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WATCH: Jewish extremists attempt to ruin wedding between Jew and Muslim

Right wing extremists have boarded a bus and, according to the Israeli website Mako, are on their way to disrupt a wedding between a Jewish girl woman and Muslim man from Arabeh in the Galilee.

Below is the video of Kahanist Baruch Marzel, who says:

“Dear S, We are here, 50 people, in the bus full of people who have come from all over the country in just an hour, and this is one of the buses that is going to your wedding. There are Jews here of all types, and the only thing that connects them is that they love the Jews and love the people of Israel and are willing to do everything, to travel three hours and spend a lot of their own money only to bring you home. We are telling you to come home. Forget it, you’re not right for that Arab, this Arab will abuse you, nothing good will come of it for you. Come home! And we will marry you with a kosher Jew, and you will be truly happy!”


I will update this post if I hear of news from the wedding itself.

UPDATE: The police stopped the bus before it reached Arabe.

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    1. Menil

      It’s easy to look at Marzel and think that he’s an extremist, but his racist opinions are part of Israel’s laws, which forbids any marriage between Jews and non-Jews. These opinions are supported by the vast majority of Israelis, and they are no different than the Nuremberg laws. So instead of pointing at Marzel, point at the Israeli public and the popularity of Judeo-nazism among the Jewish mainstream in Israel.

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      • Uri

        Menil, if it was the opposite – a Jewish man marrying an Muslim girl, the Muslim family would probably murder their daughter before the wedding.
        So let’s not start the discussion about which of the two ethnic groups in Israel (Jews or Arabs) is more obsessed about keeping “their girls pure and clean…”, ok? 🙂

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        • Rehsab Thgir

          Uri, your argument has convinced me… that you are a twit.

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      • Kolumn9

        Nonsense. Israel doesn’t have a system for officiating marriages between religions. It is perfectly happy registering them when they are done “abroad” or through a foreign consulate. Arguing that Israel ‘forbids’ intermarriage is stupid.

        Reply to Comment
      • josh jakes

        I don’t believe that is technically correct. Israel does not have civil marriage, it only has religious marriage. So Israel does not forbid anyone from marrying, including a Jew to a non-Jew. It is the religious authorities who forbid such marriages, not the state.

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    2. Noam

      Menil, excuse me, but you’re going too far. You DO make an important point – Marzel is not the real problem, but mainstream, everyday-racism is much more dangerous. This is correct. But you’re making a complete idiot out of yourself with all the rest, it’s just embarrassing.

      Israel does NOT “forbid” marriage between Jews and non-Jews. Israel simply offers marriage only through religious institutions (orthodox judaism, islam or at a church). No civil marriage is carried in Israel. No separation of religion(s) and state – this is the problem. There is no prohibition whatsoever on relationships between any kind of ethnic group with the other, and civil unions, an alternative to marriage, is respected by the state.

      Israel recognizes all marriages conducted abroad involving Israeli citizens, in all countries it maintains diplomatic ties with. This includes gay marriage by the way.

      I married my non-Jewish wife in Germany. We live in Israel. Out marriage was instantly recognized here. Both of our Israeli IDs register we’re married to each other, with all and every legality it entails.

      This is slightly different than the Nuremberg laws, my hysterical, foolish friend.

      On a more relevant note, I hope these scumbags (Marzel and his Nazi friends) are barred by police from getting anywhere near the wedding. I hope the police was informed in advance.

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    3. Ethan

      Israel’s laws don’t forbid any marriage between Jews and non-Jews. They do not accommodate such weddings but recognize those carried out outside our borders.
      Many if not most Israelis reject the influence of the Rabbis on life events.

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    4. Liora

      “Jewish girl and Muslim man”?? That’s not what the original article says (it uses the same word for both parties–tza’ir/tze’ira). Please edit this–otherwise it implies that either this is a case of statutory rape, or that 972mag is just sexist.

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    5. Noam

      Translating an update from YNET, 00:55

      Police authorized 10 rightwing activists to protest against the wedding of an Arab man and Jewish woman near the Western entrance to the town of Arrabe, nearby Carmiel.

      Earlier, police commando (YASAM) stopped their bus, en route to the Arrabe.

      (Reporter: Hassan Sha’alan)

      Well, at least they didn’t storm the wedding. I think they should’ve arrested the entire lot for the mere attempt to stalk, sabotage and intimidate. Aren’t there laws against that in general? Somewhere under incitement?

      Reply to Comment
    6. rk

      I guess there was not enough time to organize defenders of civil rights to interpose themselves between the racists and the wedding party offering protection for what should be a joyful occasion? That would’ve been better than to call on the state to repress speech, however hateful it may be.

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