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One year since Gaza, a photo a day: August 17, 2014

Gazans receive nutritional support from UNRWA during a cease-fire, Gaza City, August 17, 2014. Each family receives one bag of flour and another bag of rice. (Anne Paq/Activestills)

Gazans receive food rations from UNRWA during a ceasefire, Gaza City, August 17, 2014. Each family receives one bag of flour and another bag of rice. (Anne Paq/Activestills)

This is part of a series of daily posts showing photos taken on the same date a year ago, during “Operation Protective Edge,” last summer’s assault on Gaza. Members of the ActiveStills collective documented what was happening at that time inside Gaza, Israel and the West Bank.

Most of the photos that we will publish here over the next month and a half were published on +972 in real time. The average Israeli news consumer, however, did not get the full picture of the death and destruction that was taking place in Gaza, or the popular resistance against the war taking place in the West Bank and Israel. For most Israelis, the Palestinian victims had neither names nor stories.

A year later, as tens of thousands of people in Gaza remain displaced, many without permanent shelter, and as thousands of wounded are still waiting for rehabilitation, we hope this project can help us all remember what happened last summer — told through the lenses of our cameras.

Gazans receive nutritional support from UNRWA during a cease-fire, Gaza City, August 17, 2014. (Anne Paq/Activestills)

Gazans line up to receive food rations from UNRWA during a ceasefire, Gaza City, August 17, 2014. (Anne Paq/Activestills)

Photo editing: Keren Manor/Activestills

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    1. Pedro X

      More propaganda from 972 and Activestills. Gazans waged a lethal war in an urban landscape and lost. Gazans suffered the natural consequences of their choice of fighting war in urban neighborhoods. And what have they learnt? Nothing. Cogat recently intercepted multi ton shipments of fiberglass for use for production of rockets. It was hidden in a shipment of building materials for rehabilitation Gaza.

      There is no recognition among the 972 writers about the Gazans’ responsibility for choosing to wage war on Israel and neglecting the environment and civil needs of the people. How is it that the writers and photographers cannot see a link between Gaza investing hundreds of millions of dollars in material for the war and neglecting hospitals, the economy, water and electrical supplies and infrastructure?

      Some time ago I read a story in which a Palestinian woman in Gaza was interviewed about her knowledge of the building of tunnels and missile launchers next to her home and in her neighborhood. She freely admitted she saw the tunnels built and missile launchers being built into the ground near her home and in her neighborhood. She told the interviewer that she thought she had no business telling the “resistance” what they should be doing. She accepted that Gaza was being prepared for war in her home and backyard.

      So she was not really surprised when her home and her neighbors’ homes were destroyed or damaged because they were used, with the consent of their owners, as part of the “resistance’s” war on Israel.

      Israel exited Gaza in 2005, but Gaza continued to attack Israel with thousands of missiles. Gaza had the opportunity to develop itself as a Singapore but instead chose to pursue war with Israel. In 2005 rocket attacks and suicide attacks were carried out against Israel. In 2006 Gaza carried out a cross border attack against Israel which in the end resulted in hundreds of deaths in Gaza in the ensuing counter-attacks. In 2006 1700 rockets were fired at Israel.

      Tens of Thousands of rockets and mortars have been fired by Gaza’s at Israel. As a results there have been three wars with Gaza and Gazans have paid a price for their aggression.

      Maybe 972 writers should explore Gazans’ responsibility for the consequences of wars which they chose to fight. You would think that even one 972 writer might explore the connection with poor water and electricity problems and the investments by Gazans in war material while neglecting the infrastructure for electrical generation and delivery or power and the conservation of water and production of desalinated water for the people of Gaza. They also might have asked whether the 100 million dollars spent on attack tunnels prior to 2014 and the millions of dollars spent since then trying to rehabilitate tunnels would have been better spent on medical supplies and improving hospital services in Gaza.

      Why is it that Gazans can pay their fighters but cannot pay their hospital employees? It might have something to do with their priorities. Gazans need to take responsibility for what has befallen them.

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