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Three Israeli teens feared kidnapped in the West Bank

Three Israeli seminary students (religious high school students) studying in West Bank settlements were feared kidnapped by Palestinians Thursday night. Israeli security forces set up a massive dragnet in search of the three teenagers, imposing severe restrictions on movement in much of the south Hebron hills area.

According to Haaretz, the three were hitchhiking home from their respective seminaries when they disappeared. A cellphone trace put their last known location near Hebron. Haaretz also reported that a radical Salafist organization associated with ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

According to Ma’an News Agency, Israeli forces raided a number of homes in the Sanjar area of Dura, a city southwest of Hebron, on Friday in search of the youths.

A burnt out car with Israeli license plates was also found in the area. It is unclear whether it was related to the incident.

Israeli media were unable to report on the apparent kidnapping until Friday evening due to restrictions placed upon it.

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    1. Average American

      “Seminary” students? You mean yeshiva students? Taught that they are better than non-Jews? “Kidnapped”? You mean disappeared? “By Palestinians”? You don’t even know if they were kidnapped, but it had to be the Palestinians. Great excuse for Israeli military to bully more non-Jews. Great opportunity to punish Palestinians for daring to form their own government.

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      • Amir

        Facts first: one of the boys called on the mobile phone to the police and said they’ve been kidnapped by Palestinians. There were then shots heard and shouts of “Allah Akbar”.
        The burnt car was found with many bullet holes and blood remains that were found to be of the boys.

        Reading a partial biased report like in this piece makes one wonder why Israel reacted the way it did. Whereas many actions done by both sides should be condemned, it’s important to get a complete honest picture of the situation which is something that’s becoming harder and harder to find.

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    2. Laura Robinson Morris

      Saw that post from Average American…but it’s quite different that I would think…and here I thought I was the AVERAGE AMERICAN. Hey, I’m a US Christian, old female person and I’m against some of the things taught in some orthodox communities…but they are also taught, maybe even more so, in Palestinian schools. The difference in our “take” on this is that if I consider the statistics on what most likely has happened to the three students there near Hebron…I would say it was probably a kidnapping by Palestinian group of some kind. I hope they make it home safely but I doubt they will. But, what you may not be considering is that many Jews have been killed with those stupid suicide bombers being taught hate and killing which are against Qu’ran teaching…but they call themselves Muslim. My dear Muslim friends would not do that hate-filled kind of murder…they try to keep the law. Why don’t you ask why the Muslims who break their own “so-called faith laws” are getting away with murder without being called down by other good, law-abiding Muslims.

      Reply to Comment
      • Rat

        because organized religion is one big fraud?

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    3. Andreas

      Is the police also looking for the 3 students in israeli settlements, or in citys like Tel-Aviv or Eilat?
      May it happened, that 2 students kidnapped the third, or they kidnapped there driver?
      When we will know the truth of this incident?
      In divided Germany a schoolboy from a West-Berlin enclave Eiskeller had to use a way to school near GDR ( East Germany).
      One day he told, that GDR-police did not allow him to go to school. That was a big news. And some weeks after this event he where escorted by British military. Years later he admitted, that this day he did not like to go to school.

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