. Along with Jonathan platoon was fighting operation in Jerusalem a very important and sometimes decisive. This was in Sheikh Jarrah , in homes Mandelbaum , at a new gate and Notre Dame . stopped the infiltration of Arab Legion new city center. in the Jewish Quarter of the Old city were the first line of the youth brigades. Commanders Youth Battalions and Jonathan platoon fought also originally living in Ramat Rahel , Talpiot and Malha . They took the sign “Khirbet Al Hamama”, which fell Oded Chai, Company Commander Jonathan, and Miss Kerry and Ein Karem . Also manning posts and positions; For the first time in Deir Yassin after the conquest, and later in Kiryat Shmuel , Katamon and farm study in North Talpiot. with young fighters were also girls, among other things, served in the roles of a link. young age was not an obstacle when he left the job, but did not allow them to receive a signal heroism, as happened in the case of the Youth Corps fighter better Goldberg during the siege of Jerusalem sent on a link, during which it lost.”

            “In late 1940 the Haganah High Command decided to establish youth battalions also in the form of Field Units (Heil ha-Sadeh, or Hish). The purpose was to absorb young people, both male and female, students and workers, who would receive training in preparation for entering active duty in the Field Units at age eighteen. The Gadna (Hebrew acronym for “youth battalions”) program itself, which had already been in existence since 1936, consisted of units between the ages of fourteen to seventeen where young men and women were trained in communications, signaling, etc.”

            So that moral highground you stand on where the Zionist movement respects human life enough to keep children out of military roles? You can kindly step down, now.

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    7. Bruce Gould

      Go to the Breaking the Silence website, find the pages of video testimonies. These are Israeli soldiers talking about what they’ve seen with their own eyes and what they’ve been asked to do.

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      • AJew

        Bruce. Another Pallywood persona who pretends to be Jewish.

        Why do so many haters of Israel decide to impersonate Jews in order to conduct their hate campaign against the Jewish state? Who do they think they fool?

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        • Mark

          Themselves, of course.

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    8. Ben

      A desperation runs through all of the attacks on this page. Anything, anything but admit to ourselves that “pallywood” is obviously an Israeli invention, a disinformation device, a form of denial. This is a cult of denial. The right wing visitations on this page might be appended to future editions of this article as a footnote: “The only possible right wing response to exposure of the pallywoodizing lie: double down on the pallywoodizing.” And AJew, it is both desperate and obnoxious to go around claiming that non-Right wing Jews are fake Jews. That is primitive pallywoodizing tribalism to the max and is deeply divisive and exclusionary. I mean you guys have no sense of irony. In an article exposing “pallywood” forms of disinformation and discrediting you guys double down!

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      • AJew

        Well, I’ll say this for you Benny-leh. At least you haven’t pretended to be Jewish like some of your buddies, so with you, there isn’t Pallywood. What we see is what we get. The genuuuuuiiiiine article. A non Jewish person who is an ardent hater of Israel’s Jews.

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        • Ben

          You’re very deeply confused and simple minded and do not understand me or who I am or anything about me.

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          • AJew

            I don’t understand you? You are right. But I don’t think even you understand yourself. So I have a good excuse.

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    9. Stan Squires

      I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that here in Canada and the USA people only get the Zionist view of what is happening in Palestine.If some people are lucky enough to have contact with a Palestinian support group in their area then they will get the real news about Palestine.Here in Vancouver I am involved with a BDS Committee and I get newsletters from the PFLP.So I keep up to date on what is going on in Palestine. In Canada,USA and the EU there are Palestine Support groups in the larger cities and they do good work with regard to the BDS and Palestinian Political Prisoners.These activities need to continue.The BDS is doing good work since the Gov’ts of Israel, Canada, USA France and England are working overtime to stop the BDS Movement.People in South Africa also demonstrate against Israeli Apartheid.The Gov’ts of Cuba and Venezuela support the Palestinian People in their fight against Israeli Apartheid.This support will continue until Israeli Apartheid is overthrown.

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