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PHOTOS: Kahane posters on West Bank military posts

Posters reading “Kahane Was Right” appear on the side of an Israeli military post at Etzion Junction, West Bank, October 23, 2013. (photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org)

Posters reading “Kahane was right” have been plastered all over West Bank roadways in recent weeks. This includes military posts occupied by Israeli soldiers, despite the fact that the Kach party founded by Meir Kahane and its successor movements were officially designated as terrorist organizations by both the Israeli government and the U.S. State Department following the February 1994 attack on the al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, in which Kach member Baruch Goldstein shot 34 Muslims. Kach supported Goldstein’s actions, and referred to him as a “hero.” Kahane’s party also called for the annexation of all Palestinian territories and the forced removal of their residents. He was also the first Israeli Jew to ever be accused of sedition.

After recent attacks on Israeli settlers in the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “I must say that the Palestinian Authority cannot shirk its responsibility for these kinds of incidents as long as incitement there continues.” So it’s notable that he would accuse Palestinian officials of ignoring “incitement” when the propaganda of Jewish terrorists is allowed to remain on the walls of his own military’s property.

A poster reading “Kahane Was Right” appears on the side of an Israeli military post at Al Nashash Junction, West Bank, October 22, 2013. (photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org)

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    1. Danny

      “So it’s notable that he would accuse Palestinian officials of ignoring “incitement” when the propaganda of Jewish terrorists is allowed to remain on the walls of his own military’s property.”

      Aren’t there some kahanists in his own government (bait yehudi), and even party (albeit a former one)?

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    2. Vadim

      Talk about double standards.

      Posters of a virtually non existent organization whose latest endeavour was a personal act performed 20 years ago, depicting a man murdered even before that.

      Take a look at any kinder garden in the PA or Gaza and you’ll see stuff far worse and more recent. Compared to that this poster is almost nostalgic.

      Now, don’t get me wrong. Goldstein’s act is a despicable act of terror and I hate seeing such posters hung around. But let’s get into proportion here, someone put these on and soldiers don’t care enough to remove them. Nothing else.

      To make any conclusions about the Israeli policy based on 2 posters and ignore what’s going in the PA in Gaza in the last decades is absurd.

      Note 1 – I bet that if the person that took this photo would have provided the soldiers something nicer to hang there – they would have agreed.

      Note 2 – speaking about Goldstein. How many people that claim Israel’s killings of terrorists without a trial is unlawful will mention that he was lynched without any trial? Double standards anyone?

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      • Average American

        Avigdor Lieberman is recognized as the reborn Kahane in the Israeli government and was elected as such by the voters of Israel. That tells you something about the direction Israel is headed. And Likud joined with Lieberman’s party Yisrael Beiteinu in order to get enough votes for Likud to stay in power. That tells you something more.

        Is there a minister in the PA Gaza government who would be Lieberman’s equal counterpart?

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