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Settlers prefer to freeze to death than get help from an Arab

Jewish supremacist Baruch Marzel posted a short little story on his Facebook page, that goes like this:

“In (the settlement of – A.K.) Yitzhar live righteous people.
The Samaria Council sent an Arab bulldozer operator to plow the snow.
The residents sent him away. When they were asked to make an exception and compromise just this once because it’s an emergency situation, the residents answered ‘We’ve been without electricity for 3 days and we’re willing to stay another two months without electricity as long as we don’t let the enemy make a living.”

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    1. Jonathan selem

      The irony being that these settlers do not make a living themselves. They prefer to rely on social allowances and taxpayer’s moneys to live in their illegal settlement. Why get up every morning to go to work when you can live an idle life in an illegal settlement?

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    2. harry

      somebody’s making up SHOCKING! jew hatred stories. about 100,000 arabs work for jews in the west bank as well as doing every other kind of work alongside israelis in israel. So it’s bullshit any way you want to loo at it.

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    3. Tony Riley

      Plonkers. Just like the Syrian Plonkers in Jordan who refused to accept Israeli aid. And, like the plonkers at 972 mag, who let the loathsome Frank “The Jew-hater” Barat in.

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    4. Russell Bates

      fine! let the zionist occupiers freeze to death.good riddance to bad rubbish.

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