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WATCH: Dozens of bodies strewn in the streets of Gaza City following bombardment

Overnight the Israeli military pounded the Gaza City neighborhood of Shijaiyeh. The social media updates from locals and international journalists on the scene described a terrifying bombardment that continued unabated for 12 hours since Saturday night.

This morning Arabic media outlets are broadcasting horrific scenes showing dozens of bodies strewn in the debris-filled streets. There are many women and children. The media is calling it another Sabra and Shatila.

WARNING: It is graphic.

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    1. Jenny

      I understand that the Israeli people are being shown an edited version of this video (acc to gershon Baskin). Is this the edited one or the full one?

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    2. And now it is the Hamas who is using innocent people in battlefield so don’t lie and bullshit us you poor losers busters all you know is cry and complain but using all your skills and effort only to kill and murder. Now. You get even less then you deserve

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    3. gad

      slaughter? innocents?
      wher have you all been when thousands of rockets were shhot on citizens includ children?

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      • Craig Vale

        Shooting fish in a barrel is more challenging than what the IDF is doing to further their own iteration of Lebensraum wherein the ethnic cleansing of the Gaza is the ultimate prize. Condos and Bistros awaiting the victors on the beachfront properties once the dirty deed has been completed. It may take a while but the ultimate goal of pushing the Palestinians into the sea cannot be denied.
        75-77% of the dead are civilians and the most repugnant of mankind picnic on the hills overlooking the Gaza and cheer each bomb blast as the air is filled with the aerosol of Gazan blood. Women and children torn to shreds by shrapnel and the Israeli minions gather on the hill to celebrate the death of innocents who have no where to go. Israel lost its conscience long ago and the moral high ground along with it. Who will weep for these poor souls caught up in such a lopsided frenzy of death and destruction with the ultimate goal being a greater Israel with not a single Arab within its ever expanding borders. By hook or by crook, or outright murder, Palestinians are being robbed of what little they have left after decades of brutal occupation. President Carter was spot on with his description of Israel being an Apartheid State. Much to the chagrin of indignant Israeli’s who are still in denial. Now a morally bereft nation looks within to justify it’s murders as the outside world sees Israel for what it has become. Herzl would be ashamed.

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        • Hanan

          Israel has left Gaza in 2005, not to return. If Hamas would not be firing rockets at our cities ever since, we would not be responding. We do not want Gaza. If we did, we could have carpet bombmed it like the USA and the UK did in Iraq – which we didn’t

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    4. Jb712@gmail.com

      I hope you all have rockets rained on your home then discuss a response you ignorant people

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    5. Karl

      Shots taken in Syria, nice work, but cars in 2:20 do not have israeli plates. These are not plates from West Bank.

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    6. jeremy bearman

      the above picture of massacred gazans, is shocking.
      the wanton cruelty,visciousness and callousness of israels ‘indefensible’ force is horrifying
      just because they wear green army uniforms, doesnt mean that they are incapable of practicing the kind of state terrorism that they have regularly engaged in and have elevated to an art form, in the past few weeks.
      murder is murder

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