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PHOTO: In official document, Israeli authorities refer to asylum seekers as numbers

Sometimes it’s kind of scary how Israel treats asylum seekers. From jailing them with no trial to brutal arrests and now, referring to them as numbers. It’s as if they don’t think they’re human beings, with names.

Yuval Goren, a journalist from the daily Maariv, got hold of a document in which the state asks the court to sentence the 153 asylum seekers who recently marched from the Holot “open detention facility” in the Negev to Tel Aviv to three months in jail.

On his Facebook page, Goren claims that “not only did no one bother to bring these people to the [court] session that affects their lives and may result in sending them to 90 days in jail – the request does not even bother to mention their names. The state representatives sufficed with the prisoner numbers that the marchers got when they first entered Israel.”

I guess we haven’t learned much, eh?

Official Israeli document that doesn’t mention asylum seekers names, just numbers. (photo: Yuval Goren)

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    1. Josef

      In a normal country with a liberal democratic system the courts would have rejected this application on the grounds that proper identification is needed for the judiciary to proceed with the case (at least a name and birthdate as a minimum). I wonder who these people are and what they are fleeing from?

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    2. Danny

      It’s only natural for Israel to refer to them as nothing more than numbers, given we’ve built concentration camps for them and openly consider them to be less than human. I guess Israel is still better than 1940’s Germany since we haven’t yet tattooed the numbers on their arms.

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