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WATCH: Netanyahu calls on Christian Palestinians to fight for Israel

There’s a video going viral on Israeli social media today which shows Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanking the Christian minority for beginning to serve in the IDF and blessing them for Christmas.

The video itself does not show up on his official YouTube page, so I’m not sure what the exact date for it is.

According to Netanyahu, some of the Christians who have been drafted have also gotten death threats, and the PM addresses these issues.

But as he does, something utterly bizarre, hilarious and pathetic ensues. He fumbles (02:17) when he has to say “the Jewish State”. It could be in order to not offend these Christians, or because he suddenly realizes the absurdity of it all.

Fast forward to 02:00 minutes (which is where I started to sub).

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    1. leon

      Why would you even upload this? It borders on satire. Hilarious!

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    2. Is this asswax for real.

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    3. woody

      Jews are inspiring, courageous, and admirable underdogs who can overcome insane odds. Unfortunately, Israel has shown that when Zionists (not necessarily Jews writ large) have control and power, it gets so out of control that even they begin to believe their own shameless lying. 1) Bibi thinks that catching himself mid-sentence won’t be noticed 2) his staff friggin posted this video after he misspoke and caught himself. Look at this guy – he’s a used car salesmam. We live in a state run by used car salesmen. Instead of being outraged by the lack of morality and totally embarrassing public appearances, most people are happy that we were able to buy a car at all – at least it’s a Jewish car!

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    4. Danny

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again because it needs to be repeated: Every day that this man is prime minister, is nothing less than a disgrace for Israel. He is such an embarrassment and a travesty, that it has become embarrassing to be an Israeli today. Every time he opens his mouth, he manages to find a new way to put both his feet inside.

      I’m not sure how this video made its way to Youtube, and how tone deaf someone would have to be in order to say “ah, okay, I made a mistake there with the Jewish state and all, but it’s good enough – send it to the Christians”, but I think this one is a record setter for Freudian slips.

      When we are finally rid of this man, I think entire volumes will have to be devoted to his era, and how Israel literally became Chelm under his rule.

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    5. Palestinian (ok, Arab) Christians are being conscripted or just volunteering? To polarize directly by religious belief (Muslim and all else) through a draft strikes me as a sure way to further alienate Islam, while one really needs the reverse to counter militant violence.

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    6. Jordan

      After recent alienation of the (conscripted Arab) Druze population due to racist practices within the IDF, looks like Biberman is back at making half-a**ed platitudes to anyone who isn’t Muslim in hopes of keeping the Arab population divided, and procuring as many self-sacrificing Arab fig leaves as possible.

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