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Magen David Adom spokesman posts racist-misogynist 'joke' on Facebook

Q: How long does it take an Arab woman to bring down the garbage?

A: Nine months!

That was the “joke,” posted as a personal status update on Facebook by Mydan Ben Yoash, the Greater Tel Aviv spokesman for Magen David Adom [MDA], the Israeli medical rescue service (akin to the Red Crescent or Red Cross).

MK Ahmed Tibi took a screenshot of the status update and posted it on his Facebook page shortly before Ben Yoash removed  it from his own wall.

MK Ahmed Tibi’s screenshot of Mydan Ben Yoash’s racist/misogynist “joke.”

In Hebrew and Arabic, Tibi writes:

Mydan Ben Yoash is the Magen David Adom spokesman for Greater Tel Aviv. This is what he posted. Racist vomit. I spoke this evening with the director of Magen David Adom, Mr. Eli Bin, and demanded his immediate dismissal. I hope that very soon he will find himself out of MDA. Get rid of him immediately!

Photos on Facebook by photographer Assaf Brezinger show Ben Yoash wearing a yarmulke and embracing a Torah scroll at a religious celebration hosted by Chabad-Lubavitch, the messianic Hasidic group that is based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

MDA receives donations from Jews all over the diaspora. It’s very common in Israel to see an ambulance that is emblazoned with the statement that it was donated by, in memory of or in honor of members of Jewish communities all over the world. In a post on the English-language MDA blog, Ben Yoash is extolled for his kindness in accompanying an elderly woman to a relative’s wedding in an ambulance.

One hopes that the Jewish donors to MDA will make known their displeasure at having their funds go toward the salary collected by Ben Yoash.

Imagine the reaction if a Red Cross spokesperson posted the same “joke” on his or her Facebook page, substituting “Jewish woman” for “Arab woman.”

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    1. Guy

      Oh my god, there is an Israeli who is a racist prick. Let’s post it and celebrate.

      Reply to Comment
    2. XYZ

      I am sure Tibi has a whole catalogue of Jewish jokes.
      Maybe some along the line of what the Muslim preachers are always harangueing about in their mosques regarding the Quranic statement that some Jews are decendents of pigs and apes. Good material for humour. Maybe he could post some on his Facebook page.

      Reply to Comment
      • Piotr Berman

        I would never think so, but since XYZ herself says so, it must be true. A very sad disappointment about Tibi.

        Reply to Comment
        • Carl

          Piotr thank you for stating the TRUTH so clearly. It’s hardly surprising that a website so biased as +972 has posted this article about Yoash’s racist comment without a single mention of the Mufti of Jerusalem’s 1930s support of Hitler, nor the massacre of Jews in Hebron in 1929.

          This sorry event is just another example of Palestinian anti-Semitism, whitewashed by the Left and liberal media.

          Now has anyone seen my drink?

          Reply to Comment
          • anonym

            Carl it seems like you need a lesson in history Palestinians are semitic too. And What about the massacres in deir yaseen sabra and shatila and gaza.
            or is it easy to forget them when arabs are the ones killed , isn’t that a bit anti-semetic of you !

            Reply to Comment
          • Moriel Rothman

            Indeed, Lisa, why didn’t you write a news story updating us on what the Mufti said in 1930? How can you possibly cite a Facebook post by a Magen David Adom official without giving us the proper context? Didn’t you realize that Ben Yoash was actually just reacting to the Mufti?

            Reply to Comment
          • Anne

            This is offensive because pregnancy and birth are subjects that are sacrosanct and should never be used in this way for a cheap laugh. Why does everything have to be converted to the Jewish V Muslim issue quite simply this is something that no woman wants to hear about another woman or her precious baby.

            Reply to Comment
          • Rachamim Dwek

            First, “Anti Semitism” was coined specifically to deal with hatred of Jews. Language is rarely hemmed in by literal meaning so the Palestinians being Semitic is meaningless in this context.

            As for the massacares you mentioned, Sabra and Shatilla was Arab on Arab. Jews had no part in it. The IDF was in Lebanon, and it was the ruling party’s own militia, the Phalangists, who committed the atrocities. Israel has been blamed for not stopping it but seeing as how Israel was there as a guest of the Phalangists attaching such an onus is ridiculous. As for De’ir Yassin, even Palestinian sources admit there was no massacre. Take, for example, the recollections of “survivor” Yunes Ahmad Assad in “al Urdun,” or Hazam Nusseibi of PBS who said the entire massacre story was manufactured by Hussein Khalidi as propaganda. He admitted it on camera in the BBC documentary, “Israel and the Arabs: The 50 Year Conflict.” Or, Monograph #4 in the Bir Zeit University Documentation Project…or Sharif Kana’ana in “Reinterpreting De’ir Yassin” (Bir Zeit: Bir Zeit University) [1998]pp55. Please educate yourself before you commit Blood Libel again.

            Reply to Comment
      • Haifawi

        Ahmed Tibi’s jokes (i.e. Ashkenazi Jews are clearly not from here because they have white skin and the sun is hot here) aren’t DEHUMANIZING. An “Arab” joke along these lines is “Arabs either drive 1987 Subarus or 2013 LandCruisers.” See the difference between this and calling them trash?

        Reply to Comment
      • Anne

        The offensive part about this ‘joke’ is that it denigrates the birth of an Arab child. As a mother myself I feel that to use women and birth in this type of context is deeply hurtful and very offensive.

        Reply to Comment
    3. Rachamim Dwek

      Ahmed Tibi is the last person on the planet to be accusing someone of racism. In any event, if he stated it on his personal page why should he be removed from his position? If Tibi can commiserate with murdering terrorists surely an ignorant and stupid joke should not ruin a man’s career.

      As for the author highlighting the man’s religiosity, I realise it seems cool on the Left to spit on religion- only Judaism of course- but most Israelis do not share the author’s ignorany anti-clericalism. Then again, what should we expect on a blog dedicated to Palestinians but entirely staffed with Israeli Jews.

      How sad we can be.

      Reply to Comment
    4. wendy joseph

      This toxic effluent should not be permitted on Face Book. Shut it down face book. Shut it down.

      Reply to Comment