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Outrageous legislation causes uproar in Israel

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The Knesset yesterday passed a bill through its first stage of legislation [Heb], and if eventually approved will impose a fine of 10 shekels on patients who fail to show up to appointments they made with their doctor.

But +972 magazine has gained access to other clauses of the bill, which the mainstream media seems to have glanced over but are sure to cause an uproar, particularly within the already struggling middle class:

1. 20 shekels fine for not attending a Facebook event you said you would. If “maybe” was pressed, it’s only 5 shekels.

2. If you’re asked to RSVP to a wedding, but the couple has to call you because you were too lazy to answer, it’s a 35 shekel fine.

3. If you say you’re coming to the wedding and you don’t – it’s a 500 shekel fine.

4. Skipping class or calling in sick for work when you’re fine is a 50 shekel fine (only if caught red-handed, of course)

5. 25 shekel fine for putting a garbage can in an empty parking spot in Tel Aviv just so it’ll be free when you come home from work.

6. And finally, a 1,000 shekel fine for all those shmucks who go into the doctor’s office before you while saying “Ani rak she’ela” (I only have to ask him something) and then the answer for some reason lasts for 40 minutes.

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    1. Shelly

      Can I add just one more?
      A gazillion shekel fine for the savvy consumers at the supermarket who accost you while you are on line to pay and say, “Ani Ahareich” and expect you to guard their place in line while they leave to do a month’s worth of shopping.

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    2. Karen

      I for one am incredibly relieved to hear that our government and parliamentary representatives are busy passing such important and crucial laws and are not resting on their laurels wasting tax payers money.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Shelly – yes, yes, a thousand times yes. In fact, why not just slap them with 20 years of hard labor at the nearest salt mine.

      Reply to Comment