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Obama victory: Israeli memes poke fun at Bibi

Israeli meme artists have been particularly drawn to one particular aspect of the U.S. elections: the alliance between Benjamin Netanyahu, Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson. Here are some of our favorite memes that appeared throughout election night and the morning after.

(John Brown)

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“I thought we would be able to avoid it, but we have no other choice.”
“Where is the saw?” (Amir Schiby)

Waiting for the exit polls (Amir Schiby)

(Asafsky Levi)

Obama: “Benjamin, what’s up? Say, remember how much you intervened and tried influence the presidential elections here in the States?”
Netanyahu: “Yeah, why?”
Obama: “Oh, no reason.” (Eyal Brave)

“Phone call from Bibi, line three. Should I transfer over to you?”
“Put him on hold with some nice music and ask him to wait a bit. Go for Stevie Wonder, he loves him.” (Amir Schiby)

Netanyahu: “Put all my money on Romney. You know what? Put my underwear and the state on the line too.”
Sign reads: “Foreclosed – For sale”
Obama: “Didn’t you forget something?”
(Amir Schiby)


(Shachar B. Cotani)

We will update this post with more memes as they appear

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