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Report: Netanyahu promises thousands of new housing units in West Bank, East Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to approve thousands of new residential units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, according to a report in the Maariv daily. According to the report, Netanyahu’s decision comes after a series of “secret agreements” made between him and Naftali Bennett, whose Jewish Home members threatened to leave the coalition after Netanyahu announced the release of Palestinian prisoners as part of peace negotiations. 

According to Maariv, the agreements were shuttled between Netanyahu and Bennett by Housing Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home), and delivered by hand in order to prevent them from leaking and potentially harming the renewed peace talks.

Maariv is also reporting that according to American sources, Israel never promised to stop settlement constructions during negotiations.

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    1. Engelbert Luitsz

      The only surprise here is that there are still some people who find something good in these “talks”.

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    2. Jonny

      This will be avoiding ‘actions that undermine new peace negotiations’ then. That didn’t take long. Unilateral actions anyone?

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    3. Bibi is not like Nixon going to China to the anger of his party’s right flank. Nixon could act unilaterally. Bibi sits a coalition government. So he can now tell the Americans that he has to allow this expansion (if the report is true), else all will fail. At the end, the expansion will stay, regardless of what else fails. Which is why I think and hope the Americans will push for economic rights for development in the Bank, as an interm measure, but also the only outcome unrelated to expansion. I do hope I am wrong.

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