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Settlers: Tear gas fired on Palestinians 'ruins the weekend'

Settlers: Tear gas fired on Palestinians “ruins the weekend.” The rightwing Arutz 7 (aka Israel National News) has a “no, this is not the Onion,” kind of story: Settlers are apparently complaining that tear gas fired at Palestinians during weekly unarmed protests gets carried by the wind to their settlements and creates major discomfort for them on Fridays.

“The effect is very strong, you feel the gas in the mouth,” says a resident of Halamish, the settlement that took over Nabi Saleh‘s land. “It’s hard to function throughout the Shabbat,” he adds. The article states that the tear gas is dangerous for pregnant women and people with breathing disabilities. In a comment to the piece, IDF Spokesperson guarantees that “efforts are made to avoid firing tear gas in the directions of the [Jewish] settlements.”

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    1. It is hard being a warrior of God.

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