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VIDEO: Israeli forces appear to use Palestinian as human shield

Israeli Border Police appeared to use a detained Palestinian youth as a human shield in Abu Dis near Jerusalem, in a video shot yesterday. The video, shot by UK journalist Kate Arno, appears to show Border Police officers pulling a handcuffed Palestinian youth from a jeep, parading him across a street, and shooting rubber-coated bullets at protesters while exposing the detained youth to rock throwing protesters (out of the frame) and then putting him back into the jeep.

NGO Defence for Children International condemned the incident, expressing “outrage” that the teen “was deliberately exposed to danger after he had been taken into custody.” It called on Israeli authorities to “conduct a prompt, transparent and impartial investigation and hold the perpetrators accountable.”

The Border Police had a different take, saying officers “pulled him out of the jeep in order to show the protesters that the boy had not been harmed,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

The original post mistakenly credited photojournalist Huthifa Jamous with filming the video. Jamous photographed the event, but Kate Arno filmed the video. We regret the mistake.

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    1. Kolumn9

      Wait, you mean he is at risk of physical injury from rocks being thrown? I thought that they are considered non-violent and purely symbolic in nature. Or is it that the rocks are only dangerous to Palestinians and not to Israelis?

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