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Ousted Trump adviser: Liberal Jews are betraying U.S.-Israel relations

The former White House aide with ties to an anti-Semitic organization says ‘liberal elements of the American Jewish population have basically become anti-Israeli.’

By Eli Clifton

Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka seen wearing a medal from the Vitzei Rend, a Hungarian group listed by the State Department as having collaborated with the Nazis during World War II. (Fox News screenshot)

Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka seen wearing a medal from the Vitzei Rend, a Hungarian group listed by the State Department as having collaborated with the Nazis during World War II. (Fox News screenshot)

Recently-departed White House aide Sebastian Gorka never seemed to hold his tongue during his tenure as an adviser to President Donald Trump. He called criticism of the White House’s omission of Jewish victims of the Holocaust in a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement “asinine” and regularly attacked television anchors for their ratings, deriding them as “fake news.”

But Gorka, who left the White House under unclear circumstances last Friday, was apparently holding back his vitriol for left-wing Jews, who he denounced as “doing so much to betray our great friendship with Jerusalem,” in a radio interview on Tuesday.

Gorka, speaking to right-wing radio host Michael Savage, said the following:

Some great Jewish Americans came to my defense […] and even numerous rabbis from New York and they taught me and they educated me. They told me that this is one of the saddest phenomena of American politics now that liberal, the liberal elements of the American Jewish population has basically become anti-Israeli. It’s the greatest saddest paradox. You know there are key people such as at The Forward who are pro-BDS, who are pro-Iran deal. It’s this very tragic phenomena that the people who should be supporting Israel and U.S.-Israel relations the most have really done so much, done so much, to betray our great friendship with Jerusalem.

Listen to the conversation here (from 9:30):

Gorka’s decision to lash out at “liberal” Jews and The Forward was driven by the publication’s coverage of his ties to a Nazi-affiliated group (as characterized by the U.S. State Department), Vitezi Rend, in Hungary and his apparent endorsement of a racist and anti-Semitic Hungarian militia in a 2007 television interview.

LobeLog first published photos of Gorka wearing a medal with the Vitezi Rend symbol to Trump’s inauguration and posed questions about his ties to the group.

Sens. Dick Durbin (D-IL), Ben Cardin (D-MD), and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)  wrote to the Trump administration earlier this month, asking if Gorka was under criminal investigation for failing to disclose his ties to Vitezi Rend in his application for U.S. citizenship.

“Sebastian Gorka should never have been an advisor to POTUS. He should still be investigated for concealing neo-Nazi ties,” Durbin tweeted on Monday.

Eli Clifton reports on money in politics and U.S. foreign policy. Eli previously reported for the American Independent New Network, ThinkProgress, and Inter Press Service. This article is reprinted, with permission, from Lobelog.com.

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    1. Lewis from Afula

      Gorka’s medal is NOTHING to do with Nazi collaborators. His father got it in 1979 for his efforts to fight the POST-WAR Soviet communist regime and establish democratic government in Hungary. Actually, his father suffered during WW2.

      Was the medal given between 1939 to 1945 to Hungarian Nazi Collaborators?
      Yes. As were most organizatons in continental Europe were similarly subverted in those years. But Gorka’s family did NOT get it for those activities.

      Typical Anti-Trump propaganda.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Mark

      Please don’t send him back to Britain!!!!

      Reply to Comment
    3. Ben

      Character is character. A man’s character is his fate, said Heraclitus. Simply ask yourself how Gorka would behave if we could transport him back in time to Hungary in the 1930s. You and I know he would not be siding with any Jews anywhere on Earth. Quite the opposite. We know which wolves he would be running with. No one here can look me in the eye and tell me otherwise.
      Do you have any doubt how Donald Drumpff would behave? Do you have any doubt how Sean Hannity would behave? Do you have any doubt how Naftali Bennett would behave if he were raised back then among Gentiles? It comes down to character.

      Reply to Comment
      • Lewis from Afula

        From my perspective, there is nothing that Gorka has written in his entire life that could be construed to be antisemitic. In fact, he is very pro-Jewish people and pro-Israel. Therefore, I believe he would have been one of many Hungarians who would NOT be antisemitic if he was magically transported to the 1930s.

        All this bullshit just weakens the cuckoo Leftist cause. Basically, anyone who disagrees with the extreme Left is a fascist and should be banned from speaking.

        Reply to Comment
        • Mark

          Doesn’t stop him being an ar$ehole – along with the whole motley crew at Breibart.

          Reply to Comment
          • Lewis from Afula

            I enjoy reading Breibart. A lot of real news in there – like the arson, rapes, bombings, stabbings, shootings occurring in Europe. All the stuff that is “accidentally” not mentioned in CNN, MSNBC, BBC, etc etc.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            There is no doubt in my mind that someone like Vitezi Rend member Gorka, transported back in time to 1930’s Europe, would be absolutely willing to throw away a whole class of people, Jews, because they were the “in” group to scapegoat and vilify and blame and to focus the attention of masses of people away from their real problems. Such a person wouldn’t think twice about it. He would be an enthusiast. Just as Gorka is willing today to throw away a whole classes of people, Muslims and Arabs and Mexicans, for the same reasons. The difference between you and Gorka, on the one hand, and +972 Magazine on the other, is that +972 is not willing to throw people away. Any people.

            Who is surprised, LFA, that you and Trump love to read Breitbart? It is the classic demagogic, rabble-rousing, scapegoating fake news site. For the opposite reason you hate +972 Magazine–because it has true integrity and authority and breaks the silence. In English. And you just hate that.

            Reply to Comment
          • Lewis from Afula

            1. Sebastien Gorka was born in Britain.
            2, He was not awarded the medal.
            3, His father was awarded the medal in 1979.
            4. The medal was awarded for the father’s struggle against the Soviet-occupation of Hungary.

            Note Ben – there is no mention of Nazis or WW2 in this story. All the bullshit CNN, MSNBC, ABC fake media is just that. You must listen to these garbarge channels.

            Reply to Comment