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Palestinian goes on hunger strike to protest settler violence

According to the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), Hana Abu Haikel has gone on hunger strike on behalf of her family to protest both settler violence and the Israeli army’s failure to stop settler attacks on Palestinians and their property. CPT reports that the Abu Haikel family has filed 500 complaints against settlers and have received no response from Israeli authorities. 

The Abu Haikel family, next to their car, which was burnt by settlers this weekend (photo: CPT)

Settlers pelted the Abu Haikel’s home in Hebron with stones this weekend and set fire to the family car. It was the eighth car the Abu Haikels have lost to settler violence.

The hunger strike began on Monday, January 16. The family has also decorated their ruined car with Palestinian flags and signs that read, “We are here not to upset, and not to make anyone happy… We are here because we are here…”

The Abu Haikel's car. It is the eighth car they have lost to settler violence. (photo: CPT)

The Abu Haikel family has been confronted with a wide variety of settler harrassment and attacks. Settlers have cut their fence and entered their garden; damaged their home with pipes at night; and have burned their olive trees.

The CPT maintains a presence in Hebron and, among other activities, monitors the Israeli army’s treatment of Palestinians.

This post originally appeared on the Alternative Information Center’s website.

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    1. sh

      I wish them and particularly Hana, courage. People at the mercy of thugs, living in an impossible situation without an end in sight, it’s not surprising fruitless peaceful protest and legal steps have escalated to hunger strike.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Danny

      Much moral support to Hana and her family. As far as Israel is concerned, she can drop dead of hunger, but let’s hope the world will take notice. Time to boycott Israel.

      Reply to Comment
    3. AYLA

      But where are all the Palestinian Gandhis?
      Sending love, strength, and courage their way. My prayers are with you, Hana, and my heart breaks for the fact that it has come to this.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Love

      Tell the world! Spread the word! Put pressure on the Israeli government and military. Wake up Israel! This is what is happening on the Westbank/Judea/Samaria – call it what you want but YOU are responsible! Time to act!

      Reply to Comment
    5. Love

      Barry, don’t leave the subject! This story is important. This is what is going on in the territories. Just because the regimes in the Arab world behaves bad doesn’t mean that criticizing Israel is wrong. Don’t mix it. The story you tell about the Palestinians and a murder in Israel – does it legitimize the Israelis/settlers to attack Palestinians I Hebron? Again – don’t mix it. Take responsibility. Open your eyes.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Barry, Both of your comments were completely irrelevant and off-topic. Further, you misstated that Maan claimed that Thai workers committed murders in the West Bank. Maan simply reported that the Israeli authorities were questioning them. If you can’t be bothered to actually read the story you’re trying to use to discredit a news agency and if you can’t stay on topic in this thread, then I can’t be bothered with your comments. Best, Mya

      Reply to Comment
    7. ginger

      The Atonement Gap – widening decade by decade

      I can’t wait for the day when the majority of Jews all over the world are terribly embarrassed for having played the victim for 40 yrs as they set up the Apartheid state and ethnically cleansed Palestine

      I have a feeling that most will only open themselves up to such feelings after the Apartheid state has been overthrown, ie, ‘when it’s safe and doesn’t matter anymore’

      Reply to Comment
    8. Barry, You have again left an irrelevant comment which I have again deleted. Best, Mya

      Reply to Comment
    9. Danny Demiculo

      Any proof that the car was burned by settlers, or is it another “Tuba Zangaria” ?

      The car was burned in an Arab area of Hebron, was it not ?

      Reply to Comment

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