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VIDEO: Four minutes of terror in Shuja'iyah

A Hebron-based Palestinian media outlet called Marah FM posted the following clip on its Facebook page today.

According to the description, it shows a Palestinian family trying to escape from Shuja’iyah, a neighborhood in eastern Gaza City, during the intense bombardment that began Saturday night, and which has so far killed at least 66 people.

The clip is four minutes long and conveys with raw, immediate intensity the terror of running through streets under bombardment, clutching children and bundles of belonging as ordnance lands with deafening crashes and booms, creating huge dust clouds that make it almost impossible to see. One explosion follows another, while the adult men and women yell in a panic and pray while the children scream for their mother.

And this is what the residents of Shuja’iyah – most of Gaza, in fact – have been living with, day and night, for more than two weeks.


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    1. Matthew

      If they could get Hamas to stop firing at Israel, would they?

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