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Six-year-old reportedly attempts suicide after being bullied for her skin color

A six-year-old girl tried to kill herself after her first-grade classmates continuously harassed her for being black. According to an article on Mynet, the girl tried to cut her arms with scissors after having been bullied for a “long time.”

According to the girl’s mother, the children call her daughter “kushit” (derogatory Hebrew slang for a black person), tell her to “leave this country” and wish death upon her, among other things.

According to Mynet, the mother wrote a letter to the director of elementary education and the school’s supervisor explaining that her daughter had gone from being active and full of life to being self-conscious, lonely, suffering and manipulative. The school’s principle then turned to the girl’s family doctor, explaining that the girl faces “psychiatric risk,” places a “plastic bag over her head twice in a morning,” and acts violently toward other students. They asked that she undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Upon evaluating the girl, a psychiatrist determined that the school must “immediately deal with racist verbal and physical violence in schools.”


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    1. Raf

      While it is absolutely sad that any six year old feels desperate enough to self-harm and unacceptable for her young peers to become accustomed to this use this kind of abuse towards a human, your portrayal of the word “Kushit” is inaccurate.

      Saying that “kushit” is a derogatory term for black people is like saying “Mexican” is a derogatory term for Mexicans. Sudanese people are Cushitic people. The description and translations of “kushit” by some to match the English “N word” are inaccurate and sensationalist.

      Reply to Comment
      • Kanadi

        A word means what it means not because of it’s etymology, but in how it’s used. Your comment is a pathetic racist apology.

        Reply to Comment
        • Sarah

          Well said. I completely agree with you Kana.

          Reply to Comment
    2. Raf

      Of course you stubborn Israeli will want to believe what matches your worldview and agenda, while blocking out common sense.

      Obnoxious and low level? Yes. Racist? Medium. Accurate? Well, Idk if you are actually Israeli.

      Reply to Comment
      • Michael

        Kushi is a racist and derogatory term in modern Hebrew. If you want to rely on biblical hebrew, then you are ignorant. Some examples of racist use of the term: kushi sambo, hakushi asa et shelo, hakushi yachol lalechet, etc etc etc. And yes, you are a racist apologist.

        Reply to Comment
    3. Mark Marshall

      That argument about “Kushi” is sophistry. And the same kind of sophistry could be applied to what you call “the ‘N’ word”. Nigger is just a derivative of Negro, which is “black” in Spanish. So?

      Reply to Comment
    4. ajamu chaminuka

      Given the nature of the state of israel, why doesn’t the mother leave that racist country for the sake of her daughter?

      Reply to Comment
      • Mike Panzone

        …I’m sure many germans and russians in history said the same thing about the ungrateful Jews living in those two countries who dared to complain about the mistreatment they were receiving at the hands of racists.

        Reply to Comment
    5. Linda

      It’s obvious these children have learned this at home. These parents should remember the hate and death Jews faced in Germany.Appalling display of horrible parenting. Hold them accountable.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Diesel Estate

      Of all the people to know just how belittled, upset, and hurt this little girl feels, it is other little people like her, who are being racially abused and adults like me who grew up on the receiving end of racist attitudes. So I can tell you that some Jewish people have been amongst some of the most vitreolic racists I have known. It’s a real “Black Thing” too. For Goodness Sake, there’s problems admitting to the existence of Black Jews! ! !

      Reply to Comment

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