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Settlers desecrate Palestinian graves in 'price tag' attack

B’Tselem released photos Monday afternoon of a “price tag” attack by settlers in the Palestinian village of Assawiya, near Nablus. The graffiti on the graves reads “revenge” and the name “Evyatar,” which clearly indicates that it was to avenge the fatal stabbing of Evyatar Borovsky on April 30th.

Price tag attack in Assawiya, May 13, 2013 (At the top of photo it says “revenge” and at bottom “Evyatar,” next to Star of David) (Photo: B’Tselem, Salma a-Dabai)

Settlers also reportedly slashed the tires of five tractors, and wrote more graffiti at a plant nursery. Yet another reminder that when violence isn’t featured in the news, lots of violent incidents are still actually taking place.

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