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'Ebola' voted by Israeli readers as 'best birthday present' for Obama

Readers of the prominent Israeli news site Mako have overwhelmingly voted in favor of sending President Barack Obama an envelope containing the Ebola virus for his birthday.

The site, which belongs to the Channel 2 company “Keshet” (the most widely watch broadcasting network in Israel) began the survey at noon on Sunday, asking readers what they would like to give the president for his 53rd birthday. The options were as follows (scores in brackets, screenshot below):

A) Peace in the Middle East (22%)

B) Golf clubs (11%)

C) A box set of Israeli television series Prisoners of War (9%)

D) A remix by Noi Alush (local video artist) of Netanyahu’s now-famous “Don’t ever second guess me again” line (10%)

E) An envelope with the Ebola virus (48%)

The results did not cause Mako to reconsider the list of options, nor remove the survey altogether. At the time of writing (Monday night, 11 p.m.) it is still up.

The Israeli watchdog site Walla-Branja wrote on Monday that only a month ago did Mako declare it would enact a new policy of filtering hate speech in its comments section, specifically targeting calls for incitement to violence or death following the murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir.

Mako.co.il survey on President Obama's Birthday (screenshot)

Mako.co.il survey on President Obama’s Birthday (screenshot)

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    1. TeeBee

      Lets see how they go if the President decides to stop arming these fools.

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    2. Jann Uber

      The law of Karma works for us all: what you send out comes back to you.

      Reply to Comment